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What a great weekend we had! 
Our first official taste testing of our Protein Pops went down a treat at the newly relaunched CAT FIT (Complete and Total Fitness) in Armadale.
To put it mildly, I am quite uncoordinated and over the years have shied away from most forms of exercise (which at nearly 40 I am really starting to regret!)
So suffice to say, I’ve never really been part of a gym crowd, but it was nice to meet such a lovely down to earth group of people, and I could really see the friendship and community vibe. Apart from the obvious benefits of regular exercise, it was such a social place to be. 
The timetable is packed full of HIIT sessions, Jungle Body classes with Mandy, Pilates on the weekend, kids classes .. plus other kinds of sessions I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand. In any case here is the timetable to check out for yourself. 
We didn’t just meet the fine folk of CAT FIT, but met some lovely fellow stallholders too – Like Empowering Chicks (100% of profits go towards educating girls in developing nations. $25 can send a girl in Uganda to school for a months. Such an inspiring business model – more on them later) and Akia Rose (such beautiful activewear…. inspired me to get active!).
Excuse the poor photos.. I wasn’t forward thinking enough to think I would do a blog post!
What a fun day! Sampling our new Protein Pops and getting such a wonderful feedback. 
We ran a competition for someone to win a mixed box of flavours, and Charlotte was our winner. She was the perfect recipient in my mind – the kind of lady I had in mind when I created them. 
I had the idea for Protein Pops a couple of years ago “There doesn’t seem to be many delicious, simple, natural ingredient high protein desserts available – Protein Pops should be a thing!”
I’d another high protein ice cream that I wasn’t really impressed with “Sure it’s high in protein, but it tastes blah” and I thought “I can do better than that!”
But…. I didn’t do anything about it really.
Fast forward to having a baby, juggling a busy business, not much sleep, quite stressed.. in the first few months of being a mum I found I was fuelled by caffeine and donuts (not so great)
I needed these pops!
It took a lot of trial and error but we finally came up with a recipe that ticked our boxes (and the feedback from taste testers)
– tasted delicious 
– simple, natural ingredients (we use a base of bananas, coconut cream, cashews)
– icecreamy texture (as above and with some coconut oil – healthy fats)
– good macro split (we selected xylitol to keep the carbs/sugars down rather than using dates or a different sweetner)
– high quality protein (we used Boomers Whey – high quality, pure whey from a local business. Next stop we’ll be trialling a plant based protein)
Anyway.. ta da! Here they are.
Now I had a “smoothie” on a stick, portion controlled that requires no prep. No noisy blender to wake the baby … as of course the only time I could think about eating was when I’d finally put her to bed .
I could eat with one hand, while working or doing baby related stuff. I felt good afterwards and they were filling (one is a good snack, two equalled “lunch on the run”)
Five great flavours … 12g+ protein
– Choc Peanut Butter
– Choc Vanilla Swirl
– Choc Mint
– Choc Orange
– Berries and Cream
Now there’s an “Icecream” you can eat anytime and know you are filling your body with goodness! Win!
We offered the members of CAT FIT a special 25% discount code to get their freezers topped up before summer … but shhhh…. you can use it too.
Free delivery for orders of $60. 
Enter CATFIT25 in the coupon field in the checkout. 

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