Strawberry Margarita Popsicle Recipe


Due to popular demand I present to you the Strawberry Margarita Ice Pop recipe I made the other week.

I’m always a little hesitant about giving out recipes per se. Not that I don’t want to share, but I am not really one for following recipes, and usually cook by taste. In this instance, also I’m making slightly larger batches than you would normally do at home.

If you ever make ice pops with alcohol, a good rule of thumb is to remember 1 part alcohol to 12 parts non alcohol (based on spirits). Based on this the classic margarita recipe was never going to work in a popsicle being (1 part lime juice to 3 parts tequila/triple sec). Hence the addition of strawberry, to add flavour and reduce the amount of alcohol in the pop.

Whenever I try to recreate a cocktail into a poptail/cocksicle (I’ll let you choose your preferred name) you just need to think about a couple of questions:

> Does the alcohol contribute much flavour to the cocktail?

> What percentage of the recipe uses alcohol?

> If  you dial down the alcohol content what can you do to mimic that flavour another way? Or do you need to?

Then remembering the 1 part alcohol/12 parts non-alcohol you can take a cocktail recipe and “reverse engineer it”. (At this point I feel like a complete popsicle nerd! Stay with me, though, I just feel it’s better to understand the “why” rather than just posting up a recipe)

So in this case to make 1L of  Strawberry Margarita Pop

You’ll want to have on hand……

Ingredients Notes Rough % Quantities for 1L
Fresh Strawberries By the time you hull them and eat a few, I’d buy about a 1kg 71% 713 grams (buy about 1 kg)
Lime Juice Aaahh… you’re going to ask me how many aren’t you? Who knows. Grab a handful. You’ll use them for something else. Otherwise just freeze any left over and use another time 9% 89mls
Sugar Syrup Being half water, half sugar brought to the boill and cooled 12% 119mls
Tequila Treat yourself and buy the good stuff. I used Espolon – tastes good, great label and use the bottle afterwards as a vase. 6% 60mls
Triple Sec Use Triple Sec or Cointreau 2% 20ml
Orange Have a couple on hand to use at the end if needed
Salt Use the good stuff – no Saxa please!
Lime Zest Zest the limes before you juice them


1. Hull and puree the strawberries

2. Zest the limes and put to one side, squeeze the lime juice

3. Add the sugar and the water to a saucepan, bring to the boil and simmer until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool. In this instance any sugar would be good – white, brown or cane sugar.

4. Combine the strawberries, sugar syrup, lime juice, tequila and triple sec together and taste.

5. At this point you can make adjustments to suit your taste – I added a little salt, and also the zest and juice of an orange as Triple Sec is an orange flavoured liqueur (plus I LOVE strawberry and orange together)

6. When you are happy, pour the liquid into moulds and freeze

7.  Turn the oven on to about 120C put the lime zest on a baking tray in the oven until it dries out. Once that is done mix equal parts salt and zest and put into a small bowl

8. Once the pops are frozen, sprinkle on some lime salt just before devouring.

Although I haven’t tried them, here are some ideas you could try as variations to the recipe

1. Add more tequila and triple sec and make a slushie

2. Replace some or all of the strawberries with watermelon

3. Add some chili to your lime and salt zest


Would love to hear how yours turn out, if the recipe worked, or if you tried any variations.



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Why hate is better than nothing

So I have a confession to make….

If I serve you a pop beneath that smiley, shiny exterior, bubbling away is a touch of anxiety and neurosis about whether or not you like it.

You might hear something like this…. 

“Here you go, one Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime pop. Enjoy!” [Hand over pop]


Inside my head I’m saying

[Hand over pop] “Oh god, I hope you like it. Hope you like it. Hope you like it! Eeep!”


True story. 

If you ever want to torture me, buy a popsicle, preferably with a group of friends, walk away and stand just in front but off to the side of the van, just outside of earshot and eat your pop, chat away but without much emotion. 

If I’m lucky it’ll be busy and I’ll be concentrating on serving the next customer. If it’s not so, (sorry to freak you out) but I’ll try and busy myself in the van, making furtive glances across to your group, trying desperately to ascertain the level of pleasure you are deriving from your popsicle. 

Freaky I know.



