Serving a Vintage Experience: Our Dishy Dame Camille

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It’s time to introduce you to another one of our dishy dames.

Last month we introduced our dishy dame Al who worked with us for almost two years. This month we are delighted to introduce our Manager, Camille.

Camille has been with us for three years now and has been a fantastic addition to the team. She is proactive, friendly and has a real passion for Delish Ice and all it stands for.

She’s also great at creating pupsicles for our four-legged friends. It must be something to do with her veterinary background.

We love her and I’m sure you will too.


Meet Our Dishy Dame Camille: Dog Lover and Pupsicle Creator

Meet Our Dishy Dame Camille

How did you become a Dishy Dame?

Sometimes things are meant to be. I met Katie when we were both travelling up North. She was working with friends in a burger van and also selling her pops. I was working with an eight metre portable rock climbing wall. She gave me a pop and I let her have a climb. We immediately became friends. When the winter was over she offered me a job.

What do you like best about working for Delish Ice?

Free delicious pops. I also have the best boss ever. she lets me create my own popsicles and listens to everything I say. She values my work and rewards me for it. Every day I do something different and challenging. I love interacting with our customers. Making people happy makes me happy.

Is this your full-time job or do you have another day job?

This summer I have been working full time as I was promoted to 1st Manager at Delish Ice. I feel pretty special. Sadly I will have to find a new job once winter comes. That’s almost a Game of Thrones joke!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your hobbies?

I’m a veterinary nurse and love animals.That’s why I had so much fun creating the pupsicle.  I like to train at crossfit to make sure I can still fit in the van because it’s hard not to eat pops every day.

Describe a typical day working for Delish Ice?

Camille Providing A Vintage ExperienceI have the chance to work at all level of the business. Sometimes I will work in the kitchen making pops. Then i’ll do some computer work – for example organising the rosters, contacting clients. I will also work at an event in the evening selling pops.


Tell us an interesting story about something a little ‘out of the ordinary’ that happened while you were working for Delish Ice?

We did our first dog event at the beginning of the summer. It was just so much fun. I took my dog to work and he helped me to sell pops to customers and pupsicles to their four-legged best friend. There were dogs running free everywhere and everyone had a blast.

What do you think of the ice pops and which flavour is your favourite?

I think if I didn’t like the pops I would be in the wrong job. There is not one flavour I don’t like. It really depends on what sort of mood I’m in or what the weathers like. There is a pop for every situation. The refreshing Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime or Watermelon Lemonade are perfect for when it’s 38 degrees outside. The Creamy Coconut and Passion Fruit or Lamington are great when it’s a bit cooler. The dessert ice pops when i feel like I should be a little naughty, such as the Cookies and Cream and the Salted Malted Caramel. And finally, the sugar free ones when I need to get back on my diet – or if it’s so hot I know I’m going to have more than two pops on that day.

What is your most favourite event, wedding or festival you have worked at?

It’s hard to say as all the events have their own little magic. Weddings are just so romantic and unique. But the most fun I had was at the dog festival.


Want to Hire Delish Ice For Your Next Vintage Experience?

Please contact us to find out more about our vintage experience, or visit Your Experiences for more information. Our Dishy Dames can’t wait to serve you.

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