Hamptons Classic with Pops of Colour Photoshoot

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I was just thinking today, how lucky we are in Perth that the business community seems to be so friendly and full of collaborations. I wonder if that’s the same in many other places?

In March we were involved in one such collaborative shoot with the theme – Hampton’s White with Pops of Colour. I’m not sure the pun was intended but I’ll take it!

Rume, Creative and Stylist Queen of Isele Creative explains the concept.


This styled shoot was inspired by the luxury reputation of the Hamptons. we wanted to create an on trend bridal shower, with a mostly white aesthetic, that would appeal to the modern refined bride.


We wanted to showcase a setting where white featured heavily, in both furnishings and decor, in contrast with pops of colour in the finer details like florals, place settings, icy poles and macarons, evoking a sense of luxury, whilst still appealing to the fun and relaxed side of a polished bride.- Rume Gould, Isele Creative


With a six month old baby and March being our busiest month in Pop Land, I was unable to attend the shoot. I was super chuffed when I saw these images for the first time …. Pops + Bubble = A match made in heaven!

Everyone needs a Pops & Floss Bar at their wedding. Don’tchya think. 

I love the idea because it’s a little twist during cocktail hour. It’s those quirky little elements that bring surprise and delight and are a talking point for years to come. 

Experiential experiences, where your guests can pour their bubbles and create their own champagne cocktails – with the pops adding colour and flavour.

We’ve got the lots of pops to match with bubbles and cocktails – check out this blog post for inspiration and then head on over to our Pop Shop and fill up your freezer.

Check out some of our fave Pop Shots from the shoot. 


Katie xx



__________________ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Concept and styling – @iselecreative Photographer – @aurorarosephotography

Martin coffee tables, benches and LED candles – @pompetteevents

Florals – @marketfreshandco

Bell tent – @staybrightandco

Macarons – @jessicascakesnbakes

Popsicles – @delishice

Name Placeholders – @squiddlyink

Hair – @hairforalloccasions

Makeup – @theblushingbrideperthmakeup

Dresses – @secondheavenwedding

Models – @laurajanehewitt55, @elomasto and @diana_ciupe

Tableware, peacock chair, balloons, bar, bar sign and arbour – @iselecreative ⠀⠀

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