Teething Pops

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My little pop-princess-in-waiting is cutting her second lot of teeth. There’s drool and whingeing abound.

Putting my recipe concocting and freezing skills to work I came up with this natural teething remedy to help ease the pain, and just as importantly to taste delicious. 


The main ingredients I used to create these Soothing Teething Ice Blocks (perfect to put into one of those little feeding suckers)

Rosehip is an anti inflammitory and the Vitamin C content is 20 – 40 times more potent than that of oranges whilst also rich in Vitamins B, E, K and calcium.

Chamomile: can help lower pain, is soothing and an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain, swelling and redness.

Cucumber: calming and cooling

Watermelon: sweet and cooling



1 tsp Rosehip

1 tsp Chamomile

1 Lebanese Cucumber

Chunk Watermelon


To Make

Steep rosehip and chamomile in 200ml of boiling water for a few hours (preferably overnight to extract full medicinal qualities), then strain and add to a blender with peeled cucumber and a chunk of watermelon.

Blitz until smooth and pour into an ice cube tray

Once frozen put a cube into a feeding sucker to help with the pain.


Oh… and I made another discovery ………………….


If your babe doesn’t like it (Sasha does though!) or the teething and the grumpiness is getting you down,  I think these ice blocks would go great in a glass of gin and tonic and a splash of lime.



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