Easy ways to save money at your wedding

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It is no surprise that we vow to stand by each other for richer or poorer considering the fact that financing a wedding can leave a massive hole in our bank account. IBIS World research reports that the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200.

Don’t let the expenses add up to the point where the only people who feel like celebrating are your credit card company. Your wedding day should be a memorable and carefree occasion and the first step om a long and prosperous journey. Take control and bypass the financial headaches by employing some of our tips and tricks.



You don’t need a trench coat, wig or newspaper with eyeholes but you will need to be clever! The Delish Ice team is all about spreading joy at events of any size or nature. However, there are many suppliers out there who raise their prices the moment they hear the ‘W word’. Shop around and request email quotes before specifying that you are planning a wedding. If you’d like a list of lovely vendors that we can promise will look after you, please ask, and we’d love to put you in contact.



Cutting the guest list is the most obvious and straightforward way to reduce costs across the board but it demands a firm and realistic approach. You may choose to invite only close family and your best friends or if you are keen to throw a large wedding ask yourself how disappointed you’d be if a certain guest didn’t invite you to their own wedding. Those that you don’t particularly care about shouldn’t necessarily be on your list.



Couples in Western Australia are lucky enough to have access to a range of beautiful venues that range from natural environments to historical landmarks. Make full use of the sunny city and hold your ceremony at Kings Park, by the Swan River, at a University campus or one of the many iconic beaches that Perth has to offer. The picturesque backdrop makes for great photos and you are not obliged to use a vendor for post-ceremony catering which can save you a lot of money.



There is something about a plate of shrivelling hors d’oeuvres and a glass of warm wine that screams BAD IDEA! Perth couples are fortunate enough not to worry too much about it raining on their wedding day but they are well aware of soaring temperatures and that the last thing you need is for your nanna to get drunk and dehydrated before the reception even begins.
Swap the pricey drinks and canapés and serve your guests Delish Ice Pops while you are on your photo session. The refreshing popsicles, fun music and engaging staff will cool down your guests and create a fun atmosphere for the fraction of the price.


As beautiful as they may be, flowers are one of the elements of wedding decoration that cost the most and last the shortest amount of time. Experiment with settings for larger tables to minimise the number of centrepieces and consider swapping flowers for decorative pieces such as candles and lanterns. Spend a couple of weekends at the markets or scout your local Op Shops for cool items such as romantic music records that can be incorporated into vintage themed centrepiece to complement our memorable 50’s inspired cart or van.


When it comes to wedding cakes, the general rule is: The taller the cake, the bigger the invoice!

Why not order a smaller decorated cake that will be displayed for cutting and serve your guests pieces of a larger sheet cake that is on standby in the kitchen? Cutting half pieces can slash your costs and having some Delish Ice Pops on hand will ensure that all sweet cravings are satisfied (with a broader selection of flavours and a much smaller price tag than a piece of wedding cake!).


You are most likely to wear this dress once in your life. Step away from the bridal magazines and turn off “Say Yes to the Dress”.

Whichever dress you choose, you will look beautiful because you are marrying the man you love and you don’t need to sell your car to convey your satisfaction with French lace and Swarovski crystals! Consider renting a dress, buying preowned or selling your dress after your big day. Nobody needs to know where you got your dress from and you can always make it your own by adding a few elements of beading, ribbon or accessorising.



The thing that makes a fantastic wedding is the memories that are created on the day. There will be an abundance of emotions and anecdotes that will be told for generations to come, as well as wedding photos that will remind you of this special occasion. Swap the expensive photo-booth for a corner with props and wall art, or even better…create fun themed photos in front of our Popsicle van. You can pick up a bunch of vintage gear such as hats, sunglasses and signage from stores such as Good Sammy’s, The Salvation Army Store and Antique market stands for next to nothing. Add to that our fun bubbles, pretty parasols, colourful decorations and staff in costumes and you have the perfect backdrop for a spontaneous and original photo session.


We hope that this blog post has inspired you to get creative and think outside the box. Remember, when the fancy invitations have been thrown into the trash and the flower arrangements are a distant and fuzzy memory, what remains are the moments that delighted and the smiles that were ignited.




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