Keeping the Groom and Groomsmen cool at the wedding

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We’ve taken care of the guests, thought about the ladies in the bridal party, and last (but equally important), let’s look at how we can keep the Groom and Groomsman cool as a cucumbers.

Of course tips such as:

  • keeping hydrated and going easy on the alcohol (very dehydrating) before the reception
  • deodorant and absorbent powders (in places other than the usual)
  • peppermint oil for a hit of ice cool

are just as relevant, but here are a couple of extra guy-specific tips too.


If you happen to be going for a formal look, let the guys take off their jackets after the photos. Even better straight after the ceremony.

This may also help some of your older gentlemen guests abiding by the ‘don’t take your jacket off until the groom does’.



When choosing a suit, try breathable cotten-blend fabrics. Avoid wool like the plague…. unless you want them to spontaneously combust (would make for an interesting photo though!)

Vests just create another layer that can really trap the heat.

When choosing colours, opt for lighter colours.



The groomsman however can use their jackets to their advantage – fill a hip flask with ice and stick inside one of the pockets. Avoid the condensation dampening the jacket by putting the flask inside a ziplock bag.

The hip flask would also make for a nice gift for the guys. Whilst they may initially be disappointed that it’s filled with ice and not whiskey, guaranteed in a few hours time they’ll be eternally grateful.



Even dispense with the formal attire all together – chinos, shirt and funky tie or bow tie can look just as charming.

This funky image is from local Perth bow tie maker Gentleman & Scholar.


What do you think? Will you be doing any of these at your wedding? Got any more to add?

The best cool tips for the bridal party

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Who wants to outlay all that money and go to all that effort, just to get married in the sunshine on a hot day, only to have your hair dropping, make up running and being flush faced as you walk down the aisle.

Read on for some cool tip for keeping the ladies in the bridal party cool, calm and collected.


A great make up artist is going to know the perfect look for your wedding day.

However, in case you are doing your own makeup, it would be best to keep it light and minimal. Heavy foundation will cake easily… and possibly even melt! Bright colours may look too gaudy, so stick with classic, minimalist, natural make up.

Carry a little emergency pack for you all (don’t forget the travel mirror) for those emergency touch ups.



When trying on dresses, don’t just consider how you look, but also how you will feel in the dress. Especially once you’ve been in it for hours, in the hot sun.

Soft flowing, breathable fabrics, not too many layers, or a shorter hemline would be worth considering.

If you’ve already chosen a dress, and are concerned about how you’ll fare, then think about having your own personal fan that can sit discretely under the table at the reception (maybe even a great idea for under your guests tables too!).

When you are off getting photos a little personal fan would be a savior in between shots. Get one of your bridesmaids to hold the fan up under your skirt…. after all… what are friends for?!



Feel a bit daring… how about shortening the hemline of your dress, or even giving your hair the chop!

Guaranteed to keep you cool and turn heads!



Your hair and make up expert will be able to guide you on the best style for the elements.

You’ll want a style that is up, off your shoulders, and is easy to keep in place. Remember WA can get quite windy in the afternoons, so you want a ‘do’ that will stay in place, and easily fixed.



Use absorbent powders to stop you from sweating. As funny as it seems, a little bit of deodorant between your legs can help keep you feel a little fresher.



Lots of water before the ceremony, and make sure you have some on hand when you are having your photos taken.

I hate to be a party-pooper, but if you can, limit how much alcohol you drink and save it for the reception. Alcohol is super dehydrating.

If you are going to drink, match your intake with water.

The day is going to go by in such a blur, that you want to give yourself the best chance of remembering as much as possible.

A little stash of Hydralite, Gatorade or coconut water would also be nice to have on hand. Perhaps even a little stash of Panadol just in case the heat starts to win.

Another idea would be to ask a couple of your bridesmaids if they would mind being in charge of making sure everyone stays hydrated during the photo session.



Pop some therapeutic grade peppermint oil in your survival pack. Use sparingly, and wait until the peak of the heat.

A couple of drops on the back of your neck and it will instantly turn ice cold.



Use a personal parasol, such as from local designer Sunbella’s range.

Apart from providing vital shade protection, the parasols can make for some lovely photo opportunities.

Just mention Delish Ice when you book, to receive a special price.


Oh, and we forgot to mention, #9 of course is to have a delicious refreshing artisan ice pop waiting for you after the wedding ceremony,  before you sneak off to have your photos taken. How could we forget!

The next installment in the Cool, Calm and Collected series is tips for the Groom and his Groomsman.

Easy ways to save money at your wedding

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It is no surprise that we vow to stand by each other for richer or poorer considering the fact that financing a wedding can leave a massive hole in our bank account. IBIS World research reports that the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200.

Don’t let the expenses add up to the point where the only people who feel like celebrating are your credit card company. Your wedding day should be a memorable and carefree occasion and the first step om a long and prosperous journey. Take control and bypass the financial headaches by employing some of our tips and tricks.



You don’t need a trench coat, wig or newspaper with eyeholes but you will need to be clever! The Delish Ice team is all about spreading joy at events of any size or nature. However, there are many suppliers out there who raise their prices the moment they hear the ‘W word’. Shop around and request email quotes before specifying that you are planning a wedding. If you’d like a list of lovely vendors that we can promise will look after you, please ask, and we’d love to put you in contact.



Cutting the guest list is the most obvious and straightforward way to reduce costs across the board but it demands a firm and realistic approach. You may choose to invite only close family and your best friends or if you are keen to throw a large wedding ask yourself how disappointed you’d be if a certain guest didn’t invite you to their own wedding. Those that you don’t particularly care about shouldn’t necessarily be on your list.



Couples in Western Australia are lucky enough to have access to a range of beautiful venues that range from natural environments to historical landmarks. Make full use of the sunny city and hold your ceremony at Kings Park, by the Swan River, at a University campus or one of the many iconic beaches that Perth has to offer. The picturesque backdrop makes for great photos and you are not obliged to use a vendor for post-ceremony catering which can save you a lot of money.