I had a revelation the other day at the beach, which I think has gone a long way to subside the anxiety.

Friends and I went to one of my favourite beaches not too far away, and this particular place always has a soft serve van in the carpark. The ritual being jump out of the car, saunter to the beach, slap on sunscreen, splash about in the water, do a little bit of sun baking whilst giggling at people who had forgotten their thongs hot stepping it through the volcanically hot sand, head back to the car park, grab a soft serve and meander home.

So on this day we did all that as per usual, and then fast forward to the icecream van.

We waited in line, debating as to which combination of single/double serve; chocolate, flake, nuts, sherbert, sprinkles we would each choose, trying to work out if anyone would actually order the fruit salad cup and if there was any fruit salad in the van at all, and pondering whether we would be daring enough to try a combination other than our “usual” – I always go a single soft serve with a flake. I leave it for as long as I can in the icecream, take it out, eat the rest of the cone and then eat the cold bit of the flake before it has time to melt .

As we waited in line and we got closer to the front I started to get this unsettling feeling. My eyes narrowed, and I recognised this unsettling feeling as a way of preparing myself for disappointment. I wanted the experience to be fabulous and I knew it wasn’t to be so.

I ordered, and as I was handed my single-soft-serve-with-a-flake, I sighed as walked towards the bench seat my friends were at, looking at this pale, white iceyness atop an insipid, pale cone.

We each ate our icecreams, chit chatting and staring back out to the beach. It was at the moment of eating the cold bit of the flake, that I had my revelation….

There was nothing really to hate about the whole experience, but there was nothing really to like either. The whole experience was devoid of any real emotion.

How sad.

I think that moment, changed the way I have been thinking about the pops I make.

In the first instance, I really, really hope you like them. I hope that reading the menu makes you excited and there are at least three flavours you can’t decide between. Or perhaps there is one flavour that you love and can’t bring yourself to try any other (there are a few of you like that!)

I hope that that first lick or bite (are you a licker or a biter?) makes your taste buds dance and puts a smile on your face. 


In the second instance maybe you don’t like it – perhaps the lemon pop is too sour and you have a sweet tooth, perhaps you taste test the watermelon lemonade and the strawberry lemonade only to be reminded that you’re not a huge fan of watermelon, maybe you decide that you don’t enjoy so much the texture of the toasted coconut in the mango, coconut and lime pop.

I’m ok with that. At least you screwing up your face at the sourness or running your teeth around your mouth to catch the coconut is making you feel something. Everyone is different, and for the one person that hates the sour lemon pop there are ten that love it. So you don’t love that particular flavour, lets move on and find you something you love.

What I am not ok with, and the thing that I dread is that you walk away with a pop in your hand, and you just eat it with out thinking about, and that it does not elicit any kind of emotion. There’s too much food being sold like that around the place, and I don’t want any part of it.


So just to recap, here is a list of possible pop reactions in order of preference.

1. [You taste pop and think] “Holy heck that is amazeballs. That’s the best popsicle I have ever had!” (Yee haw.. job done. Take that Frosty Fruit!)

2. [You taste pop and think] “Eeeep! Woah that Sour Lemon Pop is way too sour for me. I think that just blew my head off.”

Then you say to me “Umm, excuse me, I really don’t like this” and I say to you “That’s ok, we have a deliciousness guarantee – if you don’t love your pop we’ll swap it. Here, have a taste test of this one. What do you think of this flavour……”

3. [You taste pop and think] “Hey, look at that brown dog over there!”

Whatever it is, and however you feel when you try a pop, at least I hope you feel something. Something is better than nothing at all. I think – a feeling – either positive (hopefully) or negative (sorry) is better than standing in line, handing over money and walking away with something to consume that brings you no emotion at all.

Something that has been designed for the masses and therefore something that stands for nothing at all. There’s too much of that around already, and I for one am sick of it!


Much love xxxx

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Ever think the universe is conspiring with you?

What do you think of my new wheels?!


This was an old delivery bike from Boans, which was a department store on Wellington Street, Perth from 1895  to 1986. If your parents or grandparents grew up in or around Perth I bet they’ll have a story to tell, and they probably even had a job there.

