Local Business Spotlight – Fashion Label Ava

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Since starting Delish Ice a few years ago, and doing the rounds of all the markets and events, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely, talented entrepreneurs and creatives. I find being around people that have an idea burning so brightly in them that they take action to bring that idea to the world – with all the hard work, anxiety and satisfaction that comes with it – so motivating and inspiring that I wanted to bring to you their personal stories.

Now, let me introduce you to Petra. Oh Petra! The talent lass behind local fashion label Ava.

One of the sweetest, loveliest ladies you ever did meet. You know the kind of person that radiates warmth, makes you instantly smile in their presence, is a kind hearted soul – yep she’s one of those people. Who also happens to be crazy talented in creating fashionable, flattering dresses that make you feel fabulous (and a lot of compliments too!), which are sold under her label Ava.

In fact, I have quite a collection of Petra’s dresses in my wardrobe. What do I love about them? Every design is super flattering, I love the bold and bright fabrics, they all have POCKETS!

I cannot tell you how much I love this feature. I can do away with dragging my bag around and have everything I need right there. I can hide some 50c pieces in there when I need to serve y’all super fast. My keys, so I don’t lose them when I am dropping and picking up the pop van. Money for my market treats. Oh pockets… how I love thee. Thank you Petra, thank you!

Ava in fact is Delish Ice’s “official uniform provider” aka the person we turn to for beautiful dresses that match our vintage style.

HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowTell us about your business?
Is there something significant behind the name?

AVA is a women’s wear label designed in Perth with a focus on providing quality and versatile garments at affordable prices.

I first started my women’s wear label as Petra Vanessie, which was my own name then changed it to AVA in late 2014.
I was ready for a re-brand, reflecting my own personal maturing and belief in the possibility of achieving my dream through my small business.
AVA is a cut out of my name….the last letter of my first name and the first two of my last name. In Latin it also meant to fly or to take flight. A friend commented that it was perfect as it was time I let these babies of mine fly away as I took them overseas to the Asian market.

What made you start? What is your vision and dreams for your future and your business?

I started in 2010, after years of working within the corporate sector I decided to not renew my contract one day and when my boss asked me what will I do instead, the first thing that came into my head was “make dresses!”

So I left everything behind, lived with my grandma in Jakarta, who used to be a dress maker and learnt how to sew, source fabric and met amazing women who are widows or stay at home mums who I wanted to help and work with in terms on providing gainful employment.

I came back to Australia in 2011 and since then have been developing my label through markets, online stores, wholesale and more markets. My focus has been selling directly to women, without the add on costs!

My vision is to be able to take AVA overseas to Asia. I’ve been doing fashion week rounds in Asia through the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts and have plans to open, one day, a mini warehouse mall, collaborating with other designers, foodies, book lovers and musicians to offer a different retail experience.


HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowWhat are some of your favourite products at the moment?

My favourite products at the moment are my spring/summer collection called Colours of the East which was recently showcased in Hong Kong Fashion Week.

How can we buy them?

They’re going to be available for purchase in September but you can pre-order them online now.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

For me it means realising something that’s missing and providing an innovative and different and exciting solution to fill that gap.

I think I am a mix of entrepreneur, worrier, strategic person, accountant, social media poster etc. You have to be when you are building something you believe in!

What does “amazing customer experience” mean to you and how does that show in your business?

It means listening and really caring about your customers and the community you operate in.
I show that in my business by sticking to commitment to quality, affordability and versatility to both my customers and producers. It might have meant in the past, making decisions that are not financially beneficial but definitely morally right.

Tell us about your biggest success? Proudest moment with the business

First time I applied for Hong Kong Fashion Week and got accepted then designing a small capsule collection and flying off to fashion week in 2014, not knowing how it all really works but just giving it a go! And loving the experience, challenges and opportunities.

HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowTell us about a challenge in your business you overcame

I followed the stereotypical way to get ahead in fashion, through volume and also wholesale. I wanted to make life easier or think I could win by doing less work so I started to wholesale.

I didn’t set up myself properly and didn’t do my research well and write down the pros and cons and realised it meant that I would have less to do with my customers, the community who have supported me so far.

It didn’t feel great and I loss some time, funds and probably credibility from going ahead and wanting to prove that I could do what every other brand can do when in reality I should have just done things my own way and stand up for what I belief instead of what I was expected to do to be considered successful!

If you could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would that be?

Don’t give up! If you believe in what you’re doing, don’t give up. If the motivation is missing, take a break from your business and do something else for a distraction

If you could give some words of support to a fellow business owner who is struggling with motivation or self confidence right now, what would that be?

For me, it helps to put things into perspective and makes me realise how much I don’t want to give up everything I’ve build and done. It helps me to reconnect with the “why” I started to do this in the first place.

What things do you think you’re amazing at in your business?

I think I am good at telling a story – what happens behind the scenes and what is a designer’s life really like??!

What things do you not like doing, or wish you knew more about?

I don’t like putting myself out there too much – I wish I had more self esteem but that’s part of the reason why I want to continue to build AVA because it takes me out of my comfort zone and take risks, jump at opportunities, trust myself to make big decisions!

Tell us some of your own favourite local business owners / brands!

I love the Perth creative community. The men and women who help each other by giving advice, solving problems together and lend a shoulder or an ear when the going gets tough.

Some of them include – Megan from Littlesweet Baking, Patricia Fernandes, Amy from Kookery, Justine from Perth Upmarket, Holly from Holly Barker Millinery, Mei from Turban Chopsticks, Simon Hart, Amanda from Dames and Divas, Delish Ice (of course!!!), K Gets Organised, Little Sketchy and so so many more!! Sorry if I didn’t get everyone here!



Established in 2011 in Australia, the label has grown to become a ‘go-to’ provider of beautiful garments for women in Australia.

Inspired by ageless elements of days gone by and infused with the needs of modern comfort an AVA piece is confidently selected by a lady when she wants to amaze and feel amazing.

petra@ava-design.com / ava-design.com

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Meet Meast – Perth’s Middle Eastern Street Food Truck

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When I started Delish Ice a few years ago, there weren’t too many gourmet food trucks around. I’d love to say that I was a trendsetter, but it’s totally not the case! It was more a case of practicality with the thought “ummm….. I am going to have to find a trailer or something to put the freezer on to drag around to events…” …. and then we stumbled across Poppy – the sweetest little vintage van in the West – and the rest is history!

Who would have thought that a few years later, we’d see a fleet of gourmet food vans sweeping through Perth, plating up a smorgasbord of treats for all you hungry, good food loving folk out there (thank you!)

These Food Truckers are a hard working, wonderful bunch, usually dishing up food so fast it can be hard to meet our customers one on one and get to know each other.

I thought  this blog would be a good chance to show case some of the gourmet talent bubbling around. Last time we shone the spotlight on Tex Mex masters Rancho Sombrero and this time I have the honour of introducing you to Sandra from Meast. Perth’s freshest Middle Eastern Food Truck. You can also read more about her story that recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tell us about your approach to food?

Our approach is to make food that is full of flavour and that has no hidden nasties. Most of our dishes are made from scratch including our sauces and our mission is to cater to our customers no matter their dietary requirements.

 Example of items found on your menu?

Halloumi, Chicken, Beef Kofta, Falafel sandwiches in a turkish bun or gluten free wrap, sweet potato fries, arabic rice called hashwe.Meast-Foodshot

Why did you start your food truck? Why not a restaurant? Why at all?

I have been passionate about food for as long as I can remember. I knew starting a restaurant needed a lot more investment and to be honest I like the idea of going to different locations it keeps life interesting! I went into the food industry after working for many years in journalism then social media, I had enough of being in an office and working for someone else so I took matters into my own hands!

Any plans for the future you’d like to share?

We definitely want to start selling our harissa sauce in bottles and potentially in supermarkets, we’ve had quite a few requests to do it so we want to give people what they want.

Any favourite locations, events or regular gigs? Do you have any regular trading spots?

I love most of my events, the Food Truck Rumble was insane but we felt such a sense of achievement by the end of it. Meast-FoodtruckWe also had an amazing time at Global Beats & Eats just because it was so nice to be able to listen to the music we love and serve people at the same time. We are currently at Bayswater StrEats and Curtin’s Park’d Programme and will soon be at Inglewood on Beaufort when it starts up again among others.

Do you do corporate catering jobs? Weddings?

We sure do and we can sit down with people and discuss exactly what they want.

If someone was to ask you for a quote, what kind of information is helpful?

We would need to know how many people would be attending, whether they want the food to be on trays, buffet style or window service.

Do you meet up with clients for a tasting if they request?

Of course! Just give us a call or an email and lets meet!


Meast – Middle Eastern Street Food

Middle Eastern Food

Meast is a mobile street food trailer delivering high quality, fresh Middle Eastern food with a twist. Catering to a number of diets.

Nitty Gritty: The trailer is just over 5m in length, 2.4m height, 2.4m wide. We have our own inbuilt generator and are usually powered by 2 x15amps.

