The dough you never even knew you wanted

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Edible cookie dough?

Yep! It’s a thing. Why are we selling it? 

Well, it’s damn delicious. 

Let me tell you the long, windy story of how we got here….


Hands up who’s guilty of making choc chip cookies and stealing a spoonful or five of the mix.

So good right? It kinda all started when we got our mini pop moulds and thought they would be perfect as a little dessert – choc chip cookie cup, caramel filling and then mini choc pop on top.

I made two batches of cookie dough and stuck it in the fridge to cool before baking.

I’d just had my daughter Sasha and the tiredness was a killer so if I had an idea I needed to do it in small stages or it was just too much.

Anyway  I made the dough, put it in the fridge to bake but it took me a while to bake get to it (actually I took it across to the kitchen and asked Jennie to do it for me)

She created these mini chop chip cups for me using muffin tins and pressing the mixture in and baking.

I made a quick caramel by grabbing a can of condensed milk, sprinkled salt over the top and put it in a small baking dish and then in another baking dish filled with water to create a water bath. See recipe here.

I made Tiramisu Cheesecake Pops to top it all off and make sure it was truly decadent and over the top. 


Choc Chip Cup Recipe

Caramel Recipe


Tiramisu Cheesecake Pops


1 can condensed milk

250g block of cream cheese

275ml cold matter cold brew

250ml cream

7 g cocoa



Bring cream cheese to room temperature. Beat in a mixer for a few minutes. 

Add condensed milk and beat until combined. 

Add coffee, cocoa and cream and beat – but until just combined (don’t over whip the cream)

Pour into moulds and freeze. 

Unmould and dust with cocoa. 


When you are ready to serve just bring the choc chip cups and caramel to room temperature. Spoon the caramel into the cup, then top with the ice pop and grate chocolate over the top and serve.





Oh yeah… so the cookie dough. A bit embarrassed to say that of the double batch of dough maybe half of it turned into the cookie cups. 

Supplies dwindled in between making and cooking and allegedly someone kept sneaking little (big) spoonfuls every time they walked past the fridge.

Anyway, so it turns out that Edible Cookie Dough is a thing. Uncooked flour and eggs (of course) are high risk of salmonella but Kristen from Cookie DŌ NYC  pioneered safe-to-eat- straight-outta-the-tub Cookie Dough. 

It was soooo good I thought I had a duty to y’all (you can thank me later) to bring this deliciousness to you good people of WA.

There is something about the perfect fusion of flour, butter and brown sugar that is perfection on a spoon.

My favourite combo is Choc Chip Funfetti – there is something about the crunch of the sprinkles and the choc chips. We’ve played around with Pandan and Toasted Coconut for something different, and we’ve got vegan flavours on the cards too such as Choc Mint and Oreos.

It’s been a fun and delicious couple of months getting these together for you and I hope you enjoy!

Find the cookie dough at our events or head on over to our online shop.

Let me know what you think – would you try it?

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