I’ve been given caretaker status of this gorgeous old delivery bike that I am going to turn into a pop-cycle cart to take to events, or for weddings, functions, parties and the like. Just need to make a little cooler box for the front and et-voila!

Why I have this is from a bit of a chance encounter (and proof that good things happen when you go out for a drink on a Friday night!) Met up with a friend after her work Christmas party, and her workmate turns to me and says “I have this old bike you can use for your ice pops. Call me next week”. Long story short, the pop-cycle cartis hanging out at home with plans to build a little cooler box   to fit.

Every time I look at her I grin, and it reminds me of a quote from The Alchemist that I reread recently,and think about a lot when it comes to Delish Ice.


When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it


Have you read The Alchemist by Paul Coelho? If you haven’t read it already, I won’t tell you to rush out now and read it. It’s the kind of book that you should read at least once in your life, but it’s also the kind of book that you need to read at the right time too.

There are lots of quotes throughout the book that are uplifting and poignant, but this is the one line that I  keep coming back to. I still think about it often, as almost weekly little things happen to me, chance encounters, offers of kindness, that make me think that the universe is conspiring with me to help me reach my dreams for Delish Ice.

There’s big things like how I was inspired to start Delish Ice, why I even have the popsicle van and now the honour of looking after the pop-cycle. Little things like meeting new people are excited about Delish Ice and who help me make new connections, a chance detour along the Highway and passing an autowrecker where I was able to find a spare rim for the van only to get a flat tyre a week later.  There’s lots of little things like that.

It’s this quote, and all these little things that make me keep moving forward and dreaming big dreams.

Is there something that you really want? Ever get the feeling that the universe is conspiring to help make it happen?


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Happy birthday to Delish Ice!

Today is a reason to celebrate!

Well, actually a couple of weeks ago was a reason to celebrate, but it slipped past me.

Delish Ice is one years old! I guess it all depends on how you count my birthday. There have been a few milestones, along the way like…


  • That light bulb moment in January 2011, inspired by a Donna Hay Magazine
  • Deciding that I could and would make a real go of popsicling and then placing an order for my special freezer and moulds in July 2011
  • Trundling off to my first Margaret River Farmers Markets to sell popsicles for the first time (when I say trundle, my dad actually towed the van down for me)

But let’s mark Saturday November 26 2011 as Delish Ice’s birthday! Which is the first day I trundled down to the markets to sell pops for the first time. A date which I obviously completely missed.

It’s been such an awesome journey. Have to say that I never thought I would grow up and own a popsicle stand, but I am proud to say I do!

Delish Ice has grown from an idea, to a spreadsheet to a van with a little engel freezer holding 100 pops, to a freezer that holds 1500+. Now there’s the van and a couple of popsicle carts run by some amazing popsicle ladies / girls / princesses ….. umm pop stars! Des, Hayley and Nic, you are now Pop-Stars I think! As of yesterday there’s now an awesome vintage tricycle. What a family we are!

We’ve served ice pops all over the South West, Perth and even the North West of WA. In less than a year we’ve been to weddings, Christmas parties, birthday parties, engagement parties, hens parties, family fun days and baby showers. Farmers markets such as the Margaret River Farmers MarketsPalmyra Farmers MarketsSubiaco Farmers Markets and Growers Green in South Fremantle. Music festivals such as SouthboundParklife and soon Breakfest. This week we’ll be at the talented Sharma’s Art Exhibition at Hatched in Perth and next week we’ll be serving up Tiki-Pops for the Red Tiki Christmas Party (fun!!).

Guess what – we’ll be serving pops over the summer at Gracetown/Cowaramup Bay and Hyde Park in Perth near the new water playground!

Ahhh…I love my job!

On this one-ish year anniversary I want to tell you some of my dreams for Delish Ice for the coming few years.  I’ve not really told anyone a lot these dreams but here they are; out in the world now, and to be held accountable to.

I think popsicles can help change the world, and I want to try and leave things a better place for being part of it.

So here are a few of my dreams……

I want everyone that tries a pop to want another one, because they taste so darn delicious. I hate paying good money for mediocre food and good food seems to be the exception not the norm. Why is that? It shouldn’t be. Lets not consume for the sake of consumption, lets consume for nourishment and pleasure, and lets eat “real” food.

