Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that planning an event can bring up lots of questions as you decide the finer details.

Below are some common questions we often get asked. Have a read… If you still have any questions please just ask!

When is the best time to serve Delish Ice ?

We’ve turned up in the middle of the dance floor to surprise, refresh and revive people at weddings and also as part of dessert. However where we are most appreciated is straight after you’ve said your “I Do’s” and had your smooch, as a way to keep guests cool, calm and collected in the hot summer months. 

For other events think of when you would most like to have one of our delectable pops. As a dessert with a difference for cocktail style event is always a popular choice! 


How many pops should we order?

Every crowd is always different but we generally suggest one pop per person.


What happens to the leftover pops?

They are all yours to enjoy later! If there is a freezer at the venue we can leave them there on the day, otherwise you are more than welcome to collect from our kitchen when it’s convenient for you.


When can we choose our flavours?

We can send you a list of our crowd-pleasing favourites to choose from right away, otherwise we’ll send you the menu around three weeks before the event and reconfirm all the details with you. You can make your flavour selection at that time.


How many flavours can I choose?

Generally we suggest four to five flavours. It’s enough to give everyone a fabulous range to choose from but not enough to overwhelm them!


What flavours should I choose?

It’s totally up to you but we recommend at least three fruity flavours and one to two creamy flavours.

We find that on super hot days the fruity refreshing flavours go very quickly and on the not quite so hot days the creamy-dessert style flavours are most popular.

If you make a selection, and are happy with us to do so, we can always swap a couple of the flavours at the last minute if we think another flavour would be better.


Do you cater for allergies?

Are some of your guests vegans, or avoiding nuts, gluten, dairy or eggs? Not a problem. We have a range of flavours to choose from that will make sure everyone’s dietary requirements are satisfied. If you have any concerns, let us know and we can confirm the ingredients in the flavours you have chosen.

We also write common allergen information on the menu board and your guests as welcome to discuss anything with us on the day.


Our event is outside of Perth – can we still get Delish Ice?

Of course you can! You can order a parcel ‘o pops from our Pop Shop to enjoy. Orders can be picked up from Margaret River (Cowaramup), subject to timing or we can quote to venture out to where you are – additional (but reasonable) travel charges will apply.


What are your payment terms?

Standard terms are 30% within 7 days and 70% 10 days before the event. If you want to pay up front we offer a 5% discount and are also open to small monthly repayments if that helps you better with your budgeting. Just ask!


I’m a little worried about our budget. Should we make a booking?

We created these experiences to be a truly unique part of your event as an element that will leave your guests wowed and leaving long lasting fond memories.

One reason our past wedding clients have loved having us along is that we have helped them save money. You want to provide refreshments after the ceremony but there is no need to opening bottles and popping corks straight after. Treat them to our refreshing, delicious iced treats and then wait until the reception begins and you can start celebrating together.

Still looking for ways to save – check out our handy blog post that details lots of clever ways to save money – which means you can have more of what you want to create your perfect day.


How do we make a booking?

It’s easy. Just click the ‘Book Now’ button below to drop us an email and confirm you’d like to go ahead. We’ll send you two invoices. The first is a 30% deposit and is due within 7 days to secure your booking. The second invoice is for the remaining 70% and is due 10 days before the wedding.


What if I am still deciding?

That’s ok. We understand that there are lots of decisions to be made. If you are very interested but not quite ready to make a decision, let us know and we can pop the date on hold for you for a few weeks.


I have a couple more questions…

No worries! Please call us on 0448 897 717.

You can also make a booking or ask us any questions via email at


Katie & Co xx