Honey Ginger Chamomile Lime Pops

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I’ve been meaning to make this little concoction for a while – now I wish I had made it sooner!

A punchy Honey, Ginger, Chamomile and Lime Pop that will simultaneously sooth what ails you and give you a jump start towards good health. 

The concept was to create a sick-sicle – a pop that would nourish you when you were feeling poorly.

Actually, though I like Blaine from Honey I’m Home‘s phrase better – an elix-icle. As in an elixer. 

Whatever it is, it’s a delicious, soothing, immune boosting recipe I think you’re going to love. 

Perfecting this recipe as been on my mind for some time now, but with everything else that always pops it got pushed aside. 

For the keenly trained eye you might notice the produce looks a little different – smaller limes and ginger. I’m in Bali at the moment, staying warm (Popsicle girls hate the cold don’tchya know) and so I have a little bit of extra time. I didn’t have a popsicle tray with me, but I just tested the recipe in an ice cube tray and they tasted goooood.

A little back story to this……..

The year before I started Delish Ice – in fact I was half way through researching the business and a few months from launch, my dad got diagnosed with cancer. The family had been going through a rather tough with some other matters (hello land development on family farm in the middle of the good old Global Financial Crisis….. but that’s a story for another time…. but actually one of the reasons I started Delish Ice)

… but I digress.

so the diagnosis was of course as always for anyone a real kick in the guts. 

I was living at home at the time and it was really tough watching my once strong, fit, happy-go-lucky father go through the stress of the onset of symptoms, weeks between appointments, waiting for test results, getting a referral to see another specialist…. until we finally go the diagnosis.

Fortunately for us, once they removed the tumour and did a few rounds of Chemo they were confident he would be fine. 

Chemo was tough – there was the nausea, fatigue, the day we had to shave his head, weakness, hair loss. From memory it was a week of Chemo, then two weeks “off” recovering and then back to it for around 6 months.

At the time I remember it was the nausea that really stopped him in his tracks.

You know what it’s like – anyone that’s had a bad hangover (I think we’ve all been there), had morning sickness (yep), been sea sick (yep), gastro (yep)  knows how all consuming nausea is. It’s all body consuming, but it also over runs your mind…. so you are suck in this negative feedback loop where your body is freaking out, and so your mind freaks out, and it’s hard to reason with your mind and so your body just continues to freak out.

What soothes nausea? …. sucking on ice blocks. What helps with a queasy stomach? Ginger 

So back in the day we used to freeze Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

But if Delish Ice was around then it would have been a Ginger, Honey, Camomile and Lime Pop


  • Ginger  to help to settle the stomach and reduce nausea
  • Honey – a good, local, raw honey with medicinal qualities 
  • Lime for (amongst other things) infection fighting and zing
  • Chamomile to calm and reduce nausea

I wanted to know a bit more about the health benefits of honey and using honey, and the lovely Blaine from Honey I’m Home (check out her Yagan Square and Maylands Shop for raw honey from their own apiaries and from other local, quality bee keepers)


Different flowers produce different types of honeys, similar to how different grapes produce different wines. This means that seasonal, raw honey will have different colours, viscosities (thickness), textures and of course, flavours. Western Australia produces the cleanest honey in the world, from the healthiest bee colonies in the world. Most of our honeys are produced in state, regional or national bushlands, meaning that it is free from chemical residues.

Using light, raw honey is perfect for desert and sugar replacement with tea/coffee. Light honeys are more delicate in flavour and will sweeten your receipe or beverage without overpowering your flavours.

Medium and dark raw honeys are better for breakfasts, marinades (such as honey soy chicken wings!) or for a more powerful honey flavour in your smoothies or tea. 

Some honeys also contain medicinal qualities – anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and other properties – that aid in healing and health. There is a 40 year body of work behind using medicinal honeys for the topical treatment of wounds, ulcers, burns, sore throats etc. Western Australia has some of the highest levels of medicinal honeys in the world. Your local honey producer can tell you where their honeys are tested, and the measure of the medical value should be displayed for the customer. 

For more information, please see www.honeyimhome.com for blogs or where to purchase raw, local WA honeys.


Here’s the recipe I concocted, which is dedicated to my amazing father – I can never thank him enough for all the love and support he’s shown me (and Delish) over the years.

I also wanted to make this for all the people going through tough times – struck down with the flu, battling morning sickness, feeling nauseous from chemo or other treatment. I hope this helps, even just a little. 



2 chamomile tea bags

2 limes juiced (and zested if you feel like it)

10g Ginger, washed and grated

50g honey 

2 cups hot water 


This will make 500ml of liquid, so depending on how big your moulds are, about 6-8+ pops



Grab a bowl (glass preferably) . Zest the limes (if you feel like it, don’t worry if not), and then juice. Add to the bowl.

Weigh out 10g or so of ginger (doesn’t have to be accurate – you can adjust depending on how much you love the spiciness). Wash, grate and add to bowl

Weigh out 50g of raw honey

Add two cups of boiling water and then add the teabags

Leave everything to infuse and extract for around an hour. Taste from time to time and when you are happy with the flavour and the spiciness from the ginger the strain and reserve the liquid.

Poor into moulds, freeze, unmould and enjoy!


PS – feeling fighting fit? Lucky you! I think these would also taste great as a poptail with a splash of dark rum or whiskey. You’re welcome!


PPS In the meantime, looking for something similar? Our Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime pops are available right now in our online shop, made from fresh ginger, mint and lime.

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