I dream of a Delish Ice popsicle cart on every street corner. A little popsicle cart, sitting on green lawn, surrounded by a white picket fence, bubbles floating around, tunes cranking and a lovely, friendly pop-star serving up tasty treats – a little bit of delicious  joy on a stick.

I dream of a fleet of vintage caravans travelling to events all across the country.

I dream of helping popsicle micro-businesses getting off the ground. Laura from Enterprise Learning Projects and I have just been awarded a grant to put a program together to teach interested groups in remote communities how to start and run their own ice pop business. This will be a bit of a work in progress,  but I hope it’s successful and I dream of being able to help other popsicle micro-businesses be set up in developing countries. I do think popsicles can help change the world :) I’ll try and expand on this point one day in the future in another post.

I dream of going on a popsicle tour through the United States and Mexico. I want to go to Mexico, home of the paletas (popsicle), and travel through the US and meet the owners of businesses such as La Newyorkina, Pop-Bar, King of Pops, and Issa from Mompops and Kaileigh from Suck It, Sweets who I really, really, really want to meet one day.

I dream of setting up a mentoring program to nurture the entrepreneurial streak in young “pop-stars”.

I dream of Delish Ice being a household name, known for delicious, tasty ice pops with flavours for adults and kids alike.

I dream of building a successful business, doing amazing things and being in Business Review Weekly (sounds a bit nerdy but it is one magazine that I really love to read and geek out on), being nominated for the 40 under 40 Awards (better put my skates on, I’m not getting any younger!), and as much as public speaking terrifies me, giving an inspiring talk at a Tedx Event.

I want to build a great business that people love to work for, is innovative, provides a great product, with fantastic customer service and something I can be proud of.

Well, that’s a lot of dreams.. I  have more, but I’ll leave them as a suprise!

So now a few thanks need to be said, to everyone that has unwittingly been bought into “Team Popsicle”. My parents and brothers, cousins, uncles and aunties, grand parents, friends, pop-stars and all the new people that I have met along the way. There are too many stories to list everyone, but you all know who you are and what you have done. Thanks to everyone that has stopped past my little popsicle van, visited one of the girls at their pop cart or bought one at a shop.

‘Thank you!

I’ve told you my dreams, what are yours?


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Living fabulously is the best revenge

So let me tell you a story…

I’ve been single a couple of years. Ended a decade old relationship. Walked away from someone who thought I was amazing, loved me unconditionally,
and we had a great time together. As hard as it was, I knew it wasn’t the right thing for me, and it had to end. I really believed that we both had our own separate journeys to go on and that by being together we made up one whole, but actually we should have been two whole people. Does that make sense?

Being single and turning 30 was good for me. Some people get depressed about leaving their twenties, but I just had this feeling that my thirties were going to be great.

I started my own business, something I had always wanted to do, had a great group of friends that I adore both here and in the city, but you know what it’s like when you are single…. you just really want that person to wake up to, to do things with, to talk to …  to love you. So yeah, I wanted that, but those kind of guys down here all seem very few and far between. So I keep pepping myself up with “Katie, just go on your awesome popsicle journey and somewhere unexpectedly you’ll meet him.  Besides, you don’t need a guy to complete you. Just go out in the world and do what you want, and the rest will fall in place.”

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I still want cuddles.

So one Friday night in April, after a crazy but awesome summer, I walk into my dear friends house to pick them up to head out. I’d been working so much that over the summer I’d lost contact with a lot of my friends, so wasn’t really up with what was happening in their lives.

There is a car I don’t recognise in the driveway and as I stride in there is the guy, sitting on the bar stool watching me walk through the front door. We both just looked at each other, and something clicked.

We go talking and I’m standing there, mentally ticking off everything, thinking… “this is too good to be true”.
Confident and chatty – tick
Loves vintage furniture and op-shopping – hello!
Likes camping, making things, fishing, surfing – ooh so manly. Love it. ooh what adventures we’ll have! (Isn’t funny how quickly you start projecting the future!)
Used to be a chef, loves food and wine – cha-ching! Me too! (not the chef thing, the food and wine). Squeal
Has owned his own business – you’re talking my language :)
Just moved over from the east coast – oh yeah, this guy must like adventure.
Reading Hemingway? – oh, stop it! :) Well, i myself have never actually read Hemingway, but I should, and I’d like to, and you are, so that’s like totally fabulous.

