Pops and Cocktails = Poptails!

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What do you get when you cross a Cocktail and Popsicle?

A) Cocksicle

B) Poptail


I think we all want to say “A” because it makes us snigger, but let’s be refined and say “B”.

It’s a “Poptail” people, please!

When you are creating a finely cocktail (or slapping together a few ingredients to take the edge off the day), don’t bother with bland, boring, square ice when you can turn up the flavour and turn down the temperature with a pop.

Lots of our pops pair perfectly with your favourite tipple. 

We’ve created this quick Poptail guide to inspire you, filled up with lots of flavours and images from a gorgeous photoshoot styled by Partaya Events and shot by We Are All Stardust, with an array of magical vendors.

Download Poptail Guide 

My all time favourite has to be the Basil and Elderflower + a Gin and Tonic.

The story of how the Basil and Elderflower pop was actually created is a nice kind of memory for me. When I started out I was living in Cowaramup (Margaret River region) where I grew up. 

Morries was a new bar in town and Billy was the head bar man and bit of a cocktail making legend. Anyway they had a cocktail called “The Basil Smash” on the menu – Gin, Elderflower, Tonic and muddled with basil. Utterly delightful and refreshing. 

Later on I met Jeremy, one of the founders of West Winds Gin and he kindly showed me their botanical listing for their gin.

I collected as many of the herbs and spices as I could – lots of juniper of course, Australian Bush Spices such as lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, wattleseed and bush tomato, as well as coriander root, citrus zest, coriander and more. 

I created a “gin” syrup, blending it with elderflower, lime juice and infusing it with basil over night. I flipping love this pop! 

The “gin” gives it an underlying complexity, which you can’t always tell that it’s there, but you could if you took it away. The elderflower is sweet and floral, lime for the nice acidity and the basil is grassy and refreshing and cuts through it all. 

If nothing else – if you ever get a chance to try a basil and elderflower pop, bang it in a nice glass, a glug of your favourite gin, top with tonic and a squeeze of citrus. 

You can than me later.


Katie x

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