Flower popsicles!

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A friend of mine posted this picture on my facebook page the other day of these beautiful flower popsicles and I immediately fell in love. What an awesome idea for a vintage inspired wedding, tea party or a little girl’s birthday party.

Courtesy of Marla Meredith of marlameredith.com


Thanks to our friends at wikipedia here’s a little list of flowers that could be used. The other thing to be mindful of, is of course what they would actually taste like. These popsicles have to taste as delightful as they look of course.

Flower Taste Colour
Apple blossoms Floral White to pink
Borage Sweet, honey-like Lilac
Camomile Sweet apple White
Carnation Sweet clove Variety
Chrysanthemum Strong Variety
Citrus blossoms Citrus White
Daisies Mildly bitter Pink
Elderflower Floral White
Hibiscus Mildy Citrus Rose, red
Japanese Honeysuckle Sweet White to pale yellow
Jasmine Floral White
Lavender Varies Lilac
Marigold Slightly Bitter Yellow, orange
Nasturtium Sweet, peppery Variety
Pansies Vegetal Variety
Rose petals Perfumed Variety
Tulips Vegetal Variety
Violets Sweet, perfumed Purple, white
Woodruff Sweet, nutty, vanilla White


Leaves such as basil, thyme and sage would also be good to add a bit of greenery, and a bit of flavour too.

Hhhmmmm…. so I wonder what kind of flavours I could make. Best to keep the popsicle as transluscent as possible to show off the flowers. I’m thinking fruit and flavours along the lines of

  • Watermelon
  • Lychee
  • Ice Tea
  • Rose water and orange blossom water
  • Home made cola – I made some popsicles one day based on a recipe like this. So maybe you could add citrus blossoms and lavender to compliment the ingredients
  • Mojito popsicles (!)
  • Lemon or lemonade
  • Hibiscus – popular Mexican flavour
  • Coconut water
  • Boozey pops – I’ve made some lovely gin & tonic and also summer pimms punch studded with finely diced strawberries, mint, peach and cucumber

I’m sure there are more flavours that would go together. It’s just  hard to come up with a l0t of inspiration when outside it’s pouring with rain and I am huddled by the heater.

Bring on summer and chance to try these out properly I say!


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