There is something about a plate of shrivelling hors d’oeuvres and a glass of warm wine that screams BAD IDEA! Perth couples are fortunate enough not to worry too much about it raining on their wedding day but they are well aware of soaring temperatures and that the last thing you need is for your nanna to get drunk and dehydrated before the reception even begins.
Swap the pricey drinks and canapés and serve your guests Delish Ice Pops while you are on your photo session. The refreshing popsicles, fun music and engaging staff will cool down your guests and create a fun atmosphere for the fraction of the price.


As beautiful as they may be, flowers are one of the elements of wedding decoration that cost the most and last the shortest amount of time. Experiment with settings for larger tables to minimise the number of centrepieces and consider swapping flowers for decorative pieces such as candles and lanterns. Spend a couple of weekends at the markets or scout your local Op Shops for cool items such as romantic music records that can be incorporated into vintage themed centrepiece to complement our memorable 50’s inspired cart or van.


When it comes to wedding cakes, the general rule is: The taller the cake, the bigger the invoice!

Why not order a smaller decorated cake that will be displayed for cutting and serve your guests pieces of a larger sheet cake that is on standby in the kitchen? Cutting half pieces can slash your costs and having some Delish Ice Pops on hand will ensure that all sweet cravings are satisfied (with a broader selection of flavours and a much smaller price tag than a piece of wedding cake!).


You are most likely to wear this dress once in your life. Step away from the bridal magazines and turn off “Say Yes to the Dress”.

Whichever dress you choose, you will look beautiful because you are marrying the man you love and you don’t need to sell your car to convey your satisfaction with French lace and Swarovski crystals! Consider renting a dress, buying preowned or selling your dress after your big day. Nobody needs to know where you got your dress from and you can always make it your own by adding a few elements of beading, ribbon or accessorising.



The thing that makes a fantastic wedding is the memories that are created on the day. There will be an abundance of emotions and anecdotes that will be told for generations to come, as well as wedding photos that will remind you of this special occasion. Swap the expensive photo-booth for a corner with props and wall art, or even better…create fun themed photos in front of our Popsicle van. You can pick up a bunch of vintage gear such as hats, sunglasses and signage from stores such as Good Sammy’s, The Salvation Army Store and Antique market stands for next to nothing. Add to that our fun bubbles, pretty parasols, colourful decorations and staff in costumes and you have the perfect backdrop for a spontaneous and original photo session.


We hope that this blog post has inspired you to get creative and think outside the box. Remember, when the fancy invitations have been thrown into the trash and the flower arrangements are a distant and fuzzy memory, what remains are the moments that delighted and the smiles that were ignited.




16 Clever Ways To Beat the Heat At Your Wedding

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At Delish Ice it is our goal to create truly memorable moments wherever we go, and at a wedding we know there’s only one chance to make things perfect!

With most ceremonies performed outside in the heat of the day, it is necessary to incorporate a few ideas to keep cool if you are planning your pledge in the sunshine.

We have created a list of some interesting ideas to incorporate if you want make the day as relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable for everyone as you can.



Choosing ice pops is the perfect way to refresh your wedding guests and keep everyone cool, calm and collected – especially during the hot summer months.

As WA’s premium ice pop experience, we go out of our way to provide the best pops for every occasion, making quality, taste, and service our top priorities.

Refresh your guests with a cool tantalizing treat, straight after the ceremony, on a warm, sunny afternoon to make sure everyone remains comfortable and relaxed. You want to give them something more than water, and a little bite to eat but don’t want your guests to overindulge before the reception. Why fill them up when you have an amazing meal planned a little later on?

We provide the perfect balance — a delicious, sweet treat to eat that also refreshes and revives, wrapped up in pretty, vintage styling.

Not too big and not too small….. just right!



Fresh ingredients such has cooling cucumber and lavender or energising lemon and mint, in cute little spray bottles filled with ice cold filtered water. Taken around to your guests before the ceremony begins and again following the ceremony.

Thoughtful, different and refreshing.



It’s the little things that make a big impact and show that you care.

Your guests will appreciate being able to fan themselves as they watch you both pledge your love.

There are plenty of places to buy them on the internet, in all different colours and styles.




Personal parasols are a stylish option for sun protection.

With the UV index the highest between September to April, plus the ceremony traditionally being performed during the hottest part of the day, sun protection is crucial.

Local Perth business, Sunbella have created stylish, high quality, personal parasols that are perfect for keeping the sun off without being too obtrusive.

Keep you guests comfortable and cool in style by providing them Sunbella parasols. Their parasols offer attractive sun protection with the highest possible UPF rating, meaning they block over 98% of UV rays.

Save your loved ones the pain of sunburn and dehydration by providing a selection of parasols.

Just contact  Casey from Sunbella directly, and mentioned Delish Ice for a special price!



There’s some great ideas around this and just limited to you imagination.

Put some fun facts about you as a couple, how you met, perhaps the program for the ceremony or even attach a little pencil to the handle and have games such as word find or eye spy that people can play together.




The idea hails from Japan where in restaurants, bars and anywhere they can, you will be presented with a cool, refreshing towel to pat on your face and arms in summer, or a hot towel in winter.

A cooling oshibori towel would be a very lovely, luxuriious way for your guests to cool themselves down in the heat of the day post ceremony.

If you would like to order them, we’d be more than happy to keep them cold and hand them out.



Oh so important. We often see guests at outdoor weddings standing in the blazing sun looking hot and bothered…. eyes darting around for some shade and ways to cool down.

With your guests likely to be at the ceremony for at least a few hours before the reception, providing some shade is vital… and not to mention sunsmart!

If the venue you have chosen lacks shade, then how about hiring some market umbrellas. Perth can be quite windy in summer, so either make sure that they are secured properly with enough weights to withstand.

You can hire them from places such as Hire Society, or given the safety aspect, it may be easier to hire personal parasols from Sunbella.



Every wedding is different, and “what to wear” is such a talked about subject.

An easy way is to invite your guests to relax and loosen up a little.

Pop a little note on the invitation inviting your guests to beat the heat and dress a little casually and for the heat – short sleeves for the guys, sandals and light cotton dresses for the ladies.



BASKETS OF HATS // SUNSCREEN & INSECT REPELLENTSlip, slop, slap! We’ve had that drilled into us since we were kids!