040 892 4027

info@meast.com.au / meast.com.au

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Quick and easy parties in the park

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When people talk about Perth and WA in general the one thing that is always agreed upon is how beautiful the scenery is and how stunning the weather is. I lived in London for a few years, and I always remember the celebratory feeling in the air, when the temperature hit 24C, and there were hints of blue skies. Picnics in the parks, walks along the river, drinks in the beer gardens and general happy happy good times.

Here in WA, it’s like “Eh, 28C clear blue skies and a light breeze. Well that’s the 33rd day in a row. Seen better. Just another day in paradise!”. *shrug*

We’re pretty fortunate aren’t we?

So if you are charged with organising your staff christmas party, family day, or perhaps a birthday party it makes sense to take it outside.

A party in the park, a BBQ by the beach, or gathering by the river is the perfect venue.

7 best things about celebrations in the sunshine

  1. Usually cheap or minimal hire fee
  2. Lots of space to relax and play in
  3. Play outdoor games or have some fun activities planned to get everyone mingling and laughing
  4. Inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking venue
  5. Sunshine! The best way to naturally but a smile on people’s faces and a spring in their step!
  6. Create any atmosphere you want – fancy and formal to casual, simple and fun
  7. Easy to make it the more the merrier – extend the invitation to partners and family

Essential planning considerations

  1. Location – are there toilet facilities? Some shade would be great. Do you need to seek permission or book an area? (below is a selection of locations and hiring information)
  2. Catering –  check with caterers if they need power or access to the site
  3. Seating
  4. Plan some activities, fun and games
  5. Attendee organisation
  6. Extra bits and bobs –  don’t forget a few extra things like garbage bags, hand towels, sunscreen, water and refreshments to make the day roll on sweetly.


Sure, there’s lots of great options out there, but you want to make things easy on yourself don’t you? Heard of decision fatigue? When you make a decision you’re using up the supply of mental energy you have for the day – kind of like the way that you can only lift a weight so many times before your muscles give up on you.


1. Location, Location, Location


Central(ish) South of the River Coastal Further Afield
Kings Park Heathcote Reserve Trigg Beach Whiteman Park
 Matilda Bay Point Walter City Beach Araluen Botanical Gardens
Supreme Court Gardens Leighton Beach
South Perth Foreshore South Beach


2. Food, Glorious Food!

Main Course

Trust me with these picks, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I have to admit I’m a bit of food snob and these guys I promise deliver the goods.

Me and Mabel

What can I say. Wendy from Me and Mabel is a culinary genius! Her on going desire to evolve her passion has seen her in the kitchen’s of some of Perth’s finest culinary establishments – El Publico, Co-Op Dining, Millbrook Estate. Her ethos of “food from scratch” delivers a delicious, thoughtful menu.

While she can cater for a variety of styles, speak to her about her picnic basket catering options  – picnic baskets full up of delectable goodies, laid on picnic rugs and alongside  plum cushions all ready as your guests arrive.

Delicious, picnic style food for your guests graze and share together.

Wendy / 0423 121 489 / Email / Facebook / Website / Image Credit: Jessica Shaver

Simply Paella

Tapping into their spanish heritage and Paul’s expertise as a trained chef who previously worked at some of Sydney and Perth’s best restaurants, you can be guaranteed to be eating some of Perth’s best paella. Order a pan or two, with a choice of two flavours or ask about their tapas menu for a selection of tasty morsels.Simply Paella

After savoury of course comes sweets, and you know we’d love to help to be a part of your day. Apart from a delectable selection of pops – from  fruity, refreshing flavours to creamy dessert style pops, you can be guaranteed that t
here’ll be a flavour for anyone. Our setups come complete with swingin’ tunes and bubbles which add to the festivities of the day. We
also have a range of outdoor games to bring along for you to enjoy. Just mention this blog post when you making a booking for a free games upgrade.

If you want to bring more delight to the party, speak to us about our special pops engraved with “winner” (or an inscription of your choice) to award prizes at random…. or even how about a popsicle eating competition for something unique!
Paul / 0410 609 940/ Email / Facebook / Website

Sweet Treats

Delish Ice

You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you! Stay with me though….Whole Cart n Caboodle

Hand crafted pops (made with love), served to your guests from our cute ice pop carts or vintage
vans – complete with bubbles for whimsy, swinging 50’s tunes for extra festivity and accompanied by one of our lovely ladies dressed in
vintage attire to serve your guests with a smile.

Perfect refreshment on a warm, sunny day or a delectable dessert option for after your meal. Lots of crowd pleasing favourites on the menu to choose from that will delight kids and adults alike (plus many options to satisfy anyone with food intolerances or avoidances).

Want to contact us…. just fill in the form on the right of this page or give me a bell on 044 889 7717.

3. Seating & Sun Protection

Keep it simple and relaxed.Picnic Rugs - Me and Mabel

Picnic Rugs, cushions, that’s all you need really. Want to save yourself another thing to organise, Me and Mabel’s picnic set up comes with handmade rugs and cushions. Otherwise Her Hand Picked Harvest has a selection of handcrafted goodness.

Wanting a little more than trees for shade? Hire Society has market umbrellas for hire – but please be a little mindful of the wind and that the umbrellas are secured. The wind can cause havoc!

Image from Me and Mabel’s Beer Picnic (beer and food matching)

4. Activities

Games are an easy way to set a fun and relaxed tone, and get everyone laughing and interacting.

We have outdoor games such as bocce, croquet, giant jenga (and we even have a giant handmade scrabble board!).

You could also get teams together (or compete individually) with “Minute to Win It” style games scheduled throughout the day, and winners awarded prizes at the end (we can bring along some parcels of pops for the winners to take home or supply vouchers that they can use later in summer).

5. RSVP’s and Organisation

What’s the easiest way to keep all your RSVP’s together? Why not use Wufoo or Google Forms and create a quick survey. Send out an invitation to your guests, that contains a link to your form. Have them complete the form with their name, mark if they are attending or not, if they are brining anyone along and their names, and even food allergies. This will save you the time of transferring responses from email to a spreadsheet and will have all the info neatly collated.

Smart ways to use these surveys

  • Food Preferences – collect allergen information or menu selection for catering purposes
  • Ask for the details of anyone else they are brining. Easy way to keep track of numbers

Here is a quick example. An effortless way to collect all the information you need to make organisation easy.

Quick ‘n Easy Plan

  1. Choose a date
  2. Select a venue and seek permission
  3. Estimate number of guests and get quotes for catering – Me & Mable, Simply Paella, Delish Ice
  4. Create RSVP Questionnaire, and send out email invitation with link
  5. Organise games (just ask us) or activities
  6. [Optional] Order picnic rugs and shade
  7. Select catering options
  8. [One to two weeks out] Reconfirm numbers with your caterers
  9. [Week of] Go shopping for garbage bags, hand towels, sunscreen, water and refreshments

Too easy right!


Perth Food Truck Spotlight with Rancho Sombrero Tex Mex

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First truck of the rank, so to speak is Rancho Sombrero Tex Mex, by burrito folder extraordinaire Mike Thompson.

Mike and his little bright green van burst onto Perth’s burgeoning food truck scene in 2014 after a serendipitous turn of events released him from the chains of his “boring office job” .

Mike and his green team have been serving up Tex Mex staples such as jumbo burritos, beef brisket quesadillas, soft corn tacos and nachos at all the big street festivals and markets throughout Perth, and regular trading locations in South Perth, Bayswater and Curtin Uni.

Rancho Sombrero Text Mex

Mike, what’s your approach to food?

Texas BBQ slow cooked juicy meats, served with salsas made with fresh local produce, in quality imported tortillas and tacos. With the exception of a couple of imported ingredients (like black beans), we make everything fresh every week, and our meat cooks for up to 36 hours following the Texas BBQ manifesto (slow and low).

Why did you start your food truck? Why not a restaurant? Why at all?

I was offered a redundancy from a boring office job after 22 years, and the timing (mid-2014) was perfect for getting into the business. This meant we could learn as we went, starting small and refining our menu and service, without too many overheads.

Any plans for the future you’d like to share?

My plan for the 2015/2016 season is to take my hands off the reins more, allowing others to run the van so that we can do more events. 

Expect to see the little green van out most days of the week!

Tell us one of your best memories since starting the business?

The camaraderie between vendors has blown me away – from sharing food around at the end of every event, to loaning each other gear, sharing tips on upcoming events and locations, and just chatting about how to do things better.

Any favourite locations, events or regular gigs? Do you have any regular trading spots?

South Perth StrEats was fantastic!

Seeing an underutilised location with amazing evening views of the city grow from a few locals to big crowds turning up every night with their families on picnic rugs, boats pulling in for a feed, and people pulling off the freeway to see what was going on.

The support from the City of South Perth was great, with promotion and flexibility to allow the vans to find the best fit for the location over time.

In coming months Rancho Sombrero will be trading at Bayswater StrEats (Bert Wright Park on King William Street), Curtin University, Inglewood on Beaufort, Maylands Hawkers Markets, plus hopefully other regular spots that are in the works.