And he stops and looks at me after meeting for such a short time and says “you’re a bit different, aren’t you?” – and I think “wow, I think this guy kinda gets who I am”


So, to cut a long story short, we got together pretty quickly, and lets just say I got carried away in what was a fairly intense month or so. In hindsight,  I think I had actually burnt out; I’d been working really, really hard for almost 4 years with very little downtime and summer was crazy. I didn’t have the energy to work, I lost my focus and passion and the next summer was such a long time away. It was awesome doing things with this new guy – cooking, exploring the south west, op-shopping, and hanging out with my friends, and you know what….. just having someone to take care of… can’t help it, it’s the Cancerian in me.  I totally got caught up in it all…. tisk tisk.

I guess there were warning signs… particuarly through my friends who weren’t all that sold on him. And with perspective, I am a firm advocate of “if your friends/family don’t like your partner, there is an extremely strong chance it’s because your partner isn’t actually good for you.” But it can be hard to have that perspective when you really want to be in a relationship. I was also making changes and allowances that I shouldn’t have, but did…tisk tisk.

Anwyay, so it all ended pretty quickly. I’ll spare you the details, but the “relationship” (if you could even call it that) died this kamikaze-suicide-mission death, and in the wreckage of it all, I was left wondering “how did this happen and how did we get here?” and also “I’m AWESOME, how dare you not think that and not want to be around me!”

So I was left moping and folorn for a while and my friends were stuck with “woe is me” conversations, and “let me rehash and reanalyse this situation one more time” . Disturbingly there was at least one phone call of just high-pitched yammering, and not much sense (sorry K).

I was just so angry, mainly at myself I think, because I’d had this dream, the popsicles, and I’d lost my focus, and I’d let my guard down and then he’d just stomped on my heart and discarded me. I was angry with myself for letting this happen and frustrated because I could sit there and rationalise everything and know that this wasn’t right for me, but why was I still so sad. Plus god forbid,  it was only really for six weeks – get over it Katie.

You know what though,  I am actually glad to have had, and am better for the experience. It taught me a lot, and gave me the impetus to try and get to the core of who I am and what I want out of life. It helped realign and refocus.

It was a crappily-good-glad-that-I-had-it experience and it taught me a few things, even just brought back to home a few truths, which I have written down as a reminder.
1. I am really fortunate to come from a place of love. My parents, friends and family love and support me, therefore in turn I am able to love myself, and importantly I can pay this love back to them, and also pay it forward to people I meet. During this time I watched a TED talk on the Power of Vulnerability. It’s ok to open your heart, and be vulnerable, you just need to know that you might get hurt, but you know, it’s ok.  >> Watch the TED talk

2. Don’t think that there is someone out there that will complete you. You need to be a whole person yourself. One day you’ll meet a whole person and you’ll click and fall in love, and you’ll do amazing things in the world together. >> Read this great article by Colin Wright on “relationship maths”.

3. Even if you don’t want to believe it, don’t try and ignore those feelings when you know it’s wrong. You know when you’re not happy or when someone is pushing you away. It’s really hard, and I couldn’t even do it this time but try and muster the courage, stand up tall and walk away. >> Read this short article on Thought Catalog about when you just know it’s all wrong.

4. Don’t settle for someone that isn’t amazing. As random as it is, I was watching a TED talk about this guy who gave up his dream job to help clean up the BP oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico and it  made me realise that there are amazing people doing amazing things out there. Don’t focus on losing someone who has their own small, unhappy world, just get out there make your own mark on the world and interact with amazing people. >> Watch the talk

5. If you have plans, and then you meet someone and you start to change those plans…. Don’t do it! I am really grateful we were only together for a short time, otherwise embarassingly and regretfully I would not have been able to go (and survive) on a glamping trip of a lifetime with a great friend, nor would I be about to head off on  a fabulous adventure to East Timor, and I might not have such an awesome summer planned.

6. I’ve never really done this whole dating thing, as I was 19 when I got into my first relationship that lasted 10 years, but since being single and with this encounter I think that whole “women are so complicated and crazy” is bollocks. I say “we wouldn’t appear so crazy if you boys didn’t make us crazy!” Not all of you of course, a lot of you are lovely and well adjusted. But some of you aren’t either, and you all need to be put on an island together with a fence around it and just fed carrots.

