Unicorn Super Pops

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Unicorns… these mystic creatures with their magical horn, rainbow mane, glittery poo and ability to fly with complete disregard to aerodynamics and gravity have been the source of inspiration of many an instagrammer, in particular foodies. 

Smoothie bowls, soft serve, cakes and cupcakes of course. I already gave the unicorn pops a crack mid last year with a delightful photoshoot we did with styling genius Belle from  Rosewood Events and inspiring artist Janet from Little Sketchy. Check out the post here. 

This time I thought we would try something different. 

We’ve been playing around a lot in the kitchen with no refined sugar pops. It’s one thing to blitz up some fruit and chuck in the freezer and feed to your kids I think. It’s another thing to create something and sell it commercially. 

We’ve been playing around with all different kinds of ingredients, coming up with some delightful new flavours with lots of different ingredients to bring in the sweentnees and creaminess. It’s been fun and challenging and we’ve learnt a lot along the way.

I have to admit, it has been a challenge when you have a baby sized hole in your brain – what would have once been super easy, I struggle sometimes to put even two matching thoughts together!

Ha! Oh well

Anyway, here we are – Unicorn Super Pops – inspired by unicorns and Rainbow Paddle Pops. 


[Image from Unicorn Superfoods Insta account)

We grabbed some packs of powder from Unicorn Super Foods – all four actually – but in this recipe we just used Pink Pataya and Blue Spirulina (no reason why you couldn’t use the others too)

Super easy to make and I think a great healthy snack that your kids would love to make with you.

Pink Pataya

  • High in fibre
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Beautiful pink colour

Blue Spirulina

  • High nutritional content
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases energy and metabolism
  • Improve digestion and bowel health


Ingredients (made 4 pops)

2 Bananas (we used Carnarvon Sweeter Bananas) – about 155 grams

200ml Coconut Cream

40 grams Cashews

3 x Pitted Dates (about 50g)

1 TBSP Coconut Oil


Pink Pataya Powder

Blue Spirulina


Blender, three bowls and spoons, pop sticks and pop moulds. 



Blitzed all ingredients together (except Blue Spirulina and Pataya Powder)

Then divide the mixture between three bowls. Stir in the pataya powder and blue spirulina in until you have the desired colour. 

I then messily added spoonfuls of mix into the moulds, dripped some down the sides and played around. You could also be super neat and do them in perfect layers (a piping bag would help).

Pop the sticks in the lid, and then pop in the freezer overnight

Unmould and eat!



Cashews and coconut oil can add to the creaminess. I like to use MCT Coconut Oil or deodorised coconut oil as I often find that regular coconut oils have a strange taste. Maybe that’s just me. 


If you don’t want to use dates then other sweetness you can try are:

  • Rice Malt Syrup (low GI, does not spike your blood sugar levels)
  • Xylitol (also low GI)
  • Stevia (Ugh, but why would you… I can’t stand the stuff! I think it tastes horrible…. just like carob. Both put on the earth as some kind of punishment. That being said if you like Stevia go for it!)
  • Nothing – get your bananas nice and ripe and you might not even need to use a sweetener. 


Bananas – we like to use Sweeter Bananas as they are slower growing and smaller and have a lot more flavour and sweetness. Chuffed that they are grown in Carnarvon and we can support local growers. Wait until the skin gets black dots and then you know there is a delicious sweet banana inside. It’s worth the wait… use them too early an you’ll have bland and tasteless pop. 


You could also super charge the pops by sneaking in things like chia (high in protein) or lupin flour (high in protein and fibre… but be careful if someone has peanut allergies as lupin is in the same family)



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