Do you do corporate catering jobs? Weddings?

Of course! Please get in touch!

Our menu features dishes like our famous 36hr slow cooked beef brisket quesadillas;  soft corn tacos with fillings such as pulled pork and pickled pineapple, smoked mushroom, baja fish; rancho nachos and platters to feed hungry crowds.

If someone was to ask you for a quote, what kind of information is helpful?

Here is our function menu which outlines some of the things people need to consider when booking a food van for a function:

“Please bear in mind that a Food Van is not a commercial Kitchen. Most food is prepared to order, and most dishes take between 45 seconds to a minute to serve. Therefore, if 90 people order at once, some could be waiting up to an hour and a half to be fed. We would suggest considering our platters for larger gatherings, or ensuring additional food vans are booked for larger functions.”


Rancho Sombrero Tex-Mex

Mexican Food

Handmade authentic Tex-Mex delivered fresh to the streets of Perth and Fremantle.

0403 762 366

ranchosombrero@gmail.com / ranchosombrero.com.au

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What would happen if you started playing with your business?

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How are things going with your business today? This week? Month? Year?

Are you jumping out of bed each morning, enthused and pumped with energy? Are you able to maintain that flow consistently? Or does it feel like a bit more of a fight? A battle sometimes?

Frustrated because you work so hard, and you try so hard, but that magical day when everything suddenly clicks together in pure perfection just hasn’t quite arrived?

I know how you feel. Honestly, I have the best job in the world. I mean essentially, I get to create pops in fantastic flavour combos, head out to events, weddings, festivals, markets and corporate functions in the sunshine with my little blue vintage caravan, Poppy, get frocked up in beautiful vintage-style dresses by my friend Petra, and sling our ice pops to so many lovely people and make them smile.

Freaking awesome right?


But the thing was for me (and some of you have heard me talk about this before) was the excitement from when I initially began the business, eventually gave way to the forms, paperwork and mountains of emails, coupled with the high expectations I placed on myself and thus working myself into exhaustion (again).

I’m here again in Bali over winter, enjoying the sunshine, working on Delish Ice business remotely, yoga, spending time with amazing people and having interesting conversations with inspiring people, dissecting and exploring different perspectives.

On Monday, 12pm sharp, stomach rumbling and brain scattered, I hustled out of the co-working space (Hubud, Ubud, Bali) where I’ve set up camp and fortuitously bumped in Laurie.

A lovely lady I’d met a few days earlier, an experienced masseuse who’d discovered a new modality (I won’t go into detail, but if you are interested check out Access Consciossness and Bars Clearing)

We got talking about how she’d spent the an afternoon with a mutual friend, dissecting our friend’s new business idea and working out the best direct to proceed in order to help as many people as possible and provide the most value. This was followed by an actual session with her, in what is called “Clearing the Bars”

Did I want to do something similar?

“Sure!” I jumped at the chance. The chance to talk about Delish and throw some ideas around, followed by a one hour session where you lie on a bed whilst someone holds the back of your head, touching various points, and at the end of the hour you leave feeling relaxed, blissed out, totally positive, excited about life, the possibilities and the future.

Yep, that “To Do” list can wait.

We lunched, and chatted and made our way back to the Yoga Barn and found a comfy space to relax into and chat.

Now here’s the “Woo Woo” alert. If you’re into the hard and fast business advice that is all through the mainstream media and recommended book list, maybe dip out now…. or stay… here’s a new perspective to consider.

For those of you that love your business, but at the same time are feeling a bit frustrated because you’ve lost the love a little but want it back, and are open to a little bit of spirituality-woo-woo, try this on for size.


Choose light and expansive

Laurie began

“Ok, so in Access Consciouness we believe we are all energetic beings and we should be moving towards anything that is full of love, light, ease and joy and is expansive. We should move away from anything that feels dark and heavy. Do you agree?”

I nod.

“Close your eyes and imagine your business. What’s the energy around your business? Is it light and expansive or is it dark and heavy?”

Whoosh! Eyes closed, my skin tingles, I get goosebumps, my skin tingles and I grin. “Light and expansive I smile.”

Could you think of your business as a conscious being?

Laurie continues “Can you imagine your business, Delish Ice as a conscious being who just wants to play and have fun. Would you be open to having fun with Delish Ice”

The internal monologue of the eye rolling skeptic in me splutters, but I push her to one side in favour of the girl that is open to anything (it’s a fight sometimes). I nod

“Well say ‘Hi to Delish Ice, and ask her if she will play with you.”

I cringe a little inside, but I’m all in….. when in Ubud…… “Hi Delish Ice, will you play with me?” *slight cringe*

Laurie explains “Can you accept that Delish Ice as a conscious being, who wants to have fun and wants to play?”

I nod again

“Now how will that effect the kinds of things you do every day and how you approach your business? Work doesn’t become ‘work’ any more. It becomes play. Destroy and uncreate all those past ideas and opinions about what you should or should not being doing. Move towards all the things that feel light and expansive and move away from anything that is dark and heavy. You know the truth.”

I don’t know if this grabs you or not, but it hit me really strongly. So simple really and such an interesting take on approaching your business that I had never considered before.

We want to have fun and joy with the people that are around us, and so lets do the same with our business.

Asking playful questions

Allow your business to have fun, express it’s own personality and feel joy. Ask it how it wants to play each morning when you wake up. Ask it throughout the day. Stuck on a problem or not sure how to proceed, take a moment and do that thing that feels light and expansive.

“Morning Delish Ice …

  • Who should we play with today? Who wants to play with us?
  • Who can we help today?
  • Who can we collaborate with today?
  • Who’d be fun to work with?
  • Who’d be fun to partner up with?
  • How can we bring delight?
  • How can we put a smile on someone’s face today?

Based on those kinds of questions, I’m not sure if we are ever going to want to “play bookkeeping”  (sorry Rebecca but that’s what you’re for!), or “play paying the ATO”  but suddenly the way in which you start approaching those things that you don’t like doing begin to take on a different perspective.


Doing things from a place of love

You can choose to approach those tasks from a place of love rathe than from hate or fear.

  • “I’m ok with paying tax because it shows that we are a successful business and we made a profit by doing what we love and making people happy” (Granted I still can’t say I was 100% happy sending the ATO all that money the other day, there was a touch of “dark and heavy”, but I certainly felt a lot easier about it)
  • “I’m happy to be filling out this form because it allows us to go to this event this summer and bring delight to lots of people” rather than “aarrrgghhh not another form! This could be done so much more efficiently. arrghhh!”

Then if you know that you really don’t want to ‘play’ certain things you can just choose to outsource, delegate, or drop them.

  • “Hey Rebecca, can you please do my bookkeeping”
  • “Naahhhh, even though everyone tells me I’m supposed to this thing thing, I’m not going to.

Delish Ice as a conscious being who wants to play and have fun. I’ve been playing around with this idea for a few days now.

Not beating myself up moving towards the things that feel good at the time. Spending two hours writing this blog post this morning because it felt good (hope this is helpful to some). You know what… these two hours have felt like 5 minutes!

Your daily flow

I think having a plan and a structure is still important. Having a solid foundation to build from and spending the time to defining your vision, mission and values for yourself and your business is important.

Planning out your long term goals (personally and for the business) and then breaking them down into an annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans is still important. Giving some direction to your ‘play’. When you create these things however, take the time and move towards those things that feel light and expansive to you. Destroy and uncreate your past ideas and opinions (and everyone else’s about what you should or should not be doing), do what feels right to you, not someone else.

Planning on a daily basis is still important too, but again, do it from an approach of “how you and your business want to play today”.

By approaching your business this way, I don’t think you’ll see yourself rushing off to do frivolous, unimportant things and ignoring those important (but mundane tasks you often procrastinate on). Instead I think you’ll find your daily to do list not looking that much different from before but

  • There’ll be more creativity and positivity around business development
  • More positivity and motivation around those tasks you usually procrastinate on
  • You’ll find it easier to get into a state of flow
  • You’ll be more relaxed and have more vitality
  • The real personality of your business will shine bright

On a moment by moment basis give yourself the space and flexibility to work on the things that feel good at the time. Do the next task because it makes you feel light, expansive, inspired and motivated about it, not because you’ve just finished “.4” and it’s time to move to “.5”.

Last night I wrote a long list of things to do, and “blog post” wasn’t top of the list, but this morning it just felt right to do. The two hours I have been here, have felt like five minutes (sorry to all those people that emailed me yesterday I’m going to play with you next!)

Thinking of your business or project as a conscious being who just wants to have fun with you, is such a nicer and more inspiring way to approach things isn’t it?

Let’s play!

So Delish Ice and I want to know … who wants to have fun with us today. We’d love to talk, collaborate, partner up, help. Please get in touch. We’re open to anything that involves fun, adventure, good times and smiles.

If not, we are back to our to do list and choosing to do the next thing that feels light and expansive to us.

Now it’s your turn. Close your eyes ….. think about your business, does it want to play with you, do you want to play with it. Feeling light and expansive just thinking about it?

