Protein Pops + Harnessing your energy

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⚡How’s your energy? ⚡
I learnt how important energy is the hard way. 
Seems kinda obvious but too much hustle, too much stress (for me) lead to eating poorly, empty calories, a roller coaster of sugar and caffeine crashes. It just exacerbates the problem 
Sometimes no one can tell you … you have to learn the lesson yourself .. and I did.
I started to see how my lack of energy was affecting every area of my life … relationships, business, my relationship with myself, dreams for the future.
Slowly slowly.. eating better (thanks @jessica_lowe_coaching and her Dinner Club (check it out!)), moving (find your kind of movement that suits you), mindset work (meditation, journalling, affirmations, visualisations) I reclaimed my energy …and everything around me got brighter and easier.
I was fortunate that Jess is actually in my Mother’s Group – and we hit it off, and so over the last 11 months juggling a business and being a mum she’s been a source of motivation to look at what I am eating to help give me energy and get through the day as well as the power of movement. 
The thing that I love about Jess’s Dinner Club is that it’s not just recipes “here, eat this” you can choose from recipes that are tailored to your goals as well as providing invaluable nutritional information so that you can start to make your own decisions about what to eat. 
I asked Jess if she would give us some tips on what to eat to keep energy levels up:
1. Select complex carbohydrates (low GI) over simple carbohydrates (high GI) for a consistent release of energy! Meaning no more highs and lows.
2. If exercising always have a pre-workout snack and select easy digestible complex carbohydrates, such as bananas because they convert to energy much quicker and with the added benefits of Vit B & Potassium you’ll feel like a super hero! 
3. Eat balanced meals that contain a good balance of all 3 macro-nutrient groups (carbs, fats & protein) 
4. Don’t wait to be over hungry before you eat, try adopt healthy eating habits and eat at least 3 healthy balanced meals every day. 
5. Ensure you always eat protein with every meal, especially on the days you exercise. Protein is the building blocks for our tissue, cells & muscle, without a diet high in protein we can not build and repair lean muscle leaning to muscle fatigue. I always suggest having a protein rich post workout snack like a Protein shake or a Delish Ice Protein Pop!  
That’s why I love these protein pops so much.. life is still busy, but I truly realise the importance of eating well (duh). I grab these as a filling snack on the run (or two for lunch!) or they are a “sweet ice cream” treat I can feel good about.
We’ve got five delicious flavours to choose from
  • Choc Banana Peanut Butter (Jess’s favourite)
  • Vanilla Choc Swirl
  • Choc Mint (My fave)
  • Choc Orange
  • Berries and Cream
A base of banana, cashews, coconut cream and Boomer’s Nutrition whey protein gives us a nutritious foundation.
I’d really love for you to try them and hopefully love them as much as we do.
If you know someone we can talk to about stocking them – cafe, supermarket, gym etc or perhaps a crossfit or gym open day etc please let us know.
Of course you can find them online 24/7 at Free delivery Tuesdays and Thursdays around Perth (orders over $60).


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