A selection of hats and sunscreen (plus insect repellant for later in the afternoon) would be a nice way to protect your guests, as chances are they would’t have thought of it themselves!



A collection of cool, sunglasses to stop your guests from squinting and having a hard time talking to each other.

You can even have the arms personalised with your name and date, for a unique wedding favour!.

From around $12.50 per pair, you can check out the range here.



There’s always going to be a guest or two at least, that from the moment they arrive at the ceremony, they realised they were wearing the most uncomfortable shoes ever, and that this is just the start of sore feet, hobbling and blisters.

Save them early from the discomfort with flip flops to wear. A basket of thongs would be especially welcomed later in the evening once the music is cranking and the dance floor pumping.

We found some on eBay in a selection of colours and sizes from $3.80/pair.



One of the first things that comes to mind when you are looking at providing refreshments. Bottles of water, fruit infused libations, styled and set up for guests to help themselves.

If you are looking at providing bottled water for your guests we are more than happy to help hand this out also.



If you’re still on the location hunt, perhaps see if you can find a place with lots of shade. A big, beautiful tree makes for a nice backdrop to your vows and a focal point for setting up.

Post ceremony, guests can relax underneath, chatting, perhaps playing some garden games you’ve set up, and cooling down with some light refreshments.

If you’ve already chosen where you’re making your pledge, perhaps consider revisiting to assess the shade situation or speaking to the functions coordinator. Then plan accordingly.



It’s probably going to be too hot for coffee (and not entirely practical!), and I think it’s maybe a little too early for espresso martinis, so maybe we don’t have to worry too much about coffee!

Alcohol, whilst seemingly helps quench your thirst is terribly dehydrating.

In the afternoon, beat the heat and stick to options that will rehydrate your guests, and keep them spritely until the real celebrations begin at the reception.

A delicious, hand crafted artisan ice pop is the perfect balance – a lovely experience, something light to snack on and cool, refreshing flavours.

Remember, it’s going to be a long day, and it would be nice to have everyone still around at the end of the wedding to wave you goodbye as husband and wife!

Choose to “pop-it-yourself” and pick up a selection of pops from us to serve at your leisure, or let us do it all for you with our “whole-cart-n-caboodle” experience.

You’ll treat your guests to our xute-as-a-button-pop cart filled with a delicious selection of artisan pops chosen by you, served by friendly dame dressed in vintage attire who will look after your guests for you.



Certainly a novel idea, but perhaps not for the faint hearted!

An extremely fun way to cool the guests down towards the end of the evening, when they’ve been carving up the dance floor all night.



Cool, refreshing lemon water, lightly misted in the air. Perfect way to discretely cool down.


So there you have it – 16 of the best ways to keep cool at your summer wedding. Which ones tickle your fancy?

If you’d like a quote to have us pop up at your wedding and keep your loved ones cool, calm and collected then just fill in your details in the enquiry form to your right, and we’ll get back to you quick snap!


Local Business Spotlight on Kookery – Your go to for quirky kitchen threads

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Can I tell you a little secret? When I was fresh into the popsicle game, and running the business from Margaret River and hightailing it up to Perth each weekend, I soon became familiar with some the

Tell us about your business? Is there something significant behind the name? Amy Kookery

We like to be a little kooky and we love cookery. So it seemed like the perfect expression of quirky kitchen textiles!

Why did you start? What is your vision and dreams for your future and your business?

We started about 5 years ago, from  conception to small testing in the market. Our first website site happen a couple of years later, and the product range built with gradually more confidence.

I started because I was a Mum with a new baby and knew I had always wanted to create my own product. I had this absolute conviction to do something for myself, after a long time running someone’s else business as a office manager and studying to be a financial adviser in both the UK and Australia.

My ‘Why’, is an absolute necessity to create something that is beautiful, functional, that is inspired by community, kitchen conversation and fun.

The vision is to make this our main family income, to give my husband the ability to follow his own passions, and to be able to show my daughter with hard work you can do what makes you happy.

I am still striving to make Kookery a household name and the first name that comes up when you think Kitchen textiles and quirky kitchen.

We hope to spread the Kookery love internationally next year, if circumstances permit.

What are some of your favourite products at the moment?

When I came up with the “To Brie or not to Brie, that is not a question’ I suddenly saw that I had a concept and my design portfolio was becoming more solid.


What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is something that I have struggled with, well especially at the start. ‘I’m not an entrepreneur, I just have an idea and a business that no one really sees how much I can do with just yet’.

Acknowledging what I was and what I am and coming to terms with the fact that I love innovation, actually to call myself a designer and a entrepreneur was a huge step in my confidence and something that I came to realise is a huge part of who I am innately and something I can’t escape from either. And I am ok with that!

What does “amazing customer experience” mean to you and how does that show in your business?

I really want every person to fell appreciated and welcome.

Making a website friendly and personal was my latest brief

It is so important for the customer to be seen, each and every person to be seen is the best thing you can ever give.

Tell us about your biggest success? Proudest moment with the business and biggest challenges.

My first big success was our inclusion in Gourmet Traveller, I thought, I really do have something and other people can see what I am trying to do.

Since then, and although our store and cafe is now closed that was an amazing part year, where I was pushed to my limits but learnt so much and had so many beautiful customers. I know that I can do it again and do it better if we want to, but I am more proud of dealing with the closure and in the perceived failure of this as well, it left me in debt and it was an ego hit to let this go and re-focus and regain my love and passion for the core of my business.

The design and passion have returned, the designs are following and I really hope we can have the growth our business needs to support it into the future.

If you could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would that be?

If you could give some words of support to a fellow business owner who is struggling with motivation or self confidence right now, what would that be?

Love your customers. They are the ones that keep you from giving up. Knowing you have an audience that support you and love what you bring to the world is a gift.
When I started I learnt all I could from reading, listening and learning from others who had trailed the path.

Self-leadership is a tricky thing to get right and it is hard to keep yourself motivated sometimes, it isn’t the easiest thing you will ever do. Putting yourself on the line to master your craft and bring something in your head out to the world to be validated by others is difficult but it is one of the most rewarding.

