Serving a Vintage Experience: Introducing Our Dishy Dames

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Meet Our Dishy Dame Al: Pop Slinger Extraordinaire!

Our dishy dames are the face of Delish Ice. They are the ones that bring our vintage experience to life. With their vintage dresses and bright red lipsticks they sling pops to our lovely customers all summer long.

As they work so hard we thought it would be a nice tribute to personally introduce you to some of our dishy dames over the next few months.

This month we interviewed Al who has been with us since the summer of 2014.


Al Our Dishy Dame


Al joined Delish Ice in February 2014, during the height of the summer season. She’d just moved to Perth from Brisbane and had only been in Perth for about a week before she started slinging pops.

Being our busiest period we really threw her into the deep end!

She was a delight to work with from the get-go. And being new to Perth it was a great way for her to get to know the City and what it has to offer.

Here is what Al had to say about her vintage experience working for Delish Ice.

How did you become a dishy dame?

My good friend Rikki suggested I should get in touch with Katie (owner and founder of Delish Ice) to see if she needed someone to help her during the busy months. I jumped at the chance!

What do you like best about working for Delish Ice?

Definitely meeting new people… And wearing red lipstick!

Working out of a vintage caravan always proves a good talking point. It’s always a pleasure to chat to happy customers. We would constantly receive compliments about our ice pops and our vintage caravans, Poppy and Hoffman.

Is this your full time job – or do you have another day job?

I’m a primary school teacher during the week.

Previously I was only working part-time as a teacher, but this has recently changed to full-time. Sadly, this has meant I must wave goodbye to my Delish Ice days with a very heavy heart.


Al's Last Day at Delish Ice

Photo: Sad Face – Al’s Last Day Slinging Pops

Tell us a bit about yourself and your hobbies?

I’m a super-keen photographer. I also love movies… And travelling too!

Lately, most of my time has been spent with my partner and his gorgeous three year old daughter. We go on amazing adventures to the park, pool, beach and the zoo.

Describe a typical day working for Delish Ice

Very early starts! Which means lots of coffee from a neighbouring stall to get me going in the morning.

Whilst I’m drinking my morning latte it’s all about setting up. Inevitably that would involve asking a stranger for some help. I’m a bit shorter than the average dishy dame.

Once we have the bubble machine blowing and the music is playing it’s all about chatting to the passers by and offering samples.

Tell us an interesting story about something a little bit ‘out of the ordinary’ that happened whilst working for Delish Ice?

I was working the Beaufort Street Festival in 2014, with Camille one of Delish Ice’s other dishy dames (you’ll meet her later).  We were absolutely slammed the whole time we were there.

We spent nearly the entire time serving ice pops non-stop. It was hard work, but we made it fun by dancing, laughing and chatting to all the customers. We had an awesome time! Somehow we managed to work around each other – even though Poppy has a pretty tiny work space. Together we were a well oiled machine. It was a great night – I don’t think I’ve unwrapped so many pops in one shift.


Al's Ice Pop Tattoo

Photo: Al’s Ice Pop Tattoo – Something to Remember Us By

What do you think of the ice pops and which flavour is your favourite?

Love them! How could you not?

My first favourite was the Sour Plum and Orange. We haven’t had it for a couple of years, but it’s delicious. It’s the flavour I chose for the little cross stitch pop I made. It now sits in a frame on Poppy’s shelf as a reminder I once worked there.

I’m also a huge fan of the Iced Coffee flavour.

When people look stuck for choice and ask for a recommendation I always suggest the Basil and Elderflower. It’s not one people would automatically choose – probably because it sounds a bit different. But, 99 times out of 100 people will love it!

What is your most favourite event/wedding/festival you have been too, whilst working for Delish Ice?

Weddings are great, but I think my favourite has to be the Manning Markets. I love the ritual of the farmers markets. It’s a dog friendly event and i enjoy the atmosphere as a whole. Early morning starts can be rough, but once I’m up and coffee’d it’s always a great day.


Want to Hire Delish Ice For Your Next Vintage Experience?

Please contact us to find out more about our vintage experience, or visit Your Experiences for more information. Our Dishy Dames can’t wait to serve you!

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