School Fundraising

Looking for an easy, fun way to raise money for your school or organization. We’d love to help.

Please get in contact for more details on our different options – from our Pop-it-Yourself option where we set you up and you be pop stars for a day or you can leave it up to us, and we’ll donate a percentage of sales back to you.

You can choose any quantity you like (have a chat to us and we can make a suggestion), but below are some examples of what you could earn.

Want the super easy option?

Choose the “We Pop” package where you just book us and we will pop up and do everything for you?

Want to raise the most money?

Chose the “You Pop” package.  It’s still fun and easy but instead of us working our magic, your group can be  honorary Pop Stars for the day. We will set you up with a retro cart and our knowledge so you can have all the fun and raise the most money.

It’s even a great activity for high school kids – letting them practice invaluable skills such as customer service, money handling, sales skills and responsibility in a fun and engaging way.

Best Suited Events

If you are running an event and are looking for a fun, delicious and easy sweet treat we are the perfect proposition for:

Movie Nights
Christmas and Graduation Nights
School Fetes and Fairs
School Sports Days and Carnivals
School Discos
Regular “Popsicle Days

…. and any other event you can shake a pop stick at.

Choose Your Experience

Choose Your Experience

Be an honourary member of our team for the day!

Purchase a selection of our delectable pops, borrow our cute-as-a-button cart and sell the pops for full retail price at your event!

We'll give you all the advice we have learned along the way in order to make the day as successful as possible for you.

Minimum of 150 pops.
$2.90 each and RRP is $4.50. Take-home packs RRP is 6 for $24.

Choose Your Experience

Sit back and relax, and let us take care of everything.

We’ll serve your guests out of one of our vintage vans or pop carts (depending on availability) complete with classically dressed dishy dames and/or dapper lads, or our cute-as-a-button pop carts.

At the end of the event we will donate 20% of takings back to you.

Minimum sales required 220 pops (RRP $4.50) for 4 hours of service.

Examples of what you can earn

Pops Sold

  • 150
  • 200
  • 300
  • 500

"You Pop" $ made

  • $240
  • $320
  • $480
  • $800

"We Pop" $ made

  • $135
  • $180
  • $270
  • $450
Enquire Now

How It Works

Get in contact and let’s talk about the different events you have coming up that would like to raise money for .

Together we can select the best option that will suit your school event.

We will book the cart in for you so that you are guaranteed to have one available on the day.

Closer to the event we can decide on pop numbers, flavours and the event logistics.

Remember, we are happy to take back unsold stock (provided it has been stored correctly) and we are also happy to take payment for the “You Pop” option after the event to make it easier for you.

Would love to chat! Please do get in contact.

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