So help yourself by having a plan, write down the baby steps of the giant task ahead of you, get advice if you need it, invest in yourself by learning more, and when something great happens celebrate it!

Most of all allow yourself to take the risk of failure, be vulnerable to it, just for the chance to achieve something amazing.foodstyler_photo

What things do you think you’re amazing at in your business? What things do you not like doing, or wish you knew more about?

I love the design, I love how Kookery is part of who I am but on some level so much bigger than me.

My strength lays in the ideas, the big ones the small ones, the fun ones. I am willing to take a chance and just put my work out there.

I am not so great at the details, I love a good plan, I am a planner, I know my money, I can sit down and tell you all the things about my business, but it is in my head and this year it is the year to let other people in, create systems, and create a business that can run with ease, with direction and gives me the ability to delegate and share the load in the future.

I wish I was more thoroughly organised, but fitting fulltime work into part-time hours within school hours and just trying to make a great life with my family, it is a continuous juggle.

Tell us some of your own favourite local business owners / brands!

I was inspired by Carolyn Cresswell from Carmen’s.
I love how it is ok to start small, take a risk and also the way she approaches business – “What can I do for you? How can we make something amazing but fit into your budget?”

It always stuck with me, the thought that you go into a negotiation or a another business with the mindset that it isn’t just selling your product, it is working together to make something amazing for the customer.


How can we find you?

Head on over to to and take a peak!


Kookery makes the practical beautiful and brings ‘the joy of life’ to everyday rituals.

Our designs come from pieces of kitchenalia, photographed and then rendered in silhouette, showing off their bold vintage shapes.
The clever quotes come from a mind that is as smitten with humour as it is with souffle. The result?

Kitchenware with a quirky twist.

Designed in Australia /

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Local Business Spotlight – Fashion Label Ava

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Since starting Delish Ice a few years ago, and doing the rounds of all the markets and events, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely, talented entrepreneurs and creatives. I find being around people that have an idea burning so brightly in them that they take action to bring that idea to the world – with all the hard work, anxiety and satisfaction that comes with it – so motivating and inspiring that I wanted to bring to you their personal stories.

Now, let me introduce you to Petra. Oh Petra! The talent lass behind local fashion label Ava.

One of the sweetest, loveliest ladies you ever did meet. You know the kind of person that radiates warmth, makes you instantly smile in their presence, is a kind hearted soul – yep she’s one of those people. Who also happens to be crazy talented in creating fashionable, flattering dresses that make you feel fabulous (and a lot of compliments too!), which are sold under her label Ava.

In fact, I have quite a collection of Petra’s dresses in my wardrobe. What do I love about them? Every design is super flattering, I love the bold and bright fabrics, they all have POCKETS!

I cannot tell you how much I love this feature. I can do away with dragging my bag around and have everything I need right there. I can hide some 50c pieces in there when I need to serve y’all super fast. My keys, so I don’t lose them when I am dropping and picking up the pop van. Money for my market treats. Oh pockets… how I love thee. Thank you Petra, thank you!

Ava in fact is Delish Ice’s “official uniform provider” aka the person we turn to for beautiful dresses that match our vintage style.

HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowTell us about your business?
Is there something significant behind the name?

AVA is a women’s wear label designed in Perth with a focus on providing quality and versatile garments at affordable prices.

I first started my women’s wear label as Petra Vanessie, which was my own name then changed it to AVA in late 2014.
I was ready for a re-brand, reflecting my own personal maturing and belief in the possibility of achieving my dream through my small business.
AVA is a cut out of my name….the last letter of my first name and the first two of my last name. In Latin it also meant to fly or to take flight. A friend commented that it was perfect as it was time I let these babies of mine fly away as I took them overseas to the Asian market.

What made you start? What is your vision and dreams for your future and your business?

I started in 2010, after years of working within the corporate sector I decided to not renew my contract one day and when my boss asked me what will I do instead, the first thing that came into my head was “make dresses!”

So I left everything behind, lived with my grandma in Jakarta, who used to be a dress maker and learnt how to sew, source fabric and met amazing women who are widows or stay at home mums who I wanted to help and work with in terms on providing gainful employment.

I came back to Australia in 2011 and since then have been developing my label through markets, online stores, wholesale and more markets. My focus has been selling directly to women, without the add on costs!

My vision is to be able to take AVA overseas to Asia. I’ve been doing fashion week rounds in Asia through the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts and have plans to open, one day, a mini warehouse mall, collaborating with other designers, foodies, book lovers and musicians to offer a different retail experience.


HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowWhat are some of your favourite products at the moment?

My favourite products at the moment are my spring/summer collection called Colours of the East which was recently showcased in Hong Kong Fashion Week.

How can we buy them?

They’re going to be available for purchase in September but you can pre-order them online now.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

For me it means realising something that’s missing and providing an innovative and different and exciting solution to fill that gap.

I think I am a mix of entrepreneur, worrier, strategic person, accountant, social media poster etc. You have to be when you are building something you believe in!

What does “amazing customer experience” mean to you and how does that show in your business?

It means listening and really caring about your customers and the community you operate in.
I show that in my business by sticking to commitment to quality, affordability and versatility to both my customers and producers. It might have meant in the past, making decisions that are not financially beneficial but definitely morally right.

Tell us about your biggest success? Proudest moment with the business

First time I applied for Hong Kong Fashion Week and got accepted then designing a small capsule collection and flying off to fashion week in 2014, not knowing how it all really works but just giving it a go! And loving the experience, challenges and opportunities.

HKFW Spring Summer 2015 - Designer Collection ShowTell us about a challenge in your business you overcame

I followed the stereotypical way to get ahead in fashion, through volume and also wholesale. I wanted to make life easier or think I could win by doing less work so I started to wholesale.

I didn’t set up myself properly and didn’t do my research well and write down the pros and cons and realised it meant that I would have less to do with my customers, the community who have supported me so far.

It didn’t feel great and I loss some time, funds and probably credibility from going ahead and wanting to prove that I could do what every other brand can do when in reality I should have just done things my own way and stand up for what I belief instead of what I was expected to do to be considered successful!

If you could give a piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would that be?

