The Best Chocolate Pop Recipe

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We love our Double Choc Pops around here!

My partner eats them by the box load and gets cranky with me when I forget to bring some home. 

When I first started Delish Ice we used to get asked all the time if we had “chocolate” flavour. 

“Nope” I replied – I don’t about you, but growing up I was never really into the store bought chocolate icecream – Loved chocolate but the chocolate ice cream was my least favourite (used to scrape the vanilla out of the Neapolitan tub, but that’s the only one I would touch!)

We use delicious dark belgian chocolate (also something I manage to eat by the handful), melted in fresh cream and milk, add a bit of coconut cream for nuttiness and some condensed milk for sweetness. All pretty easy.

Now the quantities may look a bit strange – and I don’t think you need to be too exact – it’s just that we make batches of about 25L here, so I just did a quick calculation for about 700ml of mixture, which should be plenty for your moulds at home.

I play around at home with the Donna Hay moulds (for the 8 pops you need about 700ml of mix – so the recipe below should be just about perfect!)

Mel, GG and Tilly – this recipe is for you – thank you for a lovely afternoon!


75ml Milk

290ml Cream

150ml Coconut milk (I life Chef’s Choice – pure coconut milk, no additives and it tastes great)

100g Condensed Milk

90g Dark Chocolate

6g Cocoa

Sprinkle of salt

You’ll also need

Extra Dark Chocolate and Coconut Oil for dipping

Mould and Pop Sticks


Here’s How

  1. Warm the milk and cream gently to about 80C. Take off the heat, and add the chocolate in and whisk quickly. (The sensible way is probably to use the double boil method – melt the chocolate and warm the milk and cream gently and then add together), but I like to live life on the edge….. ) So choose what feels right. You just need to make sure that the milk and cream isn’t too hot and you burn the chocolate, but if it’s too cool the chocolate won’t melt evenly
  2. To the mix add the remaining ingredients – coconut milk, condensed milk, cocoa powder and a sprinkle of salt to taste
  3. Pour evenly into moulds and freeze
  4. When you are ready to unmould fill the sink or a container with warm water and pull on the sticks until they release

Chocolate Top

If you want to dip these in chocolate melt dark chocolate and coconut oil (85:15 ratio).

Once melted, carefully dip the pop in the chocolate. Hold the pop over the choc and let the excess drip off. Before it hardens completely you can dip into the topping of your choice (sprinkles, coconut, nuts, freeze dried raspberries)

Be careful of course not to get any water in it otherwise it won’t work. When you unmould your pops, put them back in the freezer for a while before dipping so there is no moisture on the pops before you dip them.


Let’s Twist

I think this is a good base recipe that you could have some fun and blend to your own taste

  • Richy-Rich: Add more cocoa for a richer, decadent taste
  • Spice it up: Cinnamon, orange zest, chilli.. add a mix of warming spices
  • Zesty: Choc-Orange… one of my favourite combos – I’d add more cocoa, orange zest and a splash of juice for a rich and decadent flavour. You could even dip in chocolate and sprinkle with candied orange zest
  • Peppermint: This calls for more cocoa again and peppermint oil (and/or infused with fresh mint over night)
  • Raspberry: Make a raspeberry coulis (or passionfruit would work well too) and swirl it through when you are pouring into your moulds. Even a cherry compote would be fab.
  • Hot ‘n Spicey:  Ooohh how about choc chilli? You could use something 
  • Rocky Road: Marshmallows, cherries, biscuits mixed through…. yum!

Let me know if you come up with any other delish combos and send me some pics of your creations!

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