7. If you are going through a break up, or just feel like you are never go and meet someone, just  keep doing your own thing. Go and have an adventure (see #5), or or join or start a community project, or do a course or something. Anything. Anything that puts a smile on your face, and makes you stand taller and reminds you to love yourself and that you are awesome.

8. I know sometimes you feel like you are alone, but you’re not really are you? You are surrounded by amazing friends and family who love you. And now I think you should tell them in person how you feel, or drop them an email or send a text. Too shy, or want to suprise them? Try this. Thanks to my friends and family for putting up with my melodrama…. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

9. The best revenge is living fabulously. Just get out there and live your life, and have fun, be vulnerable, open yourself up to love, give back to people, be kind and caring, laugh a lot, surround yourself with friends and family who love you, and learn to respect yourself. Just go out today, and live your own fabulous life that is “full of passion, and worthied of being storied” and things will unfold in time. Have faith.

But today, if it all just seems too much – listen to this.… as many times as you need. Trust me, you’ll be fine….. just breath.

(Oh, and if worse comes to worse, I recommend medicating with cheese and champagne, whilst wearing a fabulous dress and red lipstick)



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Flower popsicles!

A friend of mine posted this picture on my facebook page the other day of these beautiful flower popsicles and I immediately fell in love. What an awesome idea for a vintage inspired wedding, tea party or a little girl’s birthday party.

Courtesy of Marla Meredith of


Thanks to our friends at wikipedia here’s a little list of flowers that could be used. The other thing to be mindful of, is of course what they would actually taste like. These popsicles have to taste as delightful as they look of course.

Flower Taste Colour
Apple blossoms Floral White to pink
Borage Sweet, honey-like Lilac
Camomile Sweet apple White
Carnation Sweet clove Variety
Chrysanthemum Strong Variety
Citrus blossoms Citrus White
Daisies Mildly bitter Pink
Elderflower Floral White
Hibiscus Mildy Citrus Rose, red
Japanese Honeysuckle Sweet White to pale yellow
Jasmine Floral White
Lavender Varies Lilac
Marigold Slightly Bitter Yellow, orange
Nasturtium Sweet, peppery Variety
Pansies Vegetal Variety
Rose petals Perfumed Variety
Tulips Vegetal Variety
Violets Sweet, perfumed Purple, white
Woodruff Sweet, nutty, vanilla White


Leaves such as basil, thyme and sage would also be good to add a bit of greenery, and a bit of flavour too.

Hhhmmmm…. so I wonder what kind of flavours I could make. Best to keep the popsicle as transluscent as possible to show off the flowers. I’m thinking fruit and flavours along the lines of

  • Watermelon
  • Lychee
  • Ice Tea
  • Rose water and orange blossom water
  • Home made cola – I made some popsicles one day based on a recipe like this. So maybe you could add citrus blossoms and lavender to compliment the ingredients
  • Mojito popsicles (!)
  • Lemon or lemonade
  • Hibiscus – popular Mexican flavour
  • Coconut water
  • Boozey pops – I’ve made some lovely gin & tonic and also summer pimms punch studded with finely diced strawberries, mint, peach and cucumber

I’m sure there are more flavours that would go together. It’s just  hard to come up with a l0t of inspiration when outside it’s pouring with rain and I am huddled by the heater.

Bring on summer and chance to try these out properly I say!


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Oranges, pineapple and limes, oh my!

It’s cold and blustery outside this morning, but inside I’ll be making some Orange, pineapple and lime ice pops for Yahava Koffee, Margaret River. They’ve been stocking Delish Ice ice pops, and I expected for it to be pretty quiet over winter, but they just keep on selling. Must be lots of kids impervious to winter.

Orange, pineapple and lime was a winner over summer. Sweet from the oranges with that zesty hit from the lime. Today, I’ve got some beautiful juicy local oranges from my neighbourhood grocer the Fruity Cow and some beautiful limes from a biodynamic, 30 year orchard in Margaret River. Happy days.

As the season rolls on, I want to use this blog as a way of finding out more and more about the ingredients I use and I hope that you find the information useful too. So here goes.