Don’t give up! If you believe in what you’re doing, don’t give up. If the motivation is missing, take a break from your business and do something else for a distraction

If you could give some words of support to a fellow business owner who is struggling with motivation or self confidence right now, what would that be?

For me, it helps to put things into perspective and makes me realise how much I don’t want to give up everything I’ve build and done. It helps me to reconnect with the “why” I started to do this in the first place.

What things do you think you’re amazing at in your business?

I think I am good at telling a story – what happens behind the scenes and what is a designer’s life really like??!

What things do you not like doing, or wish you knew more about?

I don’t like putting myself out there too much – I wish I had more self esteem but that’s part of the reason why I want to continue to build AVA because it takes me out of my comfort zone and take risks, jump at opportunities, trust myself to make big decisions!

Tell us some of your own favourite local business owners / brands!

I love the Perth creative community. The men and women who help each other by giving advice, solving problems together and lend a shoulder or an ear when the going gets tough.

Some of them include – Megan from Littlesweet Baking, Patricia Fernandes, Amy from Kookery, Justine from Perth Upmarket, Holly from Holly Barker Millinery, Mei from Turban Chopsticks, Simon Hart, Amanda from Dames and Divas, Delish Ice (of course!!!), K Gets Organised, Little Sketchy and so so many more!! Sorry if I didn’t get everyone here!



Established in 2011 in Australia, the label has grown to become a ‘go-to’ provider of beautiful garments for women in Australia.

Inspired by ageless elements of days gone by and infused with the needs of modern comfort an AVA piece is confidently selected by a lady when she wants to amaze and feel amazing. /

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Meet Meast – Perth’s Middle Eastern Street Food Truck

September 1, 2015 11:00 am | Make a Comment

When I started Delish Ice a few years ago, there weren’t too many gourmet food trucks around. I’d love to say that I was a trendsetter, but it’s totally not the case! It was more a case of practicality with the thought “ummm….. I am going to have to find a trailer or something to put the freezer on to drag around to events…” …. and then we stumbled across Poppy – the sweetest little vintage van in the West – and the rest is history!

Who would have thought that a few years later, we’d see a fleet of gourmet food vans sweeping through Perth, plating up a smorgasbord of treats for all you hungry, good food loving folk out there (thank you!)

These Food Truckers are a hard working, wonderful bunch, usually dishing up food so fast it can be hard to meet our customers one on one and get to know each other.

I thought  this blog would be a good chance to show case some of the gourmet talent bubbling around. Last time we shone the spotlight on Tex Mex masters Rancho Sombrero and this time I have the honour of introducing you to Sandra from Meast. Perth’s freshest Middle Eastern Food Truck. You can also read more about her story that recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tell us about your approach to food?

Our approach is to make food that is full of flavour and that has no hidden nasties. Most of our dishes are made from scratch including our sauces and our mission is to cater to our customers no matter their dietary requirements.

 Example of items found on your menu?

Halloumi, Chicken, Beef Kofta, Falafel sandwiches in a turkish bun or gluten free wrap, sweet potato fries, arabic rice called hashwe.Meast-Foodshot

Why did you start your food truck? Why not a restaurant? Why at all?

I have been passionate about food for as long as I can remember. I knew starting a restaurant needed a lot more investment and to be honest I like the idea of going to different locations it keeps life interesting! I went into the food industry after working for many years in journalism then social media, I had enough of being in an office and working for someone else so I took matters into my own hands!

Any plans for the future you’d like to share?

We definitely want to start selling our harissa sauce in bottles and potentially in supermarkets, we’ve had quite a few requests to do it so we want to give people what they want.

Any favourite locations, events or regular gigs? Do you have any regular trading spots?

I love most of my events, the Food Truck Rumble was insane but we felt such a sense of achievement by the end of it. Meast-FoodtruckWe also had an amazing time at Global Beats & Eats just because it was so nice to be able to listen to the music we love and serve people at the same time. We are currently at Bayswater StrEats and Curtin’s Park’d Programme and will soon be at Inglewood on Beaufort when it starts up again among others.

Do you do corporate catering jobs? Weddings?

We sure do and we can sit down with people and discuss exactly what they want.

If someone was to ask you for a quote, what kind of information is helpful?

We would need to know how many people would be attending, whether they want the food to be on trays, buffet style or window service.

Do you meet up with clients for a tasting if they request?

Of course! Just give us a call or an email and lets meet!


Meast – Middle Eastern Street Food

Middle Eastern Food

Meast is a mobile street food trailer delivering high quality, fresh Middle Eastern food with a twist. Catering to a number of diets.

Nitty Gritty: The trailer is just over 5m in length, 2.4m height, 2.4m wide. We have our own inbuilt generator and are usually powered by 2 x15amps.

040 892 4027 /

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Quick and easy parties in the park

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When people talk about Perth and WA in general the one thing that is always agreed upon is how beautiful the scenery is and how stunning the weather is. I lived in London for a few years, and I always remember the celebratory feeling in the air, when the temperature hit 24C, and there were hints of blue skies. Picnics in the parks, walks along the river, drinks in the beer gardens and general happy happy good times.

Here in WA, it’s like “Eh, 28C clear blue skies and a light breeze. Well that’s the 33rd day in a row. Seen better. Just another day in paradise!”. *shrug*

We’re pretty fortunate aren’t we?

So if you are charged with organising your staff christmas party, family day, or perhaps a birthday party it makes sense to take it outside.

A party in the park, a BBQ by the beach, or gathering by the river is the perfect venue.

7 best things about celebrations in the sunshine

  1. Usually cheap or minimal hire fee
  2. Lots of space to relax and play in
  3. Play outdoor games or have some fun activities planned to get everyone mingling and laughing
  4. Inspiring, beautiful, breathtaking venue
  5. Sunshine! The best way to naturally but a smile on people’s faces and a spring in their step!
  6. Create any atmosphere you want – fancy and formal to casual, simple and fun
  7. Easy to make it the more the merrier – extend the invitation to partners and family

Essential planning considerations

  1. Location – are there toilet facilities? Some shade would be great. Do you need to seek permission or book an area? (below is a selection of locations and hiring information)
  2. Catering –  check with caterers if they need power or access to the site
  3. Seating
  4. Plan some activities, fun and games
  5. Attendee organisation
  6. Extra bits and bobs –  don’t forget a few extra things like garbage bags, hand towels, sunscreen, water and refreshments to make the day roll on sweetly.