Go do it!

Would really love to hear if this has changed your perspective as much as it changed mine.

Love Katie x

PS Even if you aren’t running your own business, I think you can still start looking at your life in this way. Forget the “noise” out there make decisions based on you, what resonates and what makes you light and expansive. Liberating isn’t it!

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  • Sally Scott says:

    Katie, Greetings to you in warm Bali. Xxx packing the truck, ticking off lists, touching up paintwork, trying to head north in the next 2 weeks. Loved your blog! I will always look at another bloody form with a new attitude! Lots of love, SAL

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey! How are you? I was thinking the other day, I wish I could have some up north time with you guys, I do love it so up there. I always have such an amazing time.

      Good luck up there and safe travels. Send my love to Keith too xxx

  • Tam says:

    Hey Katie!

    Love your point of view, really refreshing! Solid sound advice and great life style perspective! We can all get wound up in the storm of business and forget the joy’s of creating and moulding our ideas that started us off in the first place!

    Keep up the blog!

    aka Butty’s Food Truck
    aka Urban Bowl

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Tam! Hey! :) Where have you guys been? No more Butty’s hey? But I should keep an eye out for Urban Bowl?

      Have you opened yet?

  • Lydia Kypros says:

    Hey Katie! Would love to play!
    I run Bronze Bombshell Beauty and I’m a fellow small business owner. Love love love my little business and nurturing it so it grows. Your blog post is a breath of fresh air.
    Interested in meeting to see what we could maybe collaborate on in future or just hang and chat about small business. Please get in touch :)

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey Lydia!

      Sorry! Just saw your message :) Maybe you could drop me an email … I have an idea about how we could “play” :)

Perth’s Best Savoury Gourmet Food Trucks

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Food trucks! Taking the world by storm… and Perth is no exception. As a fellow food trucker (well technically a van, but who’s writing this blog post), we’ve been chuffed to be a part this new foodie craze. One I think is here to stay.

Why the appeal?

What’s the one of the first things you think of when you think of Perth? Amazing beaches, and those breathtaking sunsets. No more are we stuck with soggy fish and chips in butchers paper (though there is a time and a place)


Food Truck Rumble 2015
Image Credit: Food Truck Rumble 2015 by by Cynthia, The Food Pornographer

Meals with million dollar views

Local food truck legends Comida du Sol and Eat no Evil, are regulars at the South Beach Dog Beach or Leighton. Keep an eye on their Facebook pages for regular locations.

Another place that has always had my heart is the South Perth Foreshore looking back to the city. Thanks largely in part to the efforts of the benevolent King of Perth Food trucks, Roy from Jumplings that’s exactly the view you can have at South Perth StrEats with a rotating list of trucks most nights (a little quiet over winter though).


Regular Locations

Leading the charge allowing food trucks to turn up in various locations is the City of Perth, City of Bayswater and City of Vincent. Trail periods are in various states, but hopefully this is all moving towards a positive outcome for this coming summer.

The City of Perth Food Truck 6 month trial ended 31st May and there is now a petition running to reinstate it. Please take two seconds to click on this link and sign it. For the viability of the business we need more regular locations we can depend on… and you want to eat delicious food outside in the sunshine. It’s a no brainer isn’t it?

The warmer months will also see a host of Hawker style markets starting up such as:


Private Catering and Corporate Functions

Of course, when these trucks aren’t at one of the plethora of locations above, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone when I say, we do love a party.

Looking for catering for a wedding, party, corporate launch party, staff party we’d love to be there.

When you’ve completed the difficult task of choosing from all these wonderful vendors, they’d love to hear from you.

Of course Delish Ice would love to be able to help you out with ice pops for dessert or as a refreshing mid-afternoon treat. We have a range of styles of pops to suit any occasion and crowd, as well as different service options.

If you do get in contact with any of us, the following information is always super handy if you are looking for a speedy response

  • Venue (sometimes power may need to be supplied, and need to make sure we have permission to access the site)
  • Date
  • Serving time
  • Number of people
  • Any other information you have in terms of the style of event, your vision. The more information the better
  • Name and contact details of course!
  • Let us know if you have a particular budget amount in mind, as there are often different options that can be suggested. It’s good to have a starting point, as everyone is different.

Read on, my friends. Try not to salivate on the keyboard!

Let me know if I’ve missed someone!


Big El’s Mobile Cantina

Latin American Fusion

Brazilian, Hot Dogs, Latin American, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Vegan and Vegetarian

0412 266 451 / hola@bigels.com.au / bigels.com.au

Like us on Facebook

Big Els

Braised Bros.

Braised Meats

Delicious food created with the simple formula of using the best produce available to create seasonal menu’s. Using the classic cooking technique of braising, locally sourced produce and an unsophisticated approach to food, the quality of Western Australian produce speaks for itself.


Like us on Facebook

Braised Bros.

Comida Do Sul

Brazilian Street Food

Brazilan food truck serving fresh healthy street food!

0405 967 469 /comidadosul@gmail.comcomidadosul.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


Eat No Evil

Unique Street Food

Their mission is to create a food experience that brings people together, breaks down barriers and gives an interaction with local ingredients and dishes that will inspire you to try something new and really think about what your eating. Combining fresh seasonal produce with simple cooking techniques to create sexy food…

0402 762 637 / info@eatnoevil.com.aueatnoevil.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Instagram

 eat no evil

Grilled to the Mac

American (New), American (Traditional) and Sandwiches

Bringing North American grilled sandwiches, everyone’s favourite, Mac N Cheese, and other comfort food to the streets of Perth.

0403 924 185 / jason@jaghospitality.com.au / grilledtothemac.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


Guerilla Foods

Brazilian, Latin American, Soul Food and Tapas Bars

Guerilla Foods bring to the streets a new food experience with an explosion of exciting Latin American flavours. Created by experienced Chef Luciano D’Agnoluzzo, the food can be a surprise in every bite.

0413 135 060 /guerillafoodscontact@gmail.com 

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


Guru Bites

Indian/Pakistani and Pizza

Guru Bites bring the delicious flavours of Indian cuisine in a friendly, westernised format with some selection of vegetarian menu.

0469 292 107 / gurubitesfoodtruck@gmail.com/ gurubites.com.au

Like us on Facebook


Greek St. Grill

Greek Souvlaki (kebabs), and gozleme

Serving fresh & tasty traditional Greek Souvlaki and gozleme on a food truck around Perth’s area.

0499 111 098/  vasili1961@live.com.au

Like us on Facebook


Hey Pesto Food Truck

Burgers and Hot Dogs

Serving a range of gourmet burgers (steak, chicken, beef, mushroom) served on a turkish bun.

Hey Pesto can tailor their menu to suit your function. Corporate breakfasts are popular, serving bacon & egg rolls, coffee from their gas fired coffee machine and providing a range of sweet & savoury muffins & brownies.

0402 945 646 / hey_pesto@bigpond.comheypesto.com.au

Like us on Facebook


Jumplings Tasty Dumplings


Jumplings Food Truck in various locations and events around Perth! Come and try some of their yummy stuff! Made locally from as many local ingredients they can source!

0403 180 331 / contact@jumplings.com.aujumplings.com.au

Like us on Facebook


Little Caesars Pizzette Food Truck


The original keeps on rolling…with pizza but not as you know it…

Like us on Facebook



Middle Eastern Food

Meast is a mobile street food trailer delivering high quality, fresh Middle Eastern food with a twist. Catering to a number of diets.

0408 924 027 / info@meast.com.aumeast.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Instagram


Mezcal Food Truck

Mexican Food

Granted these guys are in the South West, but they do deserve a mention.

After living in Mexico, Mackenzie Corrigan fell in love with the food and decided to bring traditional Mexican street food back to WA.

Professionally trained at Melbourne’s best culinary institute, William Angliss, Mezcal serves Mexican Street Food around the south west.

0406 511 141 / mezcalfoodtruck@gmail.comwww.mezcalfoodtruck.com

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter


Miam Miam a bite of France

French Crepes, Macarons

Homemade fresh sweet & savoury french crepe cook in front of the customers in a mobile creperie.

0429190937/ Trouillet.a@hotmail.com / miammiamabiteoffrance.weebly.com

Like us on Facebook


Mojito Cantina

Fresh Mexican street food, Mexican Sodas and Coffee.

Looking for a Food Truck Chef to cook just for you, in your own home or work place? With MOjiTO CANTiNA “Street Food To Go…” they do just that.. You choose the menu and your personal chef will prepare and cook the meal at your next event. Cooking Mexican Foods from their Street Food Van or Mobile Food Cart.

0411 091 160 / theboss@mojitocantina.com / mojitocantina.com

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter


Pauly K’s Kitchen

Hawkers Food

Pauly K’s Kitchen is a food truck that was starten in April 2014, serving authentic hawkers food. Their menu ranging from Chicken or Beef Satay, Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roti Canai, BBQ Pork Noodle, Nasi Biryani with Beef Curry, Fried Rice, Curry puffs and Pork Bun.

