Aint no Party like a Unicorn Pop Party

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“Who wants to be involved in a Unicorn Theme Photoshoot?” the Facebook Post read


“ummmm ME!!!”

I have to admit this challenge may have been a little beyond me the first time. I was eight months pregnant, battling exhaustion and to be honest I am not known for my meticulous attention to detail but with all the other unicorn themed foods popping up – cakes, cupcakes, drinks… I felt I needed to bring pops to the stage.

Luckily we had also recently taken delivery of some cute mini moulds that were perfectly suited to unicorn transformation.

With a group of gorgeous WA based #Girlbosses coming together, I loved the images that emerged.

Here is a selection of Delish-centric pics from the shoot.

For the full selection head on over here. 

Unicorn Popsicles - Group Shot

Boy + Unicorn Popsicle

Unicorn Popsicle - Mane

Unicorn Popsicle

Unicorn Popsicle

Unicorn Popsicle and Sweet Gal

Sprinkle Popsicles

Boy and Sprinkles Pops

Unicorn Shoot - BFFs


Magical Unicorn Party Ideas – Complete Blog Post – Little Sketchy

Head on over to the blog post for Unicorn Party Planning Advice and Inspiration and Free Printables or Buy Unicorn Mask from Little Sketchy here.


Unicorn Pops

How to make the unicorn pops? Good question – we shot this 7 months ago, and I have since had a baby which means officially my brain has disappeared. Some say it may never come back!

  1. I used creamy coconut mini pops from us.If I haven’t updated the shop with the mini pops, send me an email and we will sort you out. 
  2. White chocolate melted and mixed with coconut oil. The ratio was about 82.5 : 17.5 as in 82.5grams white choc to 17.5ml of coconut oil. Vegetable oil may have been better. You can see by the images that the chocolate didn’t set cleanly. I think it even seized, but I did not get a chance to investigate and trial properly (the joys of leaving things to the last minute!) I melted the chocolate in a cup in  the microwave on low and kept stirring regularly and added oil. I wanted a taller vessel so that I could dip the pops all the way.
  3. To make the unicorn horns you’ll need some fondant and edible gold paint. I referenced a unicorn cake tutorial such as the one here. It’s not too hard (If I can do it you can too). You will need to make these ahead of time as the fondant needs time to dry out and then paint (and dry).
  4. Edible Sugar Flowers, such as these. I picked up mine from Woolworths in the baking aisle. You will need 8-10 per pop.
  5. Edible Black Pen – for drawing the eyes on the chocolate
  6. Pink or red edible glitter dust – for smudging the cheeks on the unicorn
  7. Extra melted white choc to stick the flowers and horns on. A little paintbrush would have been really handy but I didn’t have one. 


  • Make the unicorn horns ahead of time to give time to dry and paint with gold paint. If you are a complete super star then give the ears a crack. I failed (but my skill and patience is low). Set aside
  • Fill the cup with good quality white chocolate and oil with the 82.5:17.5 ratio. (You may need to add more chocolate and oil as it melts down). Essentially you need a vessel that is tall enough to dip the pop completely. 
  • Working quickly dip the pops into the white chocolate. Try and get a clean dip so no lumps form. Put the pops back in the freezer to set. 
  • One by one, get the choc coated pops out and decorate with the flowers to create the mane. I used melted choc on the back to attach. I tried edible glue but it took too long to dry and the flowers slid around. 
  • Just before serving draw the eyes on the pops, smudge the cheeks with pink or red dust and attach the horn

Your unicorn pop is complete. 

Hints and Tips

As condensation (water) abounds, you need to be quite careful touching the pops so you don’t smudge the edible paint 

These are all quite fragile so treat with care. 

If you want to make your own pops, any creamy recipe will do, and you could probably find an appropriate mould too. 


Would love to see these recreated by a much more talented sweets artist than I. If you make some thing please send them on through. 




STYLIST | Belle @ Rosewood Events
PHOTOGRAPHER | Leah @ Sheshells Photoagraphy
PAPER DECOR & PRINTABLES: Janet @ Little Sketchy
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Renee – cake | D’luxe Bakery
Bespoke balloons | Whimsical Balloons
Balloon installation | Earthwise Balloons

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