Sure, there’s lots of great options out there, but you want to make things easy on yourself don’t you? Heard of decision fatigue? When you make a decision you’re using up the supply of mental energy you have for the day – kind of like the way that you can only lift a weight so many times before your muscles give up on you.


1. Location, Location, Location


Central(ish) South of the River Coastal Further Afield
Kings Park Heathcote Reserve Trigg Beach Whiteman Park
 Matilda Bay Point Walter City Beach Araluen Botanical Gardens
Supreme Court Gardens Leighton Beach
South Perth Foreshore South Beach


2. Food, Glorious Food!

Main Course

Trust me with these picks, I promise you won’t be disappointed. I have to admit I’m a bit of food snob and these guys I promise deliver the goods.

Me and Mabel

What can I say. Wendy from Me and Mabel is a culinary genius! Her on going desire to evolve her passion has seen her in the kitchen’s of some of Perth’s finest culinary establishments – El Publico, Co-Op Dining, Millbrook Estate. Her ethos of “food from scratch” delivers a delicious, thoughtful menu.

While she can cater for a variety of styles, speak to her about her picnic basket catering options  – picnic baskets full up of delectable goodies, laid on picnic rugs and alongside  plum cushions all ready as your guests arrive.

Delicious, picnic style food for your guests graze and share together.

Wendy / 0423 121 489 / Email / Facebook / Website / Image Credit: Jessica Shaver

Simply Paella

Tapping into their spanish heritage and Paul’s expertise as a trained chef who previously worked at some of Sydney and Perth’s best restaurants, you can be guaranteed to be eating some of Perth’s best paella. Order a pan or two, with a choice of two flavours or ask about their tapas menu for a selection of tasty morsels.Simply Paella

After savoury of course comes sweets, and you know we’d love to help to be a part of your day. Apart from a delectable selection of pops – from  fruity, refreshing flavours to creamy dessert style pops, you can be guaranteed that t
here’ll be a flavour for anyone. Our setups come complete with swingin’ tunes and bubbles which add to the festivities of the day. We
also have a range of outdoor games to bring along for you to enjoy. Just mention this blog post when you making a booking for a free games upgrade.

If you want to bring more delight to the party, speak to us about our special pops engraved with “winner” (or an inscription of your choice) to award prizes at random…. or even how about a popsicle eating competition for something unique!
Paul / 0410 609 940/ Email / Facebook / Website

Sweet Treats

Delish Ice

You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you! Stay with me though….Whole Cart n Caboodle

Hand crafted pops (made with love), served to your guests from our cute ice pop carts or vintage
vans – complete with bubbles for whimsy, swinging 50’s tunes for extra festivity and accompanied by one of our lovely ladies dressed in
vintage attire to serve your guests with a smile.

Perfect refreshment on a warm, sunny day or a delectable dessert option for after your meal. Lots of crowd pleasing favourites on the menu to choose from that will delight kids and adults alike (plus many options to satisfy anyone with food intolerances or avoidances).

Want to contact us…. just fill in the form on the right of this page or give me a bell on 044 889 7717.

3. Seating & Sun Protection

Keep it simple and relaxed.Picnic Rugs - Me and Mabel

Picnic Rugs, cushions, that’s all you need really. Want to save yourself another thing to organise, Me and Mabel’s picnic set up comes with handmade rugs and cushions. Otherwise Her Hand Picked Harvest has a selection of handcrafted goodness.

Wanting a little more than trees for shade? Hire Society has market umbrellas for hire – but please be a little mindful of the wind and that the umbrellas are secured. The wind can cause havoc!

Image from Me and Mabel’s Beer Picnic (beer and food matching)

4. Activities

Games are an easy way to set a fun and relaxed tone, and get everyone laughing and interacting.

We have outdoor games such as bocce, croquet, giant jenga (and we even have a giant handmade scrabble board!).

You could also get teams together (or compete individually) with “Minute to Win It” style games scheduled throughout the day, and winners awarded prizes at the end (we can bring along some parcels of pops for the winners to take home or supply vouchers that they can use later in summer).

5. RSVP’s and Organisation

What’s the easiest way to keep all your RSVP’s together? Why not use Wufoo or Google Forms and create a quick survey. Send out an invitation to your guests, that contains a link to your form. Have them complete the form with their name, mark if they are attending or not, if they are brining anyone along and their names, and even food allergies. This will save you the time of transferring responses from email to a spreadsheet and will have all the info neatly collated.

Smart ways to use these surveys

  • Food Preferences – collect allergen information or menu selection for catering purposes
  • Ask for the details of anyone else they are brining. Easy way to keep track of numbers

Here is a quick example. An effortless way to collect all the information you need to make organisation easy.

Quick ‘n Easy Plan

  1. Choose a date
  2. Select a venue and seek permission
  3. Estimate number of guests and get quotes for catering – Me & Mable, Simply Paella, Delish Ice
  4. Create RSVP Questionnaire, and send out email invitation with link
  5. Organise games (just ask us) or activities
  6. [Optional] Order picnic rugs and shade
  7. Select catering options
  8. [One to two weeks out] Reconfirm numbers with your caterers
  9. [Week of] Go shopping for garbage bags, hand towels, sunscreen, water and refreshments

Too easy right!


Perth Food Truck Spotlight with Rancho Sombrero Tex Mex

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First truck of the rank, so to speak is Rancho Sombrero Tex Mex, by burrito folder extraordinaire Mike Thompson.

Mike and his little bright green van burst onto Perth’s burgeoning food truck scene in 2014 after a serendipitous turn of events released him from the chains of his “boring office job” .

Mike and his green team have been serving up Tex Mex staples such as jumbo burritos, beef brisket quesadillas, soft corn tacos and nachos at all the big street festivals and markets throughout Perth, and regular trading locations in South Perth, Bayswater and Curtin Uni.

Rancho Sombrero Text Mex

Mike, what’s your approach to food?