0432 065 205 / paulykskitchen@gmail.com 

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Instagram


Rancho Sombrero Tex-Mex

Mexican Food

Handmade authentic Tex-Mex delivered fresh to the streets of Perth and Fremantle.

0403 762 366 / ranchosombrero@gmail.comranchosombrero.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


Saigon Soulfood

Asian Fusion, Soul Food and Vietnamese

Saigon Soulfood makes Southern BBQ inspired bahn mi. They combine the smokey, bustling streets of Vietnam meet the waters of the Mississippi.

0410 167 967 / saigonsoulfood@outlook.com 

Like us on Facebook


Smokin BBQ Bus

American Slow Cook Barberque

Food Truck specialising in American Slow Cooked BBQ and other delicious comfort foods.  Available for private and corporate catering, markets and events.

0403 466 623 / windle@iinet.net.au 

Like us on Facebook


Soul Provider Catering

Soul Food

Soul provider is a catering kitchen run by Vital Syverin, producing professional catering for events, small and large, in your home or alternate venue.

Vital has a simple philosophy – use the freshest seasonal ingredients to create innovative, soulful dishes that sing in the mouth as well as visually on the plate.

0422 529 211 / vital@soulprovider.com.ausoulprovider.com.au

Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


That Naughty Food Truck

Sandwiches & Burgers

Rolling the street, serving the best eats – naughty food for a naughty time!

0451 272 977 

Like us on Facebook


The Margaret River Burger Bar

Burgers and Soul Food

In 2010 Keith, Sally and Alex took a ragtag collection of tents, bbqs and people to their first southbound festival, three days, 2000 burgers and even more satisfied punters later they came away knowing that they had the making’s of an iconic product. A custom built van was added and has since become an institution at music festivals and food event across the state.

0439 574 599 / alexscott48@yahoo.com.au / 


Like us on Facebook


The Merrywell Food Truck

Burger & Quesadillas

You’ll find all your favourite bites from The Merrywell at their food truck, including their tasty mini beef burgers and famous BBQ pulled pork quesadillas. Join their food trucks at festivals, markets, beaches, offices and universities. And keep a look out for them across the streets of Perth as they travel all over to bring their dude food to you!

9362 7778 / merrywellfoodtruck@crownperth.com.aucrownperth.com.au/restaurants/casual/the-merrywell-food-truck

Like us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter


The Wicked Chilli

Chilli Con-Carne

The Wicked Chilli…the hottest new food truck to roam the streets of Perth. Dedicated to delivering irresistibly tasty food that’s fuelled with flavour.

0412 593 054 

Like us on Facebook


Wassup Dog

Gourmet Hotdog

Market fresh cuisine. Hotdogs made with quality, fresh, locally made ingredients. Home made sauces. Friendliest service in town. a tasty, satisfying treat!

0475 799 013 / wassupdog.com.au

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  • Sally Scott says:

    Katie, Greetings to you in warm Bali. Xxx packing the truck, ticking off lists, touching up paintwork, trying to head north in the next 2 weeks. Loved your blog! I will always look at another bloody form with a new attitude! Lots of love, SAL

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey! How are you? I was thinking the other day, I wish I could have some up north time with you guys, I do love it so up there. I always have such an amazing time.

      Good luck up there and safe travels. Send my love to Keith too xxx

  • Tam says:

    Hey Katie!

    Love your point of view, really refreshing! Solid sound advice and great life style perspective! We can all get wound up in the storm of business and forget the joy’s of creating and moulding our ideas that started us off in the first place!

    Keep up the blog!

    aka Butty’s Food Truck
    aka Urban Bowl

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Tam! Hey! :) Where have you guys been? No more Butty’s hey? But I should keep an eye out for Urban Bowl?

      Have you opened yet?

  • Lydia Kypros says:

    Hey Katie! Would love to play!
    I run Bronze Bombshell Beauty and I’m a fellow small business owner. Love love love my little business and nurturing it so it grows. Your blog post is a breath of fresh air.
    Interested in meeting to see what we could maybe collaborate on in future or just hang and chat about small business. Please get in touch :)

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey Lydia!

      Sorry! Just saw your message :) Maybe you could drop me an email … I have an idea about how we could “play” :)

Beautiful Bushland Ceremony for Bec + Ro

June 23, 2015 1:45 am | Make a Comment


April 25th 2015

Up early for the ANZAC Day dawn service, a quick post gunfire breakfast nap and then up again for a beautiful drive up to the Perth Hills to be part of Bec and Ro’s wedding in John Forrest National Park.

Poppy, the Pop Van and I took a drive together, up Greenmount Hill (I think I can, I think I can) and made our way into a little bush clearing where the ceremony was to be held, up near the quaint old pub that overlooks the valley.

What an amazingly beautiful place to get married. And such a magical day with the Looking out over the bush covered valley, the clearing, dotted with trees, provided much needed shade for a Perth wedding, the crisp autumn morning turning into a warm afternoon, and the cloud strewn sky from the morning giving way to a clear azure.

Surely one of Perth’s best kept secret’s for a bush setting wedding ceremony.

Poppy and I arrived with plenty of time to spare and we got her all set up. The lovelies from Her Hand Picked Harvest (wedding stylists with what is surely Perth’s biggest collection of vintage hire) were busilly setting up chairs, the signing table and generally making the setting look extra sweet, with beautiful coloured blooms adorning the setting by Kristina, Gather and Hunt.


Guests began to stream in, and then made a bee-line for Poppy and I – a sweet iced treat to enjoy in the glorious autumn sunshine.


Usually at a wedding we are asked to serve ice pops after the ceremony. A way to give the guests a little something to both refresh them and a little something to “eat and drink”, that will tide them over until the reception starts without filling them up too much. Poppy was full up o’ pops and being the soft touch that I am, when the first guest came up and asked for a pop, well how could I refuse?

Soon there was a line and I was quickly dishing out pops – Raspberry Lemonade // Passionfruit, Mint and Lime // Salted Malted Caramel // Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime // Cookies and Cream…. just to name a few. I think the 100 pops that I had been originally asked to bring along were soon all gone, but lucky Poppy was full up, so no need to panic.



As the guests finished up their pops and I did the rounds collecting their sticks, as though perfectly timed Bec and her lovely bridesmaids arrived in their dazzling kombis, to make their way down the aisle to her beloved.

From my little perch in Poppy, I witnessed such a beautiful and whole hearted ceremony, and without knowing Bec and Ro personally it was so apparent at how much they loved each other. They seemed like one of those “power couples”, you know when you see them together you just know they’ll conquer the world together.

After a surprise acapella performance by the bridal party and friends (I know, amazing right?!), and everyone lined up to give their congratulations, the next stop was back to the pop van. Lucky I bought extras! No matter how may pops I sling, I still get a kick out of seeing people’s faces of delight when they try one for the first time, and are chuffed when they come back for seconds…. or thirds as many of these lovely people did.




Dishing out pops, in a setting full of love, blessed with a perfect autumn day, I felt immense gratitude for having one of the best jobs in the world where we to witness pledges of love, in beautiful settings on gorgeous days, dishing out pops to such lovely people – best job in the world!

All the best to Bec and Ro for a lifetime filled with love and happiness.


Images by James Simmons Photography
Reception followed at Darlington Estate
Wedding Styling and Prop Hire by Her Hand Picked Harvest
Bridal Kombis by Vintage VW
Floral Styling by Gather and Hunt


Got your heart set on an outdoor bush setting wedding ceremony locations in Perth or surrounds, you could try:

In Perth
Kings Park
Whiteman Park

Perth Hills and Swan Valley
John Forrest National Park
Perth Hills National Park Discovery Centre (and more images here)
Mulberry on Swan
Belvoir Ampitheatre
Araluen Botanic Park

Further afield
Nanga Bush Camp (Pinjarra)
Fairbridge Village (Pinjarra)
Evedon Park Bush Resort (near Bunbury)

Around Margaret River
Wharncliffe Mill
Ten Mile Brook Dam
Ellensbrook House

If you know of any more bush settings, please let me know so we can add this to the list.

Love Katie x

Scott loves Olivia

June 17, 2015 7:30 am | Make a Comment

It’s been at least four years since I started Delish Ice, and I have to say I still get delight (and surprise) by the lovely messages we receive and constant encouraging feedback.

I am not sure if “surprised” is the right word, maybe “chuffed” or it’s certainly validation, that this little dream –  full of fun, adventures, lots ‘o pops, smiley faces, hard work and tears (yes, sometimes tears … I really, really want to bring you all an amazing pop experience and sometimes I have a habit of putting a lot of pressure on myself .. but I’m working on that!), still brings delight to people.

If there is one word that underpins everything that Delish Ice stands for, it is delight, and so weddings are one of those occasions where we fit perfectly.

We get the chance to help celebrate the union of two people madly in love, surrounded by all their loved ones, and take care of the group after the ceremony, cool their jets and serve up our delicious iced treats to leave them relaxed, comfortable and cool. #bestjobever

So yep, It’s oh so lovely getting little notes like this……

 “My fiancee and I are getting married on the 4th of April next year. We’ve had the pleasure of having your ice pops at a number of events, and have always loved them. So then, it made sense for us to want to have you guys provide some for our post-ceremony afternoon tea.

Scott and Olivia”

Aaawww! Bless! How blessed are we to be chosen.

Fast forward 11 months and we are packing our cart full up of pops, to take a little jaunt up to St Marks Anglican Church, Hillary’s for the afternoon.

As soon as Oli walked inside and the doors closed Anna and Alby (my lovely Italian pop stars, who are both the sweetest things ever – don’t tell Alby I said that though – and they themselves very much in love) went into action.

Out popped the cart from the van, the astro-turf swung out onto the ground, on rolls the pop cart, out comes the menu board with the flavours and a note of love from Scott and Oli to their guests, menu board threaded through the umbrella and then up-she-goes, bubble machine on, and luscious 50’s tunes on. Anna and Alby ready for action.

As the doors to the church open, and Scott and Oli emerge as husband and wife, their friends and family were surprised by the vintage-esque scene that had magically popped up.

Salted Malted Caramel // Creamy Coconut and Passionfruit // Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime // Lychee, Pineapple and Lime were the flavours of the day that they had chosen for their guests. Perfect selection actually, we try and recommend choices depending on the temperature of the day.
For those searing hot days the really fruity, zesty pops are always a hit, for cooler days people tend more towards our creamy dessert style flavours, and then for those days in between it’s nice to have a combination of zesty/fruity and creamy/desserty…. something for everyone!

From the looks of these happy snaps by James Simmons Photographer I would say that the salted malted caramel was the top pick of the day.


Untitled design (93) Untitled design (94)


So, that was back in April and these lovely photos just landed in my inbox. I am totally in love with the smiles and delight in these photos…. it’s what we live for around here.

“Wanted to provide something small for everyone who attended our wedding ceremony, and wanted to keep it cost-effective, given our large numbers. We’d had Delish Ice pops at a number of other events (Twilight Hawker’s Market, etc.) and loved them, and had the idea for having them at our wedding after recognising the pops as part of an afternoon tea after another wedding.

We were crazy busy with greeting everyone, but we loved our pops, and everyone else seemed to too.

We were very delighted! Lots of people commented to us on how much they loved the pops.

Scott and Oli


So Scott and Oli, just wanted to wish you both a lifetime of sheer happiness and amazing memories. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day and thank you for taking the time to send these photos through — they mean the world

Katie xx

My own experiences … for your own journey

March 13, 2015 2:25 am | 1 Comment – Make a Comment

[This was written for a talk for Propel Youth Arts WA. The peak body for youth arts in WA. They have been running a program to help young creatives launch their business idea at the Kickstarter Markets during National Youth Week for the last five years. This year’s market is at the Perth Cultural Centre on the 12th April.

Last night I was asked to talk about my own experiences and offer advice to anyone starting out at markets and running a business.

Also along side of me spoke Jacquie Hughes, Abstract Artist and Co-Founder of the Made on the Left Markets, Kelsie from K Gets Organised and Lauren from Little L, who shared their advice on branding and promotion, stall displays and market day tips.

I’ve edited it a little for clarity and with some extra information. I hope that it is useful and inspiring for anyone starting out on their own entrepreneurial journey, and those on the path, but a little lost and disillusioned.  Thanks Katie xxx]


Hello lovelies

Thanks so much for having me here.

It’s a milestone for me, as for the last couple of years there is no way that I would have been able to make the time to create a talk, let alone attend.

Jacqui called me last year, inviting me along, and my reaction would have been something along the lines of:

[High Pitch Voice] “Aaarghh, no way! I don’t even have enough time to breath let alone prepare something. Arrrgghh maybe next year.” [slams phone down]

Not quite so melodramatic probably but close. But when I put the phone down, I felt a little disappointed in myself, because entrepreneurism is a subject close to my heart, and it was a dream of mine to help anyone get started on the path.

But then was not the time…… However now…. a little over 12 months later… here we are!


So, for those that aren’t familiar with my baby … Delish Ice….. we create hand crafted ice pops, and peddle them around Perth and down south from our vintage vans, Poppy, Hemingway and our cute-as-a-button carts – Frankie, Matilda and Ruby.

Delish Ice began four years ago with a simple thought “ Ah ha! I’m going to start my own popsicle stand!” and it’s kind of snowballed from there.

Basically it all started with the need, and one which I am sure you know what I am talking about .. the need to satisfy that urge to create. For me, it was to create and craft a business that delighted all those that came in contact with us – customers, passersby, clients and staff. Also the fact that I love food and combining flavours.

We sling pops all over the place during the warmer months (September until end of April), until we go into “hibernation” for winter, re-emerging when the sun begins shining again.

We pop up at markets, such as the Propel Markets in April, Farmers Markets, Street Festivals such as Beaufort Street, Angove Street and the like, weddings, do branded corporate events, pops for parties…

Essentially……. wherever anyone needs pops, we’ll do our darndest to be there.

I know nothing (and have no interest in cars) but I like the metaphor of carefully assembling all of the components of an engine and working over time to keep tinkering until it purrs.

I stand up here tonight to chat to you about my journey so far, and share with you the things I have learned, or noticed along the way, and a few of my personal opinions.

The one thing I REALLY want to impart is…. this is your OWN journey. There is no right or wrong way to do things, and there is no blue print for success.

I have been struggling a little with what to talk about tonight, as I wanted to make this as informative as possible, but I also appreciate that every single one of you here has their own path and journey to make, so not every thing I say may resonate. That’s ok. If you take away just one or two things then that’s perfect.

So….. let’s get down to the business side of things.

I want to cover a few points today

  1. Your Beginning
  2. Your Journey
  3. The Nitty Gritty of Markets

Here we go……

Your Beginning

The first takeaway for this evening is………


Remember this is your own journey

If you’ve not done so already, take some time think, dream, journal and plan.

Dream big, but make sure it’s your own dream. Be in charge of your own journey, and don’t worry about the path that any one else is taking. Don’t worry about how other people define success. Define your own success.

The initial “dream” for me was to create a business where I could work in for a period of time (over the summer), and then leave the country and explore and travel (and still take my laptop and work if I wanted).

Two years ago I spent time in Byron Bay, Bali for a month and then up north for six weeks, last year I spent three months in Bali…. albeit both times completely burnt out…. but that’s another story I want to share a bit with you later on this evening.

Isn’t it amazing what you can do just by starting with a dream!

What I have realised though, along the way is that it is really important to make sure it is your own dream.

Looking for inspiration and learnings, I have dived in to podcasts, magazines, books about entrepreneurism.

They are filled with stories about successful people who have achieved more, done it faster, done things differently, seemed to have just known what to do, when I was still figuring things out.

So, I used to tie myself up in knots trying to be like some of the other entrepreneurs I admired. I would think:

  • why aren’t I more ambitious
  • we’ve been in business for nearly the same time amount of time
  • why haven’t I sat with Richard Branson on a panel
  • why aren’t I flying all over the country having meetings
  • my dream isn’t to own a jet or have a massive house, and cars…. does that mean I’m not ambitious enough to succeed.

Phew! Exhausting! When I came to realise that it was ok to just do my thing, and take my own path, things became a lot more easier and more enjoyable again.

Look towards successful people, learn from them, study them, speak to them, but take what you need and then just be yourself.

Dream your own dream, and do your own thing. Whatever you decide is perfect.


Start with the End in Mind

Decide on where you want to take your business and then build the business around that.

Where you want to take your business in the long run will dramatically affect the decisions you make today.

For example I have a few different options for Delish Ice.

I could work a 9-5 job and make some pops and sell them on the weekend for some extra cash.

That’s fine for some people. There are pop businesses I know, where people work full time, makes pops in the evening and sells them at markets on the weekend. Perfect… for them. Not for me

But that’s not what I wanted to do. If I take the path of doing it as a side business, without any plans for growth, then maybe I run things more casually, I don’t document systems and procedures, I don’t have to worry about things like volume and turnover, I use simple, domestic equipment instead of investing into commercial equipment. If I have a bad market, maybe the weather is terrible or not many people attend then ….eh whatever really… I always have my full time job to fall back on.

Another outcome is that I could aim to build a franchise model and use that as a basis for expansion nationally and internationally

If I do this, then right from the beginning I need to be thinking about documenting systems and procedures, I need to have very strong financial reporting and control, I build a business that can sustain staff, give the franchise owner profits AND return profits back to “me”.

I could build up a fabulous business with certain level of turnover that brings me an income that affords me the lifestyle I want, grows steadily year on year. It is a well recognised brand that people love to interact with. It brings me the chance to explore, travel, meet new people, have adventures.

This is the scenario that resonates with me, for many different reasons. Because I he this vision it has affected the way I have built and run the business.

