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You know what they say in business?

Find your niche. 

You know what? When it comes to weddings we’ve been so luck with our “niche”.

Of the hundreds of weddings we’ve had the opportunity of being part – all of them unique to each couple – the one thing I realised they have in common is…..


Our couple love to have fun. And we love them for it. 

It means that when our couples love to laugh, their friends and family do too – and that makes for a fun place to work for a warm, sunny afternoon.

I’ve often attended weddings where we’ve served up pops straight after the ceremony and the guests have mingled and played garden games while the couple have had photos. 

Jenga is always the crowd favourite – it’s fun to play, get’s a bit tense (in a good way) towards the end, people can come and go from the game and it doesn’t really matter. Any number of people can play and it makes for a great spectator sport. 

A friend mentioned in passing the other week that as a bridesmaid she realised just how many decisions her bestie needed to make and how overwhelming it was to organise a wedding (of course we all know that don’t we!)

“You should put together a pops and games package” for one price and that way it’s just one all inclusive package for after the ceremony. People would love it.” 

“hmmmm” I thought “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!”

I jumped onto Instagram and reached out to Linda from Perth Garden Games so we could create the perfect package for you,

What would make the perfect package.

“Well every wedding is different in terms of look, feel and budget so let’s give three different pop service options – vintage van, retro carts and a pop-it-yourself option”


“There is just so much to do the day or two before the wedding so let’s deliver everything to the venue, set up and pack down”


“Ceremonies are usually in the afternoon which is the warmest part of the day. There is hardly ever much shade. Plus we always get people coming back up for seconds, and thirds, so while we used to suggest one pop per person let’s just make it free flow pops so people can have whatever they like and not miss out”


“Let’s make sure the games are fun and competitive (in a good way) and get people laughing and mingling. How about Giant Jenga, Cornhole, Skittles and Quoits?”



“Let’s just make each package a set price to make it easy”



So we’ve created an all inclusive package whee you select the service option that fits you best – Vintage Van, Retro Cart or Serve yourself freezer. We’ll fill them up with the pops of your choosing. On the day we’ll bring everything along including the most popular and fun games, set up and as your guests drift on over to the reception we’ll pack down and quietly drive off into the sunset. 

How does that sound?

If you want to find out more or get a quote from us just click on this link and let us know your details. 

How much notice do we need? Well, we only have one  or two of everything – Vintage Van (1), pop carts and freezers (2) and a couple each of the games. So let us know what date your wedding is and we can check availability for you. 

So fun-loving, wedding planning peeps – Any questions us know!

Katie (Delish) and Linda (Perth Garden Games)

PS Got a corporate event or any other function coming up and you feel like you need a bit of “easy” fun… we don’t discriminate here (just haven’t gotten around to writing your blog post yet!)… feel free to get in touch!

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