Kind Words

We’ve had the honour of popping up at lots of weddings throughout Perth and the South West over the last few years.

Our pops are particularly well-suited to post-ceremony celebrations in outdoor, garden settings, or beach weddings (but actually also perfectly placed at indoor venues).

If you are looking for a sweet, vintage inspired set-up and want to give your guests a cool, refreshing treat and a delightful experience, BUT don’t have the time or want the hassle and expense of styling, setting up and unpacking a drinks and snack station… well, leave it to us.

Our aim is to make your post-ceremony refreshments, easy and hassle-free for you, whilst providing a fun and delightful experience for yours guests, serving up delicious, refreshing ice pops with our pretty vintage style.

Here are some kind words from some of our lovely couples…

Christie & James: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Thank you so so so much for our wedding ice creams on Saturday! Delish Ice was the first thing guests saw as they approached our water tower wedding – such a fun, beautiful sight for everyone to see as they came in! Loved your setup with the cute Poppy van, bubbles, beats and games. Such an ahhmazing atmosphere you provided and James and I and all our guests loved the refreshing ice creams! Just the best!”

Olivia & Scott: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Wanted to provide something small for everyone who attended our wedding ceremony, and wanted to keep it cost-effective, given our large numbers. We’d had Delish Ice pops at a number of other events (Twilight Hawker’s Market, etc.) and loved them, and had the idea for having them at our wedding after recognising the pops as part of an afternoon tea after another wedding.

We were crazy busy with greeting everyone, but we loved our pops, and everyone else seemed to too.

We were very delighted! Lots of people commented to us on how much they loved the pops”


Rhiannon & Tyler: Vintage Van + Dishy Dame

“I had the opportunity to taste one of their tasty pops at The Beaufort Street Festival and thought wouldn’t it be great to share that with my family and friends at our wedding.

Everyone loved it; they were perfect for post ceremony and everyone loved the lawn games as well!

Katie was super friendly from the start and very accommodating. I knew instantly that I was happy to have her a part of our big day.”


Danae & Michael: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“We chose Delish Ice because of the amazing menu, it fitted our theme and the excellent reputation you have! We were beyond delighted with the service we received and so were our guests!”


Dorinda: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Had tasted you pops at the Hawkers market in Perth. Thought it would be a delightful thing to do. We were very delighted and had lots of positive comments

We were tossing up between a whippy van or Delish pops. We knew the pops would taste better than soft serve and we were right!”


Flora & Aaron: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Looks great and fitted in with our wedding style. They loved it! Young and old, Delish Ice was a big hit.”


Venissa & Darren: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“We wanted some yummy ice pops, and you guys were it!

Everyone we have spoken to so far have said they were delish!! And I am sure people went for seconds!

The only initial hesitation was trying to stick to our wedding budget, we blew it anyway, but have no regrets! we can just work extra shifts!”


Rebecca & Daniel: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“I was recommended Delish Ice by Bride + Groom. I wanted some delish treats to cool down my guests at my summer wedding.

Yes. All the flavours were delicious and went down well with guests. I love the setup, really added a nice vintage feel.

I had many compliments from the guests, and everyone enjoyed it.”


Jeremy & Ruby: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“We work on the Curtin University Campus and saw Delish Ice rather frequently. We were impressed with the concept, flavours and of course the friendly ice-pop ladies. So we thought it would be a good idea to have Delish Ice ice-pops served to our guests at our Couples Shower, which turned out to be a great hit with our guests!

The flavours were awesome! (So awesome that I didn’t get to try them at all) Judging from the fact that there were none left, I must say our guests were pretty delighted

We had no reservations about choosing Delish Ice. I think we had more difficulty deciding how many to order and what flavours to choose from! :)”


Leah & Sam: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Fully delighted with the entire experience – biggest legends.  Our guests LOVED it. On a 38 degree day they couldn’t stop raving about it being the best idea ever. The cart looked super cute too. ”


Sharyn & Lewis: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“We chose Delish Ice simply because we’re ADDICTED to your salted caramel pops haha

Absolutely loved the setup and the service we received throughout the whole process! The pops were amazing as always! Everyone commented on how great they were.”


Kacey & Kent: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“Thank you so much for brightening up my wedding day! I loved the decorations and how cute you looked on the day. The flavours were listed clearly so easy to choose for everyone, and informed guests about dairy options. Everyone loved it! Many people commented on how lovely the icy pole lady looked, and the icy poles were yummy.

I was worried about having a lot of left overs and thought I had to ask the venue store them if there were, but thought they wouldn’t agree as they did not want to store cake etc. When you told me you would take the pops back and parcel them up for us to pick up later, I wasn’t worried about anything.

In fact, my husband and I fought over who got to eat the left over icy poles!”


Hayley & Justin: ‘Poppy’ Vintage Van

“Delighted beyond words! So refreshing on a warm day. And the little Caravan was so cute. Our guests could not stop raving about what a good idea it was and how tasty the ice pops were!”


Kim & Mike: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“We loved all the ice pop flavours (our favourite is Salted, Malted Caramel). Having the ice pop cart (complete with flamingos) set up on the beach so that guests could have them directly after the ceremony was great. Thank you so much for helping to make our day extra special!”


Jess & Matt: ‘Hoffman’ Pop Van and Mobile Bar

“Now the dust has settled I just wanted to say a huge thanks to yourself and your team for the wonderful job they did at our wedding.
Thank you for coping with guests asking for drinks a little earlier than planned and for the beautiful icy poles. you’ll be happy to know we ate them for breakfast the next day too!
The van fit perfectly (well i thought so) and was such an awesome feature of the day.”


Tessa & Casey: Whole cart-n-caboodle

“The pops were amazing and our guests loved them! They loved that it was something they hadn’t had before at a wedding and the flavours were incredible. By all accounts and the fact that there weren’t that many pops left at the end of our wedding, I would say that our guests were very delighted… I heard rumours that some even went back for seconds!

They were also a great hit with the kids!

We had lawn games, drinks and a garden picnic following our ceremony and Delish Ice just fitted that scenario so well. It was one of only a few things that the husband-to-be really pushed for… and there was no argument from me!

Katie was fantastic to deal with in the lead up (information, bookings and payments) and the lovely lady who was manning the cart on the day was fabulous. We loved the set up and it really suited the surroundings and feel that we wanted to create for our guests. And the weather was perfect for ice pops!”


Amy: Classic Lawn Games

“We wanted to create a vintage-y looking area near our wedding ceremony for lawn games to keep the guests occupied during photos. We did look into some other local companies, but liked what Delish Ice had to offer.

The purpose of the lawn games was to distract our guests from the fact that alcohol wasn’t being served immediately after the ceremony (the venue provided water and soft drinks)… our MCs reported later that when the time came for proper drinks to be served near the restaurant, they struggled to tear people away from the lawn games! Safe to say everyone was enjoying them!”