Packed full of deliciousness!

The Delish Ice menu utilises great produce and the highest quality ingredients available to ensure our vintage caravan and pop-carts are regularly replenished with new and inspired flavour combinations. Whether you like your pops eye-wateringly tart, smooth and delicate or somewhere in between, you’re sure to find something that will make your tastebuds want to dance the two-step (or the funky chicken if they’re so inclined).

If you’re after something specific for your wedding, function or festival you can always call our pop-line and discuss it with us.

Our menu is always changing, due to the fact that we’re pop pioneers! Put your peepers over the menu below of the regular flavours we always try to keep around. Beside being yummy, we’ve got vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and no added sugar options – something for everyone!



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Basil and Elderflower

Something a little different but a firm favourite here at Pop HQ. Based on a refreshing gin cocktail, in this non-alcoholic version we make a “gin” syrup inspired by local, boutique distillery, West Winds Gin, that includes botanicals such as bush tomato, wattleseed, cinnamon myrtle, coriander and lots of juniper. Combine the syrup with elderflower and infuse with basil and you get a deliciously floral, complex, refreshing pop.

Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime

We can never make enough of this pop and it’s developed a bit of a cult following. Refresh yourself with a real spicey ginger hit cooled down with freshly squeezed lime and infused with mint. Perfection! 

Lychee, Pineapple and Lime

After getting in trouble by customers ten times in one weekend for not having this one, it’s now a regular on the menu! The lime really makes lychee and pineapple sing and we sneak in star anise, cinnamon and kaffir lime for added complexity.

Orange, Pineapple and Lime

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard “these are better than Frosty Fruits!” we’d have lots more fabulous dresses in the cupboard! There’s nothing better than freshly squeezed oranges and throw in a hint of pineapple and lime and this pop is perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Passionfruit Mint and Lime

Just like being on a delicious, tropical island. Take your tastebuds on a tropical getaway with this delicious mix! 

Raspberry Lemonade

The freezer is always full up with this pop to keep the crowds happy. The flavour of raspberries is balanced and amplified with a traditional lemonade plus a touch of bubbly lemonade to make your tongue tingle!

Watermelon Lemonade

A firm crowd favourite! The refreshing flavour of watermelon gets turned up a notch when paired with traditional lemonade.

Orange Pineapple and Passionfruit (No Added Sugar)

A refreshing mix of citrus and tropical to cool down with on a glorious sunny day. Delightful! 

Mango Orange and Lime (No Added Sugar)

Combine zesty orange and lime with tropical mango and its a taste sensation hard to beat!

Very Berry (No Added Sugar)

For people who like it berry-licious! This pop is a flavour explosion of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry with a touch of tropical mango. 

Raspberry and Apple (No Added Sugar)

It’s a fruity match made in heaven! Crisp apple paired with rich raspberry makes for a refreshing pop with just the right amount of sweetness.  



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Creamy Cold Brew Iced Coffee

We love using local coffee roaster Yahava’s Kahava coffee for this pop. Kahava is a full bodied coffee from Southern India with a rich, earthy, chocolatey flavour. We extract the coffee using a cold brew machine which creates a strong, full flavour and balance it with creamy coconut. One for coffee lovers! 

Creamy Coconut and Passionfruit

As delightful as it sounds! This pop whisks you away to a dreamy island with a tropical twist. Need we say more?

The Lamington

Wow! We made a small batch of this creamy coconut pop dipped in dark chocolate and now its definitely going to stay on the menu forever. We can’t stop eating this pop and neither can anyone else!  Creamy coconut…. yummm…. Belgian dark chocolate…. oh yeah!

Choc Mint

A perfect combination! This is our take on an ice pop favourite from my childhood. Does anyone remember the “Count Chocular” – a lurid green mint ice cream dipped in chocolate?  That was always my go to pop as a kid. We’ve pimped it up a bit by infusing fresh mint in a creamy base before dipping in a smooth dark chocolate to finish.

Double Choc

A delicious ‘double hit’ to amaze the tastebuds of chocolate superfans! This classic pop is dipped in dark chocolate and finished with some sprinkles for added fun.

Cookies and Cream

A perfect combination! A delicious creamy base mixed with Oreo cookies for a chocolately crunch that no one can resist. 

Choc Cherry Coconut

It’s like a Cherry Ripe in popsicle form! Delicious pops of cherry in a coconut base topped with dark chocolate. Yum! 

Download the Delish Ice pop flavours, ingredients and allergy information via PDF here