Quick facts about oranges

  1. There are generally 6 oranges to a kilo
  2. 1kg of oranges make about 500ml of juice
  3. When choosing oranges, try and find the ones that feel heaviest in your hand. They usually are the juiciest. Less weighty oranges usually mean that they will be a lot drier and/or lacking sweetness… blah!
  4. Avoid using the white pitch between the skin and  the flesh. The pith gives a really bitter flavour that you can’t disguise
  5. Once an oranges once juiced, detoriate very quickly, so squeeze fresh when you need it and use it right away.
  6. Don’t just throw away the skin, it is full of flavour – try zesting and use in the recipe that you are making, or freeze and use later. Otherwise zest, make a heavy sugar syrup and turn into candied orange…. to die for! See a recipe here. I love candied orange, drizzled in dark chocolate. They’d make a great little present, if you have enough will power not to eat it all yourself!

Quick health facts about oranges

  1. We all know oranges are high in Vitamin C. One orange can give you 60% of daily recommended intake. Why is Vitamin C important? Well, for many reasons! Growth and repair of the body’s tissues, helps with iron absorption, is an antioxidant, and can help reduce the formation of carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer. Read more here.
  2. Oranges also contain good levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is important in maintaining good eyesight, healthy skin, supporting the immune system and producing red blood cells.
  3. They are a good source of fibre, and we all know why that’s good. One orange can provide up to 12.5% of daily recommended fibre intake.
  4. It is reported that the nutritional benefits of oranges can aid in the reduction of ulcers, stomach cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis and protect respitory health.

So what are you waiting for…. grab an orange.

Oranges are just so versatile and when the weather starts to warm up again, I have had a quick brain storm about other flavour combinations and ice pop recipes I would like to try with oranges.

  • Dark chocolate and orange and spices – this flavour combination is one of my all time favourites! Dark chocolate and cocoa mixed with orange juice and zest and spices such as cinnamon, star anise and maybe even chill – either hot or something smokey like a chipotle chilli. Yum!
  • Orange and spiced pumpkin – we made this last season too and it was a bit of a winner. It was a little hard convincing people to try a popsicle with pumpkin in it, but the pumpkin gave a smooth silky feel and weigh, and the orange complimented the sweetness of the pumpkin and gave it a lift.
  • Orange and strawberry – this combination just sings of summer. Bring it on I say!
  • Orange and thymeI think this would make a beautiful ice cold drink and go equally as well as an ice pop. I think the savoury characteristic of the thyme would compliment the orange, and perhaps even better lemon thyme.

I am sure there are lots more combinations, so if you have any ideas, let me know! Otherwise, that’s enough pontificating for me, and to the kitchen I go!



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My favourite popsicles!

Spiced amber jewel plum and orange popsicles….. how do I love thee? … let me count the ways!

Did I tell you that I love this flavour. As I write this, I am on to my second in about 10 minutes. This picture is of the first one I ate today, and as I write this I have another one in my hand.

The other week I sourced some beautiful amber jewel plums from Dianne and Jim, down in Manjimup. I deseeded them and put the flesh into a saucepan with a touch of water and sugar and cooked until soft. I then blended and sieved the flesh to give a silky smooth texture.

Next I juiced oranges that I sourced from a grower in Nannup, not long picked fresh off the tree.

I infused star anise, cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, lime zest, lemon zest and orange zest in a simple sugar syrup, and then mixed the orange juice, plum flesh and sugary syrup.

The sourness of the plums balanced with the sweetness of the oranges and the components of the sugar syrup complimented the fruit and gave the popsicle an interesting twist.

Not sure of exact quantities of everything as I didn’t write anything down. Sorry! I also work on larger quantities than you would make at home.

Give it a try though – I’m certain if you just go with instinct you’ll create something tasty.

The amber plums are coming to the end of their season, so I might have missed my chance to make any more this year, but next year they’ll be out in force.


If you do make a batch, please email me and let me know how you go.

And I finish this post as  I finish the second popsicle, and I’m off for a third (please don’t tell anyone!)






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Weddings and Popsicles

Dear friends were married at the weekend. One of those amazing couples that you just know will be together forever. It was such a lovely day. It had been quite cold and overcast the few days leading up to the wedding, but as if on cue, the clouds parted, the sun was shining and there was a soft breeze floating about.

Quite conveniently the wedding happened to be in my parents lovely garden, so it was just a quick trip down the stairs and into the garden as we waited for the brides arrival. The reception was held at Studio Bistro in Yallingup. If you get the chance, head there for lunch one day as the food is amazing and they have consistently been getting rave reviews.

Delish Ice made an appearance too; serving the guests popsicles after the ceremony. The bride and groom even played shop too, serving the guests.

If you’d like Delish Ice at your next wedding or event, please get in contact as we’d love to hear from you.

Katie – 044 889 7717 –







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Apricot and Coconut Popsicles

This is a recipe as demanded requested by my lovely friend Kate. Apricots supplied by my lovely friend Susan.

Oh what lovely friends I have!

After taking delivery of some apricot pulp from local producers Hugh and Andree, Kate was reminded of some ‘awesome apricot and coconut ice cream she once had’. Being guided by the principle that when Kate’s happy I’m happy ;) I whipped up a batch last night.

Perhaps apricot and coconut does seem like a strange combination, but when you think about it not so much. Apricot goes well with almonds and pistachios and coconut (especially toasted) also has that lovely nuttiness to it.

I recently saw a recipe for whipped coconut cream, and stored the idea away wanting an excuse to use it. So this was the perfect timing.

The idea was to cook the apricot pulp, whip the coconut cream until it was light and fluffy and then gently fold through with toasted coconut. It worked!

I apologize in advance for the lack of measurements. I’m the make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of girl. If you are the kind that prefers a recipe with exact measurements then…. sorry! I would say today’s the day you liberate yourself, be a devil, go a little off piste, and trust yourself and your taste buds. :)

Plus, it all depends on how many you want to make and how big your moulds are. Lets just say using one can of coconut cream will make about 2 cups of whipped cream. We want more of an apricot flavour than coconut, so lets work on 4-5 cups of pulp. A handful of toasted coconut just to add some texture, and just a touch of sugar to sweeten the apricots. Exactly how much you need depends on your taste and also the apricots.

Click for full size

Apricot and Coconut Popsicles

You’ll need

  • Ripe, delicious apricots. If you are using one can of coconut cream you’ll want to make 3-4 cups of apricot pulp.
  • Toasted shredded coconut
  • Can of coconut cream (go for the good stuff that is just coconut cream. Avoid the ones with thickeners and emulsifiers. You deserve to spend the extra $1 on yourself)
  • Sugar (optional if you want to be healthy, but the apricots usually need it to balance out their tartness)
To make:
Apricot Pulp 
Discard the seed and put the flesh in a saucepan, throw in a bit of water and some sugar.
Cook the pulp, be careful not to cook on high and turn it jammy. You just want to concentrate the flavour and get a good balance of sweetness and tartness. When it tastes delicious you know you’ve done your job right.
Set aside to cool.
Toasted Coconut
Turn the oven on to 150C. Spread the shredded coconut in a thin, even layer on a baking tray.
Put into oven, checking occasionally to shake the coconut and make sure that it is toasted through evenly.
Alternatively, you could do the same in a frying pan.
Whipped coconut cream
Put the can of coconut cream in the freezer for 1 -2 hours along with the beaters of a mixer. Be careful taking it in and out of the freezer. You want to get the water and the cream separated, so don’t agitate it too much.
Open the can and spoon out the cream into the mixing bowl. Take the beaters out of the freezer. Beat until soft peaks form. Don’t overbeat, or you will turn it back into liquid.
Set aside in the fridge until ready to use.
To make the popsicles
Get a clean bowl and add the pulp. Gently fold through the whipped coconut cream and the toasted coconut. This will give you a light, fluffy, souffle-like mixture. If you don’t want to waste the leftover coconut water, add that in too. Taste the mixture and add some sugar if necessary.
When you are happy with the mixture, carefully spoon/pour the mix into popsicle moulds. Don’t have popsicle moulds? Then use some shot glasses or the like.
Wait patiently until frozen …. then eat!
(a dash of Armaretto in the mix would be divine too)
If you try these out, please tell me what you think . I’d love to hear your feedback.


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