Wedding Pops

“Our guests are still raving about the idea but also the amazing flavour!! I think my husband had five on the day – they were that good!!”



We are WA’s premium ice pop experience – keeping your guests cool, calm and collected after your ceremony.

You know how after the wedding ceremony guests are often hot and thirsty and struggling in the heat?

Your poor grandmother feeling a little faint, fanning herself with her hand, guys in long sleeved shirts, tie on, shifting around uncomfortable, ladies with pink noses and sun blushed shoulders, wishing for some shade… This is not how you want your guests to feel! You want the perfect day – warm weather, blue skies and surrounded by your friends and family.

We look after your guests from the moment they arrive at the ceremony until it’s time to start the reception. We make sure they remain cool, calm and collected. And most importantly enjoy themselves!

With our vintage visage, friendly banter and swoon-worthy ice pops, Delish Ice is the perfect choice for post-ceremony celebrations. We’ll leave your guests refreshed, revived, and ready to revel in the rest of the evening!

Keep your guests happy and cool with our  delicious, hand-crafted pops of your choice  served up from our vintage vans or retro carts. It’s the perfect balance of refreshment and indulgence without being too filling. 

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You can go off to to get your your photos taken knowing that your guests are being taken care of and that when you return to the reception you can all begin the celebrations together.

After you’ve made your pledge, our super-cute-pop-cart will be full up with delicious hand crafted ice pops with scrumptious flavours you’ve chosen for them, served with a big smile by one of our lovely ladies dolled up in vintage attire.

Our Whole-Cart-and-Caboodle is the perfect accompaniment to your big day but we have a range of options suited to your number of guests, budget and location.

Check out our experiences below and fill an an enquiry to get a quote. We look forward to popping with you!  



Cute as a button! 


Delish Ice: Vintage Vans

Vintage Van + Dishy Dame

All the bells & whistles!

Pop-it-Yourself Parcels

When you want to be in charge!


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When you pop with us it’s lovely to know that your guests are being taken care of and that you don’t need to do a thing on the day! You don’t need to worry about: 

  • buying, styling and setting up a refreshment station…. then packing it away again and carting it away 
  • your guests drinking everything while you are away getting your photos taken blowing the budget you’ve set. Not to mention alcohol is super dehydrating!
  • some of your guests taking off to the nearest pub and getting a little too merry before the reception. Keep everyone together, mingling and having fun.
  • walking into the reception and realising the party started without you, while you were away. Wouldn’t it be nicer to start celebrating together…

Just leave it all to us and we’ll do everything to make sure your guests have a fun and fancy time! 

“We chose Delish Ice because of the amazing menu, it fitted our theme and the excellent reputation you have! We were beyond delighted with the service we received and so were our guests!”
“Everyone we have spoken to so far have said they were delish!! And I am sure people went for seconds!”
“Fully delighted with the entire experience – biggest legends.  Our guests LOVED it. On a 38 degree day they couldn’t stop raving about it being the best idea ever. The cart looked super cute too. ”


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Delish Ice Poptails and Champagne