Texas BBQ slow cooked juicy meats, served with salsas made with fresh local produce, in quality imported tortillas and tacos. With the exception of a couple of imported ingredients (like black beans), we make everything fresh every week, and our meat cooks for up to 36 hours following the Texas BBQ manifesto (slow and low).

Why did you start your food truck? Why not a restaurant? Why at all?

I was offered a redundancy from a boring office job after 22 years, and the timing (mid-2014) was perfect for getting into the business. This meant we could learn as we went, starting small and refining our menu and service, without too many overheads.

Any plans for the future you’d like to share?

My plan for the 2015/2016 season is to take my hands off the reins more, allowing others to run the van so that we can do more events. 

Expect to see the little green van out most days of the week!

Tell us one of your best memories since starting the business?

The camaraderie between vendors has blown me away – from sharing food around at the end of every event, to loaning each other gear, sharing tips on upcoming events and locations, and just chatting about how to do things better.

Any favourite locations, events or regular gigs? Do you have any regular trading spots?

South Perth StrEats was fantastic!

Seeing an underutilised location with amazing evening views of the city grow from a few locals to big crowds turning up every night with their families on picnic rugs, boats pulling in for a feed, and people pulling off the freeway to see what was going on.

The support from the City of South Perth was great, with promotion and flexibility to allow the vans to find the best fit for the location over time.

In coming months Rancho Sombrero will be trading at Bayswater StrEats (Bert Wright Park on King William Street), Curtin University, Inglewood on Beaufort, Maylands Hawkers Markets, plus hopefully other regular spots that are in the works.

Do you do corporate catering jobs? Weddings?

Of course! Please get in touch!

Our menu features dishes like our famous 36hr slow cooked beef brisket quesadillas;  soft corn tacos with fillings such as pulled pork and pickled pineapple, smoked mushroom, baja fish; rancho nachos and platters to feed hungry crowds.

If someone was to ask you for a quote, what kind of information is helpful?

Here is our function menu which outlines some of the things people need to consider when booking a food van for a function:

“Please bear in mind that a Food Van is not a commercial Kitchen. Most food is prepared to order, and most dishes take between 45 seconds to a minute to serve. Therefore, if 90 people order at once, some could be waiting up to an hour and a half to be fed. We would suggest considering our platters for larger gatherings, or ensuring additional food vans are booked for larger functions.”


Rancho Sombrero Tex-Mex

Mexican Food

Handmade authentic Tex-Mex delivered fresh to the streets of Perth and Fremantle.

0403 762 366 /

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What would happen if you started playing with your business?

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How are things going with your business today? This week? Month? Year?

Are you jumping out of bed each morning, enthused and pumped with energy? Are you able to maintain that flow consistently? Or does it feel like a bit more of a fight? A battle sometimes?

Frustrated because you work so hard, and you try so hard, but that magical day when everything suddenly clicks together in pure perfection just hasn’t quite arrived?

I know how you feel. Honestly, I have the best job in the world. I mean essentially, I get to create pops in fantastic flavour combos, head out to events, weddings, festivals, markets and corporate functions in the sunshine with my little blue vintage caravan, Poppy, get frocked up in beautiful vintage-style dresses by my friend Petra, and sling our ice pops to so many lovely people and make them smile.

Freaking awesome right?


But the thing was for me (and some of you have heard me talk about this before) was the excitement from when I initially began the business, eventually gave way to the forms, paperwork and mountains of emails, coupled with the high expectations I placed on myself and thus working myself into exhaustion (again).

I’m here again in Bali over winter, enjoying the sunshine, working on Delish Ice business remotely, yoga, spending time with amazing people and having interesting conversations with inspiring people, dissecting and exploring different perspectives.

On Monday, 12pm sharp, stomach rumbling and brain scattered, I hustled out of the co-working space (Hubud, Ubud, Bali) where I’ve set up camp and fortuitously bumped in Laurie.

A lovely lady I’d met a few days earlier, an experienced masseuse who’d discovered a new modality (I won’t go into detail, but if you are interested check out Access Consciossness and Bars Clearing)

We got talking about how she’d spent the an afternoon with a mutual friend, dissecting our friend’s new business idea and working out the best direct to proceed in order to help as many people as possible and provide the most value. This was followed by an actual session with her, in what is called “Clearing the Bars”

Did I want to do something similar?

“Sure!” I jumped at the chance. The chance to talk about Delish and throw some ideas around, followed by a one hour session where you lie on a bed whilst someone holds the back of your head, touching various points, and at the end of the hour you leave feeling relaxed, blissed out, totally positive, excited about life, the possibilities and the future.

Yep, that “To Do” list can wait.

We lunched, and chatted and made our way back to the Yoga Barn and found a comfy space to relax into and chat.

Now here’s the “Woo Woo” alert. If you’re into the hard and fast business advice that is all through the mainstream media and recommended book list, maybe dip out now…. or stay… here’s a new perspective to consider.

For those of you that love your business, but at the same time are feeling a bit frustrated because you’ve lost the love a little but want it back, and are open to a little bit of spirituality-woo-woo, try this on for size.


Choose light and expansive

Laurie began

“Ok, so in Access Consciouness we believe we are all energetic beings and we should be moving towards anything that is full of love, light, ease and joy and is expansive. We should move away from anything that feels dark and heavy. Do you agree?”

I nod.

“Close your eyes and imagine your business. What’s the energy around your business? Is it light and expansive or is it dark and heavy?”

Whoosh! Eyes closed, my skin tingles, I get goosebumps, my skin tingles and I grin. “Light and expansive I smile.”

Could you think of your business as a conscious being?

Laurie continues “Can you imagine your business, Delish Ice as a conscious being who just wants to play and have fun. Would you be open to having fun with Delish Ice”

The internal monologue of the eye rolling skeptic in me splutters, but I push her to one side in favour of the girl that is open to anything (it’s a fight sometimes). I nod

“Well say ‘Hi to Delish Ice, and ask her if she will play with you.”

I cringe a little inside, but I’m all in….. when in Ubud…… “Hi Delish Ice, will you play with me?” *slight cringe*

Laurie explains “Can you accept that Delish Ice as a conscious being, who wants to have fun and wants to play?”

