Delish Ice Business Collaborations: Introducing Pound Coffee Roastery

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Espresso Martini Ice Pop

Delish Ice Collaborate With Pound Coffee Roastery For Espresso Martini Ice Pop

We recently wrote a blog post about our collaboration with local Perth distillers Hippocampus who supplied the vodka for our newest creation – the Espresso Martini ice pops.

Another key ingredient in an espresso martini is (of course) coffee.

To make our Espresso Martini ice pop extra special we wanted to include some damn good quality coffee and where better to go for this than Pound Coffee Roastery which first opened its doors back in November 2012.

We also used their delicious coffee in our Creamy Cold Brew Iced Coffee pops, which are available to buy from our online shop.

Pound Coffee Roastery is owned by Irene and Justin, an awesome couple who are mad about coffee.

To thank them for agreeing to collaborate with us we interviewed them to find out more about their business and what makes it so special. Here’s what they had to say.

Coffee Bags at Pound Coffee Roastery

Describe your business and why it is so special

We roast artisan style, small batch, quality, single origin Arabica coffee. We believe in highlighting the flavours and showcasing the best beans available – roasting with care and keeping it fresh, honest and hand made.

How did the idea for your business come about?

We felt there was an opportunity in the market for a small batch roaster to offer cafes and home users a better personal service and excellent coffee.

How did you decide on the location for your business?

We wanted to have a business that was close to home and to our weekly market.

Describe the growth of your business since it first opened. How successful has it been?

Our growth was better than we ever imagined and we are grateful every day that it has been embraced so well.

Beans For Roasting_Pound Coffee Roastery

Where do you source your coffee from?

We source the best quality coffee from all over the world, including Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala and India. The list is endless. We also purchase direct from source through Asprounion in Colombia and Santos Café in Panama.

What is your direct involvement in the business?

Irene and myself are here every day taking part in all aspects of the business.  We like to be hands on owners.

Tell us about the rest of your team and what their involvement is?

Rupert is our Roaster and go to guy and Catherine has just joined us and is learning the ropes.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to evolve, learn and continue to provide a great service showcasing all the hard work that has taken place on a mountain somewhere a long way from here.

Our aim is to help make the growers hard work shine to the very best of our ability. By doing this we honour the grower, and drinkers will appreciate the great coffee they are producing. We believe this will help the disparity between grower and roaster to disappear.

Roasting the Beans_Pound Coffee Roastery

If you could give some words of support to a fellow business owner who is struggling with motivation or self confidence what would that be?

If you’re going through hell keep on going! Your best work is your deepest values made visible.

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by those who follow their own path and commit to doing it well and with integrity. And the farmers who work tirelessly to produce the best coffee they can everyday.

What made you decide to supply the coffee for Delish Ice to use in their ice pops?

Apart from Katie being awesome, she has a wonderful small business and it was our pleasure to be able to work with her.

Have you tasted the ice pops and what did you think?

Yes we have and as with everything Katie does, they are the business!

Buy or Follow Pound Coffee Roastery

Pound Coffee Roastery, Unit 3, 14 Zeta Crescent, O’Connor WA 6163 | P: (08) 9337 4888 | E: | W:

Follow Pound Coffee Roastery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates.

You can find Pound Coffee Roastery at the Palmyra Western Farmers Market, 60 McKimmie Road, Palmyra every Sunday from 8am till 12pm.


Want To Collaborate With Delish Ice?

We are always on the lookout for our next business collaboration. If you have an idea how Delish Ice can work with your business please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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