I’m focused on steady growth, not a massive explosion. I focus on our product, our authenticity, our customer service, I tinker with things to make sure we get them right. I am focussing on building a solid foundation to the business so that we can grow… I am planning world popsicle domination, but at a steady pace. I want balance with my work and life.

Think about “then end” and it will give you direction and focus now.

Your Journey

Fall in love with the process

Don’t dismiss building your business with it being boring. It’s a craft in itself. Fitting all the components together, until you build an engine that works. Knowing that you’ll get it to work, but you can always tinker to make it better.

Sure, recognise that there are some things that other people can do better than you can. Get them to do it. You focus on the the things you love and are good at. Book keeping is one of those things for me. I tried to save money my first year of business, because I didn’t want to spend the money on a book keeper. In the end I had a mountain of receipts, spent a week sorting things out, hating every minute of it, hired a book keeper in the end and never looked back.

I think it’s good to know how to do a lot of things, so you know what to expect from people, and whether they are doing a great job or not, but learn when

Recognise that it will take time, and that right now you know a bit, but not much at all. That’s totally fine.

Tinker, learn, try, apply, win…. do more of that, but keep making small changes and maybe things will get even better. Try something … it doesn’t work. Stop. Try something different.

Talk to people, learn from them. Leverage off their experiences.

…..and then this leads me to my next point.


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Like I said Tinker, try, apply.

Make a decision to do something based on the information you have to hand at the time.

Know that sometimes you will get it right, sometimes you’ll get it wrong. Learn from it, try something different next time, persevere, don’t give up.

I’m the eternal optimist. We get approached all the time to do markets. I am starting to get better at knowing what elements of an event are vital for our success.

In our case:

  • Weather
  • Footfall, especially past our van
  • Location on site
  • Demographic of patrons
  • The kind of promotion done in the lead up to the event.

I’ve been doing this for four years now, and my optimism still gets me into trouble. Before the event I can tell you a 100 different reasons why the event was going to work for …. if it is successful, I’m on cloud nine and if it’s not I can tell a hundred different reasons why it didn’t work and what I would do differently next time if we were to attend.

Just try things. Try different stall set ups, try different ways of interacting with people, alter the things that you say, or how you tell your story, or educate people about your product. Try different titles or ways of describing your product.

Try new products, see what people respond to. I spent two years trying different flavours, tweaking recipes and seeing what people responded.

Some times I failed spectacularly. Now we have a range of flavours that people love, and always ask for, that it’s hard to bring in new flavours as we have to decide what to leave out.

The only mistake is not trying.


Look after yourself

This is a point that is really close to my heart, especially at the moment.

Please try and look after yourself. Nurture yourself, nourish yourself in whatever way you need to keep you passionate about what you do, and to stay creative and engaged.

Delish Ice at times has been a pretty tough journey for me. I’ve had the business now for four years and the last three winters I have managed to burn myself out completely.

I worked so hard, pushed myself to the edge, didn’t exercise, ate terribly that all started to contribute to a fragile head space. Slowly I began comparing myself to other people, anxiety set it, I had all this negative chatter in my head that I could not get rid of.

I didn’t take time out for myself, forgot about the day to day things that made me happy.

So here’s my brief little story about what can happen if you work too hard, and don’t look after yourself.

So I launched my business in November 2011, just started out as an idea, tried a few farmers markets in Margaret River, then found myself driving to Perth most weekends. I’d stay at friends houses, drag Poppy my little caravan around to events. Sunday night/Monday morning I would drive south, get unpacked, cleaned up, start making more pops get organised for the weekend, jump in the car and do it all again. Late nights, early morning. I’d have events where I’d sell out… BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! and then times when I’d hardly sell a thing and leave deflated.

At the end of my first summer, coming into winter, all the business stopped. Soon I found I lacked purpose and direction, I had no energy, no motivation.

I’d get a small order for say 15 raspberry lemonade pops for a shop that sold my pops. All I had to to do was:

  1. Got the cupboard and take out 15 labels
  2. Write Raspberry Lemonade on the labels 15 times
  3. Stick 15 raspberry lemonade labels on 15 popsicles.

…. could not do it.

Lacked so much motivation and energy, and then would subsequently beat myself up about not having motivation and energy and therefore question my commitment to my dreams, and chastised myself for not being better…. and so the spiral down continues

I have had time up north, away, not had to do much with pops, and kind of recover I guess.

Then the new season begins and I basically work myself into the ground, doing most things myself (save for the help from my wonderful family).

I make the pops, I drag a caravan up and back from Margaret River, I sell the pops, I do the paperwork, do the sales, marketing, bookwork… the business grows…. end of the second summer…. exhausted, burnt out, lack energy, motivation, beat myself up for not being good enough…… Partially recover over winter.

Get started again the next season. Relocate from Margaret River to Perth, which really takes the business to the next level. Working seven days a week, sometimes eighteen hours a day… have a bit of help, but largely doing a lot by myself. Strung out, existing purely on adrenalin.

May last year, season ends. I’m a wreck, can’t wait to get out of Perth… I make it to Bali, I have a ticket for three months…

Woo… let’s stop and reflect… I’ve achieved part of my dream which was to be able to spend a few months out of Australia over winter, to travel and work from my laptop.

But, I am so tired I can’t appreciate it… I am so completely exhausted, and weighed down by anxiety and self doubt. I do some work while I am there, but I am always trying to give myself a pep talk to to try a get things done, and feeling guilty because I never feel like it’s enough.

So I get back and the season starts again this year (and I think I am ok, but actually, not so much), and I am slogging it out (and I preface this all by saying that I really do love what I do), but I was just exhausted.

I used to pride myself on being quite resilient and quite not too “emotional” about things, but … woah, I’d have my ups and downs. I really felt like things were effecting me more and I wasn’t able to deal with them as easily.

…. And things were really starting to reach melting point…..

And this is where my next point begins. I stopped and ……


Asked for help

1. I joined a mentoring program, and now have the support from both people who have built successful businesses that I can seek advice from and learn from. Not only that I am surrounded by people who are on their own journeys’ that I can also garner support from, learn from, give encouragement and get encouragement from.

Entreprenuership can be a lonely journey at times, so get a support network.

Lovelies, become friends with each other, support each other. Be vulnerable, talk about your dreams, your fears, your concerns. Share the things you have learnt along the way, and learn from each other.

Want anyone else to talk to, please give me a call. I promise you, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader. I totally love seeing people live their dreams and follow their passions.

And I mean that, honestly. If you are ever feeling lost, have a question, concern, want to chat about business, want to bounce ideas off someone, feel like a cuppa…. please pick up the phone, drop me an email, come say hi at a market…. I’d be ever so chuffed. I’m here for you.

2. I went to the doctor. Told them I was tired, exhausted. Weighed down by the anxiety and the constant chatter in my head. Got some blood tests and a referral to talk to someone. Turns out I was extremely deficient in iron and B12. Doctor said she was surprised I was still functioning. B12 injection, started taking iron tablets, the chatter eased up, and life didn’t seem so difficult.

I got a referral to see a psychologist and we just chatted. Realised a couple of things, that almost once I acknowledged what happened, did not seem to be much of a problem any more.

Anyway, I still feel like I have a way to go, I know I still don’t take as much time out for myself as I should, I have kind of forgotten how to relax, I should exercise more, I should eat a little better .. but I also don’t beat myself up for it either… as much as I used to. I’ll get there in time, in my own way, and that’s ok.

So the last few points kind of melded in together, but what I really wanted to say is recognise that we are all human and you’re not superhuman. Take care of yourself and allow time to do things that recharge you and inspire you and motivate you to continue to create. If you feel like you are not yourself, ask around, seek help and talk to people.

This leads me on to my next point, and was a revelation recently when speaking to my psychologist. I was talking about how I was feeling, how I was overwhelmed with how much I needed to do still, and casually mentioned “when I was in Bali last year for three months..” and she stopped me, and said “That’s pretty incredible. You went away for three months. Not everyone gets to do that.”

“yeah but… “ I continued, wanting to further expound my perceived inadequacies.

She stopped me there, and reminded me the importance of …..

Stopping and Reflecting … often

It’s so easy being creative and as an entrepreneur, to see all the things that could be better.

I have a dream, and I know where I want Delish Ice to go, and so it’s so easy to focus on all the things you still have ahead of you.

That can get overwhelming, and cause frustration, anxiety, feelings of self doubt…. well it has for me in the past anyway.

But actually if you just give yourself 30 seconds each day (I’ve gone so far to put it in my phone) and think about where you’ve gotten so far…. it can be pretty amazing.

I mean just the fact that you are sitting here, and you have your market … maybe it’s your first one, how incredible is that!!

You’ve created something, or a collection of things, and you are going to put them on public display, and people are going to love them…. AND give you money for something you have created. That’s so freaking awesome.

You had an idea in your head, and you took action and made something. Woah!

What I think is even more incredible, that now as an entrepreneur you don’t even have to rely on anyone for your own survival. You don’t need anyone to give you a job. You have the skills to make something and sell it. And if you can do it with one thing, you can do it with many things, and even start identifying other skills that you have.

How liberating is that?

….. So in the spirit of this, I want you all to close your eyes…. no matter how dorky you think I am, or feel and let’s all just take 30 seconds to stop and reflect and think of three things you are proud of in regards to what you’ve done so far and where you’re at.

… OK so upon reflection, who’s came up with some things you’re actually pretty chuffed about.

…. If you feel like it, I’d love for you to email me after this and share them.

OK, so lets leave it there.


The Nitty Gritty


My set up is a little different, and I think by the nature of what we sell, the way we interact with people could be a little different, but I just want to make a few pointers about what I have noticed during my time

  • Engaging with people: So important. Not in an over-the-top, salesy kind of way. Smile, chat, let them know about what you do. Don’t look at your phone. Don’t look miserable. Be lovely. Tell your story, inject yourself into everything that you do. Notice things that make you delighted when you buy something. Do those kinds of things.
  • Signage: So so important. I did not have adequate signage for years, despite a good friend and mentor from a local business (Globe Signs) telling me numerous times. Once I invested in good, bold signage from up high, I swear it paid itself off after the first event. Make it big, easy to read, make sure it can be seen easily from a distance and people know within one second what it is that you do. Do it.
  • Lighting: Any evening events, make sure you have super, bright lighting. Nothing dark and dingy. It makes your product look dark and dingy. People are attracted to light like moths (no offence people….. it’s evolution baby… or something!). Bunnings have great Bat Lights (rechargeable), and there are lots of other places with battery lights as well that you can try. It’s an investment worth making.
  • Business Cards: Have something people can take away with them. Don’t rely on them remembering who you are, and what you do. If they tuck your business card away it might remind them later to check you out on line, tell their friends, make a purchase. Be clever, make the card memorable. Maybe you don’t sell much at the market, but fifty people take your card away, some of them tell their friends about you, some of them join your social media accounts, they later buy on line…. it was worth it. Invest in good quality design and good quality print. It is a reflection on your brand and product.
  • Own Your Space: Stand out, be different. Own your own space. You are competing with so many other people for one person’s attention. We can be in a sea of marquees, (in my opinion) have the sweetest little blue van in the west, complete with big signage, flower pots, a lucky gnome, swinging 50’s tunes, a bubble machine, and a lovely lady offering free samples….. and people still walk past sometimes without even a second glance…… own. your. space. Stand out.
  • Keep Records: At the end of every market. Evaluate how the day went.
    • How much did you turnover
    • What sold? What did not sell?
    • What worked well? What didn’t
    • Anyone you need to follow up with. Do it.
    • Comments on the day. Weather, location, things you noticed.

Learn from this. Make improvements. Refine. Do it better next time.

Had a terrible market. Evaluate — maybe for some reason it’s not right for your product… or perhaps you try it again next time, and there are things you could do better next time right.

We have markets that we try once, and decide again, and some that we have been attending regularly, and by adjusting how we do things, they become more successful.


Arrrrgghhhh… this is a hard one. Consider your costs of goods, your time in making and selling, your talent, the cost of being at a market… all those associated costs. Have a look at other comparable items in the market. Where do you want to sit? Same, above, below? Do you have a point of differentiation.

Choose a price. Try it out. Does it work. Did you sell? Did you sell enough? Did you sell too many? Maybe too cheap. Keep trying. Keep adjusting until things line up. Does it cost you more to produce than people are willing to pay? …. maybe time to re-evaluation m’dear.

The End!


Thanks for making to the end of all that. Hopefully that was of some use. If anyone is looking at getting started out at markets, has a business idea and is in need of a cheerleader, or is having a flat day/week/month and wants to chat about a few things, please give me a call. I know how isolating entrepreneurism can be….. but actually there are so many of us out there tinkering away, you just got to reach out.

Katie xxxx

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  • Sally Scott says:

    Katie, Greetings to you in warm Bali. Xxx packing the truck, ticking off lists, touching up paintwork, trying to head north in the next 2 weeks. Loved your blog! I will always look at another bloody form with a new attitude! Lots of love, SAL

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey! How are you? I was thinking the other day, I wish I could have some up north time with you guys, I do love it so up there. I always have such an amazing time.

      Good luck up there and safe travels. Send my love to Keith too xxx

  • Tam says:

    Hey Katie!

    Love your point of view, really refreshing! Solid sound advice and great life style perspective! We can all get wound up in the storm of business and forget the joy’s of creating and moulding our ideas that started us off in the first place!

    Keep up the blog!

    aka Butty’s Food Truck
    aka Urban Bowl

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Tam! Hey! :) Where have you guys been? No more Butty’s hey? But I should keep an eye out for Urban Bowl?

      Have you opened yet?

  • Lydia Kypros says:

    Hey Katie! Would love to play!
    I run Bronze Bombshell Beauty and I’m a fellow small business owner. Love love love my little business and nurturing it so it grows. Your blog post is a breath of fresh air.
    Interested in meeting to see what we could maybe collaborate on in future or just hang and chat about small business. Please get in touch :)

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey Lydia!

      Sorry! Just saw your message :) Maybe you could drop me an email … I have an idea about how we could “play” :)

1,000,000 Delights!

March 5, 2015 3:53 am | Make a Comment


Katie and Poppy the Vintage Pop Caravan


Hey! Why hello there! Hope you’re day is going splendidly!

So it’s been a while between blog posts! (Embarrassingly over two years), and when it gets to

Since it has been so long, I wanted to make it a good one … but where to start?

The beginning would be a good place to start. I want to start with my “why”!

  • WHY Delish Ice?
  • Why start a business?
  • Why we do what we do, at Delish Ice
  • Dreams for the future.

I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now, and when it comes to why did I start Delish Ice in the first place, I think there are two main reasons right at the core.


Scratch that Itch!

It’s almost indescribable (but for those that have it, you know what I am talking about) but creating your own business can be about scratching that itch. That ‘itch’ being a compulsion to create something of your own. To be in charge of your own destiny.

I know nothing about cars but I feel like I am surrounded by all the pieces of an engine, and it’s my job to rebuild it. Once I get everything right, my car will purr. Of course cars require care and regular maintenance, but the challenge right now is getting it humming.

If I look back to where I began four years ago, I am chuffed about how far we’ve come, and looking forward I get so excited for the future.

Got to keep scratching that itch, and being the driver of my own dreams and destiny!

My personal dreams is to build a life of ease and grace, filled with people and experiences that make me smile, to travel and explore the world, do something to help make the world a better place (I am really passionate about entrepreneurship and the way it can help you be the driver of your own dreams and destiny, I would love to help set up micro-enterprises locally and internationally) and to build a business that helps me achieve those things personally,  and is also loved by those that work in it and who we serve.

Which brings me to the next point.


Bringers of Delight!

One of the main aspects about Delish, and really the underpinning behind everything that we do, is that I want to be able to bring delight to everyone we interact with.

Our “why” is something that I have ruminated on for a long time. I’ve always said that Delish Ice is my perfect job and incorporate’s everything that I love – food and concocting flavours, fun times and adventures, meeting loveiy people, frocking up and building a business. When it comes down to it, at the heart of it all is about bringing delight.

Bring delight to our customers by serving up an exceptional product, with amazing customer service by our fabulous, friendly team from our achingly beautiful vans and carts.

Bring delight to passersbyif you wander by and sight of our vintage vans Poppy and Hemingway and the pop carts (Matilda, Frankie and Ruby) makes you smile, you enjoy our music, the bubbles are a nice surprise or you appreciate the gals giving you a big smile and a friendly wave, then that’s perfect enough as far as I’m concerned. If you grab a pop from us and you love it, well then we’re chuffed you love it!

Bring delight to our clients and their guests – for anyone that hires us to serve their guests on their behalf we will be professional and easy to deal with, and on the day we will serve a range of delicious pops in such a way that delights all, and has people asking about who we were after the event.

Bring delight to the Delish Ice Team – Every day I am so grateful for the team assembled around me, and I almost want to pinch myself ….. “how did I get so lucky to be surrounded by such awesomeness?” I think.  I want to create an environment that is a pleasure to be at, inspires posts such as #bestjobever , and the money earned assists each person in achieving their own personal goals. Be it travel, giving them an income while they study to get their dream job, saving up to buy a home, or whatever else they desire.

What a lucky lass I am, to be able to bring extra delight to people – best job ever!


Our goal – 1,000,000 Delights!

I decided the other day, that I have a goal of brining “1,000,000 delights”.

That by this time next year, we would have “brought delight” to 1,000,000 people.

I’m not entirely sure how to track all the smiles, and conversations, samples and pops, but I’ll think about this a bit more and get back to you.

In any case it’s got me all fired up and I’m so excited about the future of Delish Ice and the fun times and adventures to be had.  This aspect of “delight” really intrigues me, and I really want to explore it further. What it means to people, how we can deliver this every day to people and how to bring the idea into every day life.

Thanks for reading and being part of the story.

Would love to hear about what brings you delight each day.

Lots of love, Katie xxx