I nod again

“Now how will that effect the kinds of things you do every day and how you approach your business? Work doesn’t become ‘work’ any more. It becomes play. Destroy and uncreate all those past ideas and opinions about what you should or should not being doing. Move towards all the things that feel light and expansive and move away from anything that is dark and heavy. You know the truth.”

I don’t know if this grabs you or not, but it hit me really strongly. So simple really and such an interesting take on approaching your business that I had never considered before.

We want to have fun and joy with the people that are around us, and so lets do the same with our business.

Asking playful questions

Allow your business to have fun, express it’s own personality and feel joy. Ask it how it wants to play each morning when you wake up. Ask it throughout the day. Stuck on a problem or not sure how to proceed, take a moment and do that thing that feels light and expansive.

“Morning Delish Ice …

  • Who should we play with today? Who wants to play with us?
  • Who can we help today?
  • Who can we collaborate with today?
  • Who’d be fun to work with?
  • Who’d be fun to partner up with?
  • How can we bring delight?
  • How can we put a smile on someone’s face today?

Based on those kinds of questions, I’m not sure if we are ever going to want to “play bookkeeping”  (sorry Rebecca but that’s what you’re for!), or “play paying the ATO”  but suddenly the way in which you start approaching those things that you don’t like doing begin to take on a different perspective.


Doing things from a place of love

You can choose to approach those tasks from a place of love rathe than from hate or fear.

  • “I’m ok with paying tax because it shows that we are a successful business and we made a profit by doing what we love and making people happy” (Granted I still can’t say I was 100% happy sending the ATO all that money the other day, there was a touch of “dark and heavy”, but I certainly felt a lot easier about it)
  • “I’m happy to be filling out this form because it allows us to go to this event this summer and bring delight to lots of people” rather than “aarrrgghhh not another form! This could be done so much more efficiently. arrghhh!”

Then if you know that you really don’t want to ‘play’ certain things you can just choose to outsource, delegate, or drop them.

  • “Hey Rebecca, can you please do my bookkeeping”
  • “Naahhhh, even though everyone tells me I’m supposed to this thing thing, I’m not going to.

Delish Ice as a conscious being who wants to play and have fun. I’ve been playing around with this idea for a few days now.

Not beating myself up moving towards the things that feel good at the time. Spending two hours writing this blog post this morning because it felt good (hope this is helpful to some). You know what… these two hours have felt like 5 minutes!

Your daily flow

I think having a plan and a structure is still important. Having a solid foundation to build from and spending the time to defining your vision, mission and values for yourself and your business is important.

Planning out your long term goals (personally and for the business) and then breaking them down into an annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly plans is still important. Giving some direction to your ‘play’. When you create these things however, take the time and move towards those things that feel light and expansive to you. Destroy and uncreate your past ideas and opinions (and everyone else’s about what you should or should not be doing), do what feels right to you, not someone else.

Planning on a daily basis is still important too, but again, do it from an approach of “how you and your business want to play today”.

By approaching your business this way, I don’t think you’ll see yourself rushing off to do frivolous, unimportant things and ignoring those important (but mundane tasks you often procrastinate on). Instead I think you’ll find your daily to do list not looking that much different from before but

  • There’ll be more creativity and positivity around business development
  • More positivity and motivation around those tasks you usually procrastinate on
  • You’ll find it easier to get into a state of flow
  • You’ll be more relaxed and have more vitality
  • The real personality of your business will shine bright

On a moment by moment basis give yourself the space and flexibility to work on the things that feel good at the time. Do the next task because it makes you feel light, expansive, inspired and motivated about it, not because you’ve just finished “.4” and it’s time to move to “.5”.

Last night I wrote a long list of things to do, and “blog post” wasn’t top of the list, but this morning it just felt right to do. The two hours I have been here, have felt like five minutes (sorry to all those people that emailed me yesterday I’m going to play with you next!)

Thinking of your business or project as a conscious being who just wants to have fun with you, is such a nicer and more inspiring way to approach things isn’t it?

Let’s play!

So Delish Ice and I want to know … who wants to have fun with us today. We’d love to talk, collaborate, partner up, help. Please get in touch. We’re open to anything that involves fun, adventure, good times and smiles.

If not, we are back to our to do list and choosing to do the next thing that feels light and expansive to us.

Now it’s your turn. Close your eyes ….. think about your business, does it want to play with you, do you want to play with it. Feeling light and expansive just thinking about it?

Go do it!

Would really love to hear if this has changed your perspective as much as it changed mine.

Love Katie x

PS Even if you aren’t running your own business, I think you can still start looking at your life in this way. Forget the “noise” out there make decisions based on you, what resonates and what makes you light and expansive. Liberating isn’t it!

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  • Sally Scott says:

    Katie, Greetings to you in warm Bali. Xxx packing the truck, ticking off lists, touching up paintwork, trying to head north in the next 2 weeks. Loved your blog! I will always look at another bloody form with a new attitude! Lots of love, SAL

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey! How are you? I was thinking the other day, I wish I could have some up north time with you guys, I do love it so up there. I always have such an amazing time.

      Good luck up there and safe travels. Send my love to Keith too xxx

  • Tam says:

    Hey Katie!

    Love your point of view, really refreshing! Solid sound advice and great life style perspective! We can all get wound up in the storm of business and forget the joy’s of creating and moulding our ideas that started us off in the first place!

    Keep up the blog!

    aka Butty’s Food Truck
    aka Urban Bowl

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Tam! Hey! :) Where have you guys been? No more Butty’s hey? But I should keep an eye out for Urban Bowl?

      Have you opened yet?

  • Lydia Kypros says:

    Hey Katie! Would love to play!
    I run Bronze Bombshell Beauty and I’m a fellow small business owner. Love love love my little business and nurturing it so it grows. Your blog post is a breath of fresh air.
    Interested in meeting to see what we could maybe collaborate on in future or just hang and chat about small business. Please get in touch :)

    • Delish_Ice says:

      Hey Lydia!

      Sorry! Just saw your message :) Maybe you could drop me an email … I have